Beekeeping Guide: What are The Advantages of 8 Frame Beehives?

beekeeping guide by petrawagner

Beekeeping has proven to be one of the most loved and popular pastime activities enjoyed by citizens across the nation. It is one of the greatest ways to produce fresh and high-quality honey at your home, in a safe and secure manner. Moreover, with easy-to-use beekeeping supplies or products, you can effortlessly produce honey in your home backyard, or other outdoor spaces. Beekeeping supplies such as 8-frame beehives are composed of different sections to allow bees to move freely and produce a sufficient amount of honey quickly. 

Whether you are planning to start a honey-making business or consider a beekeeping hobby, beekeeping equipment always plays a vital role in the whole process. An 8-frame beehive is an ideal beekeeping product or equipment for new/small business and home beekeeping activities. In this article, we will discuss some important facts and information that will help you learn more about 8-frame beehives and the ways this product can benefit you in your beekeeping activities. 

What is an 8-frame beehive? 

An 8-frame beehive is a common type of Langstroth hive available in the market. It is much smaller and handy to use compared to a 10-frame Langstroth beehive. It generally consists of three different sections, such as the bottom portion, brood box and supers, and the top section. The bottom portion contains a hive stand, bottom board, and entrance reducer. The brood box and super section is the place where bees raise their brood and store pollen, nectar, and honey during the process. Lastly, the top section usually consists of the inner and telescoping covers. 

8-frame bee hives allow bees to produce honey at a much higher speed throughout the seasons. In this way, you can fulfill your customer requirements quickly without compromising on the quality of honey. Due to its lightweight and small structure, it becomes easy to store it anywhere in your home.  

Top 7 advantages of using an 8-frame beehive 

Now let us look at some top advantages of using 8-frame beehives for your small business or home purposes. 

  1. Affordable: 8-frame bee boxes are generally cheaper than 10-frame bee boxes and other options available in the market. As a small business owner, it is important to keep a check on your expenses to avoid heavy losses. The initial years of your business play a vital role in your success. Therefore, managing your expenses in the starting years will help you frame your business plans accordingly.
  1. Can survive winter seasons: During the winter months, the bee colony often tends to form a cluster to stay warm and produce honey with the same efficiency levels. The size of the cluster produced by bees is usually 8 frames in diameter. This frame beehive eliminates the need for the bees to move horizontally to stay warm.
  1. Easy to carry: Due to fewer frames, these kinds of beehives generally weigh less. As a result, the center of gravity is closer to your body, while carrying these frame bee boxes. This way you can easily transport your frame boxes from one place to another along with fewer labor requirements. On the other hand, to carry 10 frame bee boxes, you might require more than one labor due to the heavy weight.
  1. Bees like moving vertically: The majority of the time, bees like to move upwards following the heat rather than horizontally from frame to frame within the same box. They naturally choose to utilize only 8 frames in a bee box, despite having more space or frames in the box.
  1. Weighs 20% less: Less-weight bee boxes are not only easy to carry but also prevent bees from getting damaged during the transportation process. Heavyweight boxes are difficult to carry and possess a greater risk of getting damaged or spilled during the process.
  1. Consumes less space: Smaller size hive boxes can generate heat at a much faster rate compared to other frame bee boxes available on the market. Generating heat quickly can increase the survival rate of bees during cold winter days. This way, 8-frame bee boxes can increase the efficiency levels of bees by simply occupying less space in a room.
  1. Closer food sources: 8-frame boxes allow bee colonies to state closer to their food sources and help them avoid getting lost or breaking the cluster during the process. Bees can easily find their honey and continue the process without any commotion.

Seeking help from professional beekeepers will help you achieve better results and avoid any intricacies during the whole beekeeping journey.


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