benefits of digital marketing for real estate

Digital marketing benefits in real estate

The impasse is that, with more and more companies in the segment investing in digital marketing, competition also increases. Therefore, it is essential to find a way to differentiate yourself. 

Another issue that cannot be ruled out is the level of demand from leads and customers. Because they have so much information in the palm of their hand, people research and question more. They have prepared for situations. And that can be an advantage for your builder, developer, or developer!

Also, it is essential to focus efforts on remaining relevant to our audience, preserving the relationship built over time, and attracting qualified leads to obtain a high return on investment at the end of the strategy.

customer and lead in digital marketing

As digital real estate marketing and one of its aspects, inbound marketing or attraction marketing, have as a central pillar the relationship with the lead and customer, nothing better than creating a strategy that promotes contact with your audience and establishes confidence in the capacity and, at the same time, bring authority to the company.

The mission can take time and not be completed if you do not anticipate contacting the customer as needed. That way, it is possible to have more information about the lead and build a relationship before making a sale.

Now, on to the benefits:

Online relevance on the rise

To grow more and more in the online environment, it is imperative to have consistent performance, relevant content, and a good cadence. But why so much? Well, investing online, according to best inbound marketing practices, means bringing more traffic and qualified leads to your website, that is, “more future customers.”

In the real estate market, nurturing the leads won with good content is the “watershed” between getting a sale or losing a customer to the competition. In these operations, the research is usually extensive.

 Having a website that appears on the first page of search engines, for example, is a differential, as it facilitates the meeting between the user and the company. It may seem simple, but this factor can help a lot in converting into sales.

Another point you can invest in is social media. In them, it is easy to know the company’s reputation according to the users’ returns. It is also an excellent channel to talk to leads and understand their real pains. All of this information can be used to target campaigns and content actions and guidelines on the blog.


Facebook Ads allows you to make exact targeting to capture qualified leads. Such segmentations range from the interest of the leads to their geographic location.

Among the best practices of digital marketing, we can mention the definition of a geographic segmentation restricted to a radius of 8 km from an enterprise. Thus, it is possible to reach people who are interested in that region.

Another point within segmentation is in Google Ads, as it allows the creation of ads focused on specific keywords. Like, for example, “apartment in the neighborhood.” It is feasible to reach leads who are interested in a venture in a given region.

 Smaller investment

Another advantage of digital marketing for builders, developers, and developers is related to investment.  Digital medium is cheaper than investing in traditional advertising: outbound marketing, such as television, magazines, billboards, and newspapers.

Also, it is easier to segment the audience, while in the mainstream media, you are spending a lot of money to “shoot all over the place.” This exact segmentation allows the optimization of the budget, bringing more results with less investment.

Digital marketing is not expensive, mainly because, when done correctly, it brings a return that goes beyond leads in a database and sales being noted by your marketing and commercial departments.

In other words, it brings your company closer to your audience, enables a bilateral conversation, and brings an incredible thing to your business: the chance for a real relationship with your customers and to create moments of enchantment and loyalty in various stages of the sales process.

You invest less financially and still manage to segment and target campaigns and measure all results afterward. It has the best cost-benefit ratio.

 Understanding the purchase journey

Understanding the path that a visitor takes on your site is very important for locating errors. Through some tools, such as RD Station, it is possible to access the lead’s entire journey.

There is the possibility of creating email sending flows, measuring results, identifying and custom monitoring, considering the public and the stage that the potential customer is in the sales funnel.

See what the tool can offer:

– Create landing pages, emails, and forms;

– Optimization of SEO pages;

– Manage the lead base;

– Analysis and planning with complete reports;

– Integration with CRM;

– Lead nutrition with marketing automation.

Relationship with lead

Through remarketing, the marketing department can impact a customer who has shown interest in the enterprise or affect those already in the lead base from when they visit the product page.

It allows you to show suitable ads to people who have shown interest. With this type of action, marketing does not give a “shot in the dark” and keeps that customer/lead always hot. Consequently, reinforcing communication. After that visitor becomes a lead, it is possible to maintain a relationship with him through marketing automation using RD Station tools, as mentioned in topic 4.

With the tool, the sales team also benefits: on one side. We have email automation, feeding the lead with information, not letting his interest drop. On the other side, the broker closely monitors that lead through customer service management in CRM.

Evaluation of results in digital marketing

Everything in digital marketing can measured. For this reason, the marketing department can measure exactly which campaign brought the most results. Thus, allowing greater control of funds. Besides, it is possible to allocate funds from a given media and put it in another that brings a better result.

 Build customer loyalty with digital marketing

These days, you don’t have to worry just about winning new customers but also about retaining those you already have. Loyalty to your contact base is cheaper, less work, and brings more results: a customer who becomes a fan of your brand will not only make new purchases but will also recommend your company to other leads. 

– Segment your email marketing contacts: your messages will become increasingly personalized and helpful for customers, who will make a point of opening their emails – and making purchases.

– Delight with good service: consistently deliver a unique, agile, and effective service.

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