Benefits of Choosing the Best School in Noida for Child

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Parents who are looking for the best school in Noida, must know what benefits these playschools hold when it comes to shaping overall growth and development of the kids. Noida is surrounded with a lot of playschools that are offering advanced teaching methods and extra-curricular activities that work best for the kids. 

Benefits of Choosing the Best School for your children 

Choosing the best school in Noida is not an easy task. There are many factors to consider before making a final decision. Parents find it hard to send their child off to school for the first time, especially when they are just 3 or 4 years old. But it is very important to give your child the quality playschool education that will set him/her up for greater success in every area of life. This blog will lead you to other benefits of choosing the best playschool for your children.  

  • Build a strong academic foundation for future success 

Preschool is the age when children are building their academic foundation, learning to work upon their social skills. The way playschools focus on activity, play-based learning, it ensures that kids will also engage themselves and maintain their interaction with their peers.  

  • Pre-Literacy Skills  

At playschool, teachers offer a variety of games and activities that help children develop their pre-literacy skills. It starts from singing alphabets songs learn rhymes that help them distinguish between sounds listens to stories and play magnetic alphabet letters quiz. 

  • Taking Care of Self 

At playschool, kids are often given chances to practice being responsible. Teachers make sure that they inculcate these habits in kids from day 1, which can be either washing their hands, keeping their personal belongings in cubbies or putting the toys back on the rack.  

  • Language Skills  

The best playschools focus on providing kids with a language-rich environment. Teachers make sure that they help children develop language capabilities by introducing them to new vocabulary during the activities and making them engage in every single thing. E.g., Act out stories and singing.  

  • Growth opportunity  

Playschool helps kids develop the skills that they will need throughout their lives. These skills can be social, communication, cognition, emotional, understanding skills etc. All skills play a fair role in shaping their personality and development.  

So, get your child enrolled in the best school in Noida and let him/her experience the best of his schooling days.  

It is obvious that choosing a school can be a daunting task. Noida is surrounded with so many schools that it is a little tricky to stick to one and trust it completely as your child’s future is completely based on it. But parents can consider that studying in the best school in Greater Noida West will work wonders for you and your child. 

Top 10 Characteristics of the best international school 

International schools are becoming more and more popular with parents who want their children to have a global perspective. The sole reason is parents want their children to learn English as a second language. The best school in Greater Noida West offers a variety of options for students such as different curriculum, sports and extra-curricular activities, and so much more.  

Below are the 9 characteristics of the best School:  

  • Creative Academic Curriculum  

International schools lay focus mostly in designing a curriculum which is effective and creative. If a school has a good curriculum, it is certain that its academic results are also to the extent which makes it the best from other schools. As results reflect the teaching and overall giving a picture of how well the international school is performing.  

  • Experienced Teachers  

The teachers in international schools are passionate about becoming a caregiver and not just a teacher for your child. They should be highly professional at their job and should hold a sound degree in teaching. 

  • Prime Location 

No matter which school parents choose, the location should be a very crucial deciding factor. It should be made sure that the child is not commuting too far from its home. The travelling time should be less for the children.  

  • School culture 

It is important for parents to choose a school which matches their personal values and philosophy. Schools should have a focused goal and vision.  

  • Extra-Curriculars 

For the overall holistic development of the children, better exceptional sports and other facilities are also necessary for the curriculum. These can be sports, creative activities, personality development sessions, workshops, etc.  

  • Infrastructure  

The infrastructure of top international schools plays a major role in the success of the institution and the overall development of a child’s personality. It should house the majorly important facilities and amenities that children and teachers need.  

  • Global opportunities  

International Schools make sure that all students get a chance to go on global exposure and be a part of every activity or webinars conducted in schools or outside. This way schools can provide children with a global leading platform to come and showcase their skills and talent.  

  • Safety Measures  

Safety is the foremost schools believe to take for all children. Therefore, the schools should be fully equipped with CCTV cameras and their transport buses and other vehicles should be GPS enabled.  

  • Transparency  

International schools believe in ensuring a transparent and clear mode of communication. It doesn’t imply extra or hidden charges other than those mentioned on the website or brochure. They maintain a system where parents can get in touch with their kid’s teachers about their performance records. 

It’s time to provide your child the quality education from the best school in greater Noida West 

Schooling is a very crucial stage in the life of kids. The learning stage starts from nursery and it goes on till your parents decide about their career. First, the previous years before school admission are always about home learning. Later on, kids are expected to step out of the productive parental shell and develop mannerism along with the habitual routines. Parents get to know it when their kid is ready to explore an environment apart from the home premises, and there only the need for a good nursery school for your child comes out and becomes the main priority. But have you ever wondered why a good nursery school is a must before finding the best school in Noida Extension 

Nursery is the first step for kids to get introduced to the whole world, and education most importantly. A new environment, new friends, education, fun activities can be an overwhelming experience for kids, But similarly, it becomes a little difficult for the parent to introduce their child to a new environment where they don’t watch their child.  

Every school claims itself the best and meets the expectations of all possible facility parents expect from the schools. Parents struggle during the admission process whether we talk about Delhi or Noida. Young parents want the best school of Noida Extension.   

How to identify if a nursery school is best for your kid?  

  • A solid Reputation  

Good word-of-mouth is the way many parents narrow down their search for an excellent nursery school. Hearing from trusted friends about their good experiences is a great way to start the process.  

  • A warm & comforting environment 

Visit the campus while school is in session so that you can see first-hand how the school operates. How do the teachers interact with the students? How do the students interact with the teachers, with each other? Do they enjoy and feel safe?   

  • Passionate Teachers and Active Learning 

Visit the school that you have shortlisted and keep an eye out for educators who speak kindly and respectfully with the teachers. Check if the school makes kids involved in lots of reading time, art and craft, music, dance, exploring the natural world, outdoor play as these is critically important. 

  • Safety & Security 

The best nursery schools have one thing in common, they prioritize kids’ safety and security first. Check whether the school and its classrooms are equipped with CCTV, and if they have helping staff in each classroom, trained medical staff and a room, if their transport buses and school vans are GPS enabled.  

  • Exceptional Facilities and Activities 

Nursery kids are really fragile to handle and so it is very important that with a mix of fun learning activities and exceptional sports, the academic part can be balanced in a very nice way. This will help them to grow, explore, and learn physically, mentally and intellectually.  

Now that you know how to identify the best nursery school in Noida Extension, it is the time to make the right choice and observe the happy development signs in the nurturing of your child. Hurry up! Enroll now!  


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