Before Launching Your New Website, Create a Digital Marketing Strategy.

Digital Marketing Strategy

The internet has provided a more level playing field for small and medium businesses to compete for visitors and instructions with larger companies. Building a solid website for your business is a good start, but the website is not enough to get attention and produce instructions. Even the best-designed websites are mostly ineffective if they are not supported by an effective digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Strategy

The first reason is that it has a clear marketing strategy that will help you make better design and content decisions when building a website, and the second reason is to consistently generate traffic and lead after the website is launched. See your website as an integral part of your digital marketing strategy and make sure it is designed to help meet your marketing goals.

In this guide, we will discuss what you have to enter into your digital marketing strategy to help you before and after your website is launched. If your business is ready to launch a new website, you also have to switch to professionals to help. Continue innovative is a digital marketing agency that provides SEO web design and ongoing digital marketing services. We can help you develop online marketing strategies based on your specific goals and designs and build your website with SEO principles.

Digital Marketing Strategy: Before The Web Design

Before you start building a website, it’s important for your business to create a digital marketing strategy. The strategy must be based on your main marketing goals, whether it involves driving more search traffic or changing more prospects, and your website design must be included neatly in this plan. Digital marketing professionals can help you create a focused and cohesive digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing

The first step to make a digital marketing plan is clearly defining your goals and your target audience. With your thoughts and viewers, you can continue with the design of your website to reflect your marketing strategy.

Your digital marketing plan should include the following:

1. Keyword Research: The first thing to do is identify your main keywords and phrases. This is a phrase that is directly related to your product or service. Start with keywords and more specific phrases and branches to less specific keyword phrases that are still relevant. You can use the tools such as Google keyword planners to find keyword phrases that get a lot of searches. Targeted keyword phrases can be used to determine and write the page and content of your website.

Keyword Research

2. Identification of the target audience: This is an important step as you should know and understand your target audience. The target audience is with whom you trust the most interesting products and services. Consider age, gender, socio-economic status, and your target audience’s interest. Description Your target audience may be broad if you provide a product or public service and if your business serves a particular niche, you can narrow down your target audience description.

Taeget Audience

3. Content strategy: While web design is important, your website is really only as good as the content on the page. Before the design of your website begins, plan content strategies that include the main page, subbegage, blog, and other content you want to include. Your keyword research from the previous step will help you form your website structure and content. You also have to remember your target audience because the content you write in the end must be interesting for them.

Content Strategy

4. PPC: With a Pay Per Click Campaign (PPC), you can create paid ads that target certain keywords and phrases. Every PPC ad you created will include a link to return to your website to what is called a landing page. If you plan to use a PPC campaign after your website is built, disconnect which keywords you will pay to target and create a page on your website to be used as a landing page for certain PPC ads.


5. Social media strategies: Social media has become an increasingly important aspect of digital marketing. Your business can share updates, information, and special offers on different social media platforms and directly connect with your audience. You can also help drive traffic to your new website by sharing a link on your social media account. Consider your target audience when forming your social media strategy and find which platforms are most likely they use. Start making a presence on social media before your website is launched.

Social Media Strategies

6. Set Conversion: This is a very important step to measure the performance of your website, generate direction and grow your business. It is possible for businesses to identify several types of conversions, such as registering for bulletins, making purchases, or calling your business for services. Defining what conversion to your company will help you design your website to produce the type of lead you are looking for and determine which metrics will be tracked after the website is launched.


7. Cellular User Target: More people looking for products and services on their cellphones than other devices, making it important to consider cellular users when shaping your online marketing strategy. Most possible cellular users to take advantage of sound searches, so research phrases are long-tailed keywords that tend to be used by users on their phones this also means that your website must be mobile-friendly with responsive designs that display and function properly on cellular devices.

mobile users

SEO Web Design

Unless your business has hired a web design expert, you must look for professionals to help design and build your website for success. There are many professionals who really build websites and digital marketing agents that offer web design as one of their services.

When you work with a professional who only provides web design, you will usually pay a one-time fee for design, build, and launch your website. The expertise of these professionals is usually limited to web design and while you can work with them to enter your digital marketing elements into the design, this might not be as effective if you work with full-service agents specializing in both – web design and marketing digital.

If you work with digital marketing agents, they can help you plan your marketing strategy and combine important Search Engine Optimization elements into the design of your website.

  • SEO optimized coding
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Readability
  • Loading speed
  • Smooth navigation
  • Sitemaps
  • URL structure
  • Image optimization

Digital Marketing Strategy: After The Website Launch

Your website has been built, content is uploaded, and now life. So what are you doing now?

If your company creates a digital marketing strategy that is well thought out before the design and launch of your website, you will not be faced with this question. Instead, you can immediately start monitoring the performance of various aspects of your digital marketing plan and making adjustments to maximize your ROI. SEO is a process of tracking sustainable results and makes adjustments to reflect market changes and search engines.

Let’s get back to some of the main points to create a digital marketing strategy that we discussed in the first part and how various aspects of your marketing plan can help you promote your website after the launch.

Research keywords: It will also help you find a new keyword phrase sought by your target audience. You can enter this research into your website by adding keywords to existing pages or creating a new page centered around the popular keyword phrases.

PPC: If you run a PPC campaign, you can monitor the traffic to your PPC landing page and observe your visitor’s behavior after landing on these pages. You can also use data from your PPC ads to decide which keyword phrases are more cost-effective to target.

SEO And Web Design Services From Proceed Innovative

The design and launch of your website should not be the starting point of your digital marketing efforts. It must be part of an existing and cohesive digital marketing plan where your website is specifically designed to help achieve your predetermined marketing goals.

Above we discuss two options when it comes to working with a professional to build and launch your website. Working with a professional who only specializes in web design will usually be cheaper at the cost of them, but your website is likely to be built with SEO principles in mind. You will also be alone after the launch to promote and maintain your website. When you work with an SEO professional that provides web design and SEO marketing services, you will get a website built in the context of your ongoing digital marketing strategy. These professionals can also provide digital marketing services after the launch that includes promoting and maintaining your website.

Bring your digital marketing campaign together.

Now that you’ve done all the research and planning, you can see the key elements of your digital marketing strategy.

Here’s a summary of what you should know so far.

  • Clear profile of your buyer personas
  • A few goals related to digital marketing
  • A list of all your owned, earned and paid media
  • An audit of all your owned, earned and paid media
  • A wish list or plan for content creation

It’s now time to put all this together into a cohesive marketing strategy. Based on the research you have done up until this point, your strategy document should outline the sequence of actions that you will take to reach your goals.


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