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People use different terms for bedding such as bed linen and bed clothes. This sheet is laid above the mattress for decoration, warmth and protection for the mattress. The bedding items are washable and removable parts of a bedroom. The bedding items of a bedroom are washed regularly or changed seasonally to increase the comfort of a bed room.

These bedding items are mostly rectangular in shape but you can find square types of bedding as well. This set includes cushions, pillow covers, comforter, quilt or blanket and a flat sheet that is used to cover the mattress. These are standard items but they can vary in number. You can buy additional items such as blankets or soft toys for children. They are not part of bedding items but you can buy them according to your requirements.

When we talk about the materials of bedding items then satin weave, plain weave, cotton, flannel cotton or cotton-polyester are the common materials of bedding items. The silk and linen bedding items or their mix is also used widely. The filling of comforter, quilts or duvet is very important because it increases its warmth. The feathers of duck or Goose can be used as filling material in bedding items. The feathers can create allergies for some people so those who have such problems avoid using them. People use synthetic and natural materials such as wool, cotton or polyester as filling materials for comforter designs 2021 and quilts. These types of filling are cheap and easy to clean or wash as compared to the feathers. The wool, acrylic, cotton or other microfibers are used for blankets. The material of the bedding items improves regularly to produce quality products.

In past, people used different types of sheets to cover their beds. These sheets show the level of prosperity. The mattresses of the Roman Empire were stuffed with hay, reeds, feather or wool. The beds were decorated with bronze, jewels, silver and gold. In Japan, the mattresses are filled with cotton. These bedding items were being used as requirements not as luxurious items. The bed sheet sizes are standard in which beds are manufactured. The sizes of beds vary from country to country because they have their own standards.

Bedding is an industry in which a variety of products and terms are being used and produced. The terminologies used in the bedding industry are given below;

Bed skirt

It is a decorative piece of cloth used to cover bed legs and box springs. It hangs to the floor and is also called dust ruffle, bed ruffle or base valance.


The bedspread or bed cover protects your bed from dust or other things. It is popular in North America and does not require a bed skirt. It is used during the daytime and can be removed at night. You can use a duvet cover or coverlet instead of a bedspread.


This item of bedding is very common in cold countries. It is a woven cloth and people use them for warmth. Now bed blanket set of different materials are being used in the world.


It is a narrow and long cylindrical pillow that is filled with feathers, cotton or polyester. It is a kind of decoration or can be used for lumbar support.

Boudoir Pillow

It is a rectangular decorative pillow and you can call it a breakfast pillow.


It is a bedding item used as a blanket. It is filled with soft padding, cotton, polyester or feathers but it is not fluffy. Comforters are machine washable and available in the form of bedding sets. There is a difference between quilt and comforter because in comforter the layers of padding are not quilted. It has a resemblance with bed skirts and other items of bedding.


It is a kind of bedspread which is being used before the 20th century in America. It does not reach the floor nor cover pillows.


It is filled with feathers, down, cotton, polyester or synthetic material. It is used as a blanket. It is not thinner than a comforter.

Duvet Cover

It is a decorative cover for the duvet to protect it from dust. Most of the covers have a zipper or tie at the end of the cover.

European Pillow

It is a large pillow square in shape. It is placed behind the standard pillow or on top of it. It is also called Continental Pillow.

Euro Sham

It is also called European sham or Continental sham. It is a decorative pillow large in size.


These are mattress toppers filled with feathers. They have elastic straps or have a fitted sheet to stay in place.

Flat sheet

It is placed over the fitted sheet with four sides. It is also called the top sheet. There are comforters and duvets that don’t have top sheets.

Fitted sheet

This sheet is fitted on the mattress tightly. There is a wide variety of fitted sheets with different types of pockets according to the size of the mattress.

Mattress pad

It is used above the mattress and beneath a sheet. It is used to provide comfort and protection from dust.

 Mattress protector

The mattress protectors are used on mattresses to protect them against liquid, dust or other contamination. They not only protect the mattress but protect users from allergies.

Neck roll

These are small cylindrical decorative pillows. They are used for support or for decoration. These pillows are closed from all around. Now there are some designs that have openings aside.

Pillow shams

These are decorative pillow coverings designed with flanges, trims, cording or ruffles. They are placed behind the pillows to sleep on.


These are used in place of blankets in which filling is done with feathers, cotton or polyester between two layers of cloth. These layers are stitched to hold them together. The patchwork quilts are also available in the market.

Sleeping Pillow

These are medium-sized pillows on which you lay your head while sleeping.

Throw pillow

It is a decorative pillow that comes in different shapes and sizes.


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