Behind the popularity of new Style clothing is this professional “Renaissance”

Behind the popularity of new Style clothing is this professional

In the domestic fashion circle, new Style clothing is on fire.

Searching for “new style” on, there are millions of notes, most of which are about clothing.

Every once in a while, a new fashion trend will appear, and it is the fashion designers who create and promote this trend.

Therefore , we have to talk about the profession of fashion design.

  1.  What is fashion design?

When it comes to fashion design and clothing design, many people may think of ready-to-wear design for the first time, such as a new Chinese dress. Fashion designers are responsible for selecting fabrics, designing the shape and style of the skirt, and even making it.

However, the content of fashion design is far more than that. Fashion Design (fashion Design) applies design, aesthetics and natural beauty to the art of clothing and accessories . The materials and patterns of clothes and accessories, as well as special costumes such as costumes, are all branches of fashion design.  Save with missguided discount code and ASOS NHS discount code

In most fashion design courses, students will study textiles and fabrics, creative design, pattern drawing, fashion illustration, fashion and art, and be exposed to digital design skills, learning how to use computer-aided design (CAD) technology to turn ideas into reality, and sewing, etc. The more common career directions are:

Finished apparel designs, such as:

Fashion Design

In the narrow sense of clothing design, designers are responsible for creating and helping to produce clothing designed for consumers of all genders and ages, including casual wear, suits, sportswear, evening wear, outerwear, maternity wear, underwear, and more.

shoe design

The design of shoes occupies a very important position for many sports brands, and it is also one of the most important consumer goods in daily life. Footwear designers should combine comfort, beauty and function to design shoes, and are also responsible for sports shoes, casual shoes, and dress shoes. Designs for different types of shoes.

Behind the popularity of new Style clothing is this professional "Renaissance"

Which art schools have

Professional shoe design?

Accessories, jewelry design, such as:

accessories design

Accessory designers design and produce accessories such as bags, suitcases, belts, scarves, hats, socks and glasses to complement a person’s attire.

Accessories, once an accessory to clothing, have now become a strategic business that fashion brands and the luxury industry pay great attention to. The output form of accessories design is not only clothing accessories, handbags, leather goods, glasses, belts, scarves, etc., are all in the category of accessories design.

Jewelry Design

Unlike accessories design, jewelry design is more like an artistic creation around heavy metals and gemstones. It is less focused on practicality than accessories, and more focused on showing status and decorating the body . As an industry with high added value, the prospect of jewelry design is also very broad.

Behind the popularity of new Style clothing is this professional "Renaissance"

Fabric, pattern design, such as:

fashion fabric design

Fabric is the foundation of clothing . Fabric design needs to pay attention to the expression of color and pattern on the fabric, and it is also necessary to flexibly use knitting, printing and dyeing, jacquard and other processes to design brilliant fabrics , so as to provide more diverse materials for clothing and other products that require fabrics. .

textile design

This is a direction that intersects with other design fields. Textile design not only involves clothing fabrics, but also textiles in other scenarios such as home furnishing and accessories.

Behind the popularity of new Style clothing is this professional "Renaissance"

Many of the above directions are also subdivided into new projects, including MA TEXTILES from the Royal College of Art, and Fashion Artefact from the London College of Art. We can talk about these subdivisions in detail later.

If you are interested in fin art, you can learn about fiber art, which is closely related to fashion design (it is an art form that uses fiber materials to shape plane, three-dimensional, and spatial shapes by weaving, looping, winding, etc.) ; If you have a good business sense, you can also try to develop in the direction of fashion brand management and luxury management.

Who is suitable for applying for fashion design major? What kind of portfolio do you need? How to grasp the details of the portfolio? How to express design ideas in an avant-garde way?

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Analysis of the Five Themes of Art “Portfolio”

The case of the “Portfolio” of a famous British art school


What is the development prospect of fashion design?

Fashion design is a practical major that requires creativity, detail control, Detail Orientation and Computer Skills . It also requires designers to have keen market insight, and even understand the psychology of consumers, and be able to discover new products with commercial value. trend and implement it on clothing to attract more people to buy.

As far as the real “design” position is concerned, the companies and directions that can be selected are roughly as follows:

traditional clothing company

It is a mainstream choice for fashion design graduates to work in large traditional clothing companies. Such companies have higher requirements for designers’ business thinking. As designers, they must have a set of design methods that can produce “popular styles”. Maybe compared to the imagination and creativity in school or when participating in competitions, such enterprises need better market data analysis skills.

In recent years, Chinese enterprises have higher and higher requirements for the originality of clothing design, thus creating a large number of designer gaps and giving many designers more room for development.

Behind the popularity of new Style clothing is this professional "Renaissance"

fabric manufacturer

Clothing and fabrics are actually two mutually inherited links in the design process of clothing products. Clothing is not only composed of excellent version and tailoring, but also its fabrics; many fashion designers need to take into account the design of clothing and fabrics. Many designers have even achieved both.

The core work of a fabric designer is to develop new fabrics. In terms of design, it is necessary to understand the patterns, colors, textures, and textures of various fabric patterns and use them flexibly. Craftsmanship, sales, and even some environmental issues (some craftsmanship will cause greater pressure on the environment).

independent designer brand

Going back to the new Chinese clothing we mentioned at the beginning, in addition to the brands that will participate in various catwalks, most of the new Chinese clothing brands exist in the form of “independent” and “self-made” studios.

Presumably many students who study fashion design have the ideal of “owning their own studio”?

But if you want to really manage your own brand, you not only test the brand manager’s sensitivity to fashion and clothing design ability, but also need to have the commercial ability to manage a brand and enterprise well.

If you are more eager to design stylish clothing products , you can also choose an original designer company after graduation. Compared with traditional clothing companies that have formed a certain scale and standard, such companies can give you more different experiences and experiences . Of course, it also requires a higher degree of professionalism for designers, requires more excellent design ability, and also needs to pursue art.

Almost all designers need a long period of experience accumulation and precipitation, and also need a certain “talent”, starting from “assistant” and usually need a lot of work experience . Fashion designers need to have a good understanding of their academic and career planning. clearer cognition.

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