Before and After: A Loft and Rear Extension in North London

Loft and rear Extension North London
Loft and rear Extension North London

An attic conversion or loft extension can make a tremendous difference to the quality of life in your home, allowing you to add much-needed space without requiring you to move house altogether. In this before and after look at one family’s loft and rear extension  North London, we’ll show you exactly what this type of project can do for you, both practically and aesthetically.

The Process

We started by loft and rear extension north London to get a feel for the space. We then formalized our ideas by creating a floor plan. Once we had the basic layout, we started on the construction. The process took about six months from start to finish, and we are extremely happy with the results!

The Design

We decided to go for a loft and rear extension after seeing a few other houses in the area that had been extended.  loved the idea of having the extra space and light that comes with an extension, and it was also important to us to maintain the character of our home. We worked with a local architect who helped us design an extension that would be sympathetic to the existing house while also providing the extra space we needed.

We’re so happy with the results!

Planning Permission

We decided to go ahead with a loft and rear extension on our North London home after much deliberation. The process of applying for planning permission was surprisingly easy and we were approved within a few weeks. We’re so glad we made the decision to extend as it’s transformed our home and added so much extra space. The process was definitely worth it in the end!

Consents & Building Regulations

To extend or alter your home, you will need to submit a planning application to your local authority, as well as ensuring that the work meets building regulations. Building regulations approval is required for most home extension work, including loft conversions. You can find more information on the Planning Portal website.

If you’re thinking of extending your home, it’s important to get expert advice from an architect or surveyor to make sure your plans are feasible and meet all the necessary requirements.

The Build Begins

We’re starting our build today! We’re adding a loft and rear extension to our North London home. This will give us an extra bedroom, bathroom, and office space. We can’t wait to see the finished product! The project is expected to take four months from start to finish.

In three months we’ll have a new living room with its own private terrace. The bathroom will also be nice with its own separate toilet and shower rooms for when guests come over! The biggest change for us though is going from one bedroom to two. It’s going to be great for when we want some privacy or want to take turns on who gets up with the kids at night.

Surveying the Building Works Underway

We were approached by the client to survey the building works underway at their property in North London. The works comprised of a loft and rear extension, which would provide additional living space for the client’s family. We undertook a measured survey of the existing property, as well as a condition survey of the existing fabric. We also carried out an assessment of the proposed works to ensure that they complied with current Building Regulations. Once we had compiled all of the necessary information, we prepared a report for the client detailing our findings.

What The Builder Really Thinks

The builder we hired for our loft and rear extension was great. He was very professional, always on time, and did a great job. We’re extremely happy with the results. The process was very smooth and we would definitely recommend him to others. His prices were reasonable as well which made it easier on us since we didn’t have to take out a loan. All of his crew members were polite and cleaned up every day before they left so that everything looked nice when they came back the next day.

Getting Neighbours on Side

Before you start any work on your extension, it’s important to get your neighbours on side. Talk to them about your plans and see if they have any concerns. If they do, try to address their concerns. Once you have their support, you can move forward with your plans. For this project, we ensured that the neighbouring property was not overlooked by the new roofline. We also ensured that the loft space below would not be too noisy for the neighbour when people are walking overhead or accessing the staircase.

In addition, we consulted with our client to create a rear extension design that met all of her requirements without affecting neighbouring properties – from planning permission to sustainable features like solar panels and rainwater harvesting tanks.

Building Problems Arise…But Are Resolved!

We recently completed a loft and rear extension for a family in North London. The process was not without its challenges, but we’re so pleased with the final result! The family now has an extra bedroom, bathroom, and playroom, plus a lovely new kitchen.

When Can I Move In?

One of the most common questions we get asked is, when can I move in? The answer to this question depends on a number of factors, including the type of extension you’re having, the build time, and whether or not you need planning permission. In most cases, however, you can expect to be moved in within 8-12 weeks. We have seen some loft extensions take up to 16 weeks from start to finish, but it really does depend on how complicated your extension is.

It’s worth remembering that once work starts on your project, you’ll have a clear idea of when you’ll be able to move in.

Finally, Living in Our New Space

We absolutely love our new loft and rear extension! The process was long and stressful at times, but it was so worth it in the end. Our home feels more spacious and bright, and we now have the extra room we need to entertain guests and host family gatherings. We’re so grateful to our contractor for making our vision a reality. It’s been an honor working with him from start to finish. We also had help from friends and family who helped us out along the way too – including with some of the heavy lifting. I’m excited for our future here in this space, thanks to these renovations.


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