BEE Certification process to get Star Rating

BEE Certification

As an electronic manufacturer bee certification is must, what’s the best thing you want for your business? Regardless of your origins, “more customers” is always what you’re looking for. But the customer of today is more knowledgeable. Gone are the days when you paint trash as a treasure and sell them to customers. Gone are the days, when the customer bought things just for status purposes.

Think of an Air conditioner. Not long ago, it was considered a status symbol. The only place you could see them was at some rich person’s big house. That person didn’t care about the bill or how much electric power the AC consumed.

Compare it to today’s world. Rising prices has made him thing of everything as an investment. If maintaining a product would cost him more than the product itself, he would not buy it. Thus, he won’t by an AC if it’s the same one that used to suck more electric power to run a well dry.

Seeing these development, the government of India came up with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. Inside that organization, it created guidelines for the BEE certification process.

As per them, anyone who wants to sell exotic electronics like air conditioners has to first get the star rating. Each star represents electrical power efficiency. The higher the efficiency, the more the star rating and the less power the product consumes.

So, To get “more customers”, you now need to sell them treasure. You need to make your customers see your product as an investment. Thus, you need to understand the process of BEE certificate registration.

BEE certification, the certification acquired from Bureau of Energy Efficiency in India, is a topic that has grabbed attention from a lot of people. They range from customers to electronic producers. Through this blog, we are going to provide an answer simple enough for both of these types of individuals to understand.

Ever since the star rating on electronic products were introduced, consumers started to have a lot more options. Instead of seeing electrical appliances as something lavish, they started seeing them as investments.

On the other end, more and more home appliance companies got interested in the answer to what is BEE certification? For decoding it meant having the right star rating to attract customers.

The principle of star rating

Let’s first discuss the principles of star rating. Just like any review, a star rating is the mark of how good an something is. However, instead of “good” being a vague terms like when movies are rated, the word for appliances here refers to electrical efficiency.

Electronic efficiency is giving maximum output after absorbing the minimum about of power. By that sense, the higher some product’s star rating is, the less electrical power it consumes.

BEE registration is a way to acquire that rating from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency.

Before we dive in the process of getting the BEE certification in India, there are some points you should know:

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  1. Tests are done differently for each products: The energy consumption is checked as per different parameters for different products. If a fan consumes 2 watts of power and gets 5 star rating for it, doesn’t mean that 2 watt of power is the five star criteria for an AC.
  2. Star ratings have an expiration date: Efficiency reduces with age. Products become old. Their inner components become deteriorated and as a result, they start to consume more power to stay operational. Thus, remember this when you pay the BEE registration fee. You might have to pay for it again someday.

How does the Bureau of Energy Efficiency Provides BEE registration?

The BEE provides the star rating or the bureau of energy efficiency registration to you after running an efficiency test on your product. That happens in one go. However, in case you are dissatisfied, you can appeal them with a follow up.

That being said, you need to reach to conduct a follow up first. And for that, you need to understand the BEE registration process.

How to get BEE certification?

In order to acquire the BEE certificate, you need to clear not one, but two levels of testing:

  1. BEE brand level registration
  2. BEE model level registration

BEE brand registration

BEE brand registration is the stage where the brand of the product is registered by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. At this stage, the government assesses whether your brand represents energy efficiency. If that assessment makes them assured that it does, you’ll get the right to apply for BEE model registration. The brand level registration process is as follows:

  1. Prepare the documents. If you can’t, use the BEE certification service to get assistance.
  2. Submit them to the BEE office via the online mode.
  3. The brand history will be checked by the BEE.
  4. Once BEE approves of your brand, you’ll get BEE brand registration certificate.

BEE model registration

At this level, your product finally gets the star rating after a rigorous testing. The steps that entail the model level BEE registration are as follows:

  1. Get the product tested at an independent lab.
  2. Attach the test report with the documents.
  3. Attach the documents with the online BEE certificate form for BEE model registration.
  4. Receiving your application, the Bureau will conduct thorough energy efficiency at their end.
  5. If the readings of your independently tested product match with the Bureau’s in house reading, you’ll obtain star rating for your product.

The process of BEE certification in India

To register BEE certification online, you have to get registered at two levels:

  1. The brand registration level, and
  2. The BEE model registration level.

At the brand level, the BEE ascertains if the brand deserves to get the star rating.

At the model level, the BEE gives the star rating to the product.

The steps for BEE certification are as follows:

  1. First, get the model checked by an accredited lab.
  2. Then, file the application for BEE registration online.
  3. The bureau will then assess your application and your product at their own lab.
  4. You’ll finally get your deserved star rating for your product.

Documents required at each level of BEE certification

For brand level, the documents required are:

  1. Certificate of incorporation
  2. Trademark registration certificate
  3. BIS License
  4. QMS of the factory
  5. Product’s sample

For model level, the documents required are as follows:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Test report from an accredited lab
  3. Declaration letter
  4. Agreement signed with the experts
  5. Sample of the model.

What is BEE certification? It’s a certification that shows the efficiency of your product. And your product’s power efficiency doesn’t stay same for long.

You might have noticed that after years pass, that air conditioner you have with the five star rating is now guzzling electric power like alcohol. When that happens, it’s time for a redesign. In other words, the BEE certificate renewal.


We live in an age where you have to care about customers to cater them. If you’re selling them home appliances, it’s your duty to care for their wallet. Thus, you need to aspire to get give star rating via BEE certification. For more information about star ratings and other certifications, reach out to our experts.


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