Beautiful beaches in Gokarna to Visit For




Gokarna known as the families of beaches is a holy and seaside town in Karnataka which lies in the Konkan coastline. It is surrounded by hills on one side and the endless bounding ocean on the other side which offers holistic and spectacular views. Gokarna is the best place to visit for fun and relaxation which takes one far away from the hassles of city life. Beaches in Gokarna offer rippling waves, bright blue crystal water and glittering sand beaches which are on everyone’s bucket list. 

Talking about the history behind Gokarna the word originated from Sanskrit which means cow’s ear. It is said that Lord Shiva emerged from the ear of a cow and hence it is located over the ear shaped confluence of two rivers namely Gangavali and Aghanashini. They then built the main temple of Lord Shiva where the local people offer their prayers and worship the deity. Gokarna is a famous religious town in Karnataka which gained its prominence for its pristine and clear beaches over years.

It is a less crowded place where one finds themselves in the midst of Arabian sea and the rejuvenation it provides is what makes it worth visiting. 


Here are the top beaches to explore in Gokarna:

  1. Om beach

Om beach is considered to be the best beach in Gokarna as one finds nature in its own way that is unimaginable. If one is looking out to experience nature in its marvellous way then Om beach is one as the surroundings are truly captivating and as the name suggests the beach is encircled in the shape of Om. Not only this one enjoys the views of hills and beach under the clear sky. It is perfect for swimmers and for those who want some adventure. One can do parasailing, surfing, water skiing and banana boat rides to have an adventurous experience around the beach. One can also go for dolphin spotting on this amazing beach. 


  1. Half Moon beach

This beach as the name derives is in the shape of a half moon which gives a mesmerizing view to look out for. It is covered by the thick dense forests and on the other side there is the endless stretch of Arabian sea. One can plan a trek here around all the five popular beaches of Gokarna as it gives a peaceful as well as scenic beauty. The fun activities here include paddle boating, kayaking, swimming, trekking and camping. It is 20 minutes away from Om beach and there is the striking calmness which will rejuvenate your soul. 


  1. Gokarna beach 

Gokarna beach is the main beach of the Gokarna town. It is located in the midst of Mahabaleshwar temple which is most famous among pilgrims. Here the pilgrims first take a dip in the water to purify their soul and then visit the temple. In the morning there is the great richness around the beach which will fill an individual with joy and piousness. One can also surf on this beach to have an everlasting pleasure. From here one can plan a trek to the five most popular beaches which are within the radius of 10 kms. 


  1. Kudle beach

For solace one must visit this beach as it is surrounded along an isolated stretch and is a blessing for the nature lovers. Also it is a suitable place for swimming and relaxing here with the shores of the water waves. It is not occupied by crowds and hence makes a peaceful place. It is around 15 minutes from Om beach and can be easily accessible through a boat. 


  1. Paradise beach

As the name suggests one will taste the essence of paradise here. It is known as the full moon beach which is 150 meters long and covered mostly with rocks. Also the sunrise and the sunset is what is blissful to watch for. So don’t forget to carry on the cameras as it serves best for photography. 


  1. Baada beach

Baada beach is the cleanest beach in Gokarna. It is surrounded by hillocks on both the sides and has some boulders in the middle. One can play volleyball, badminton or go for boat riding which will constitute best for relaxation. There are some huts and cottages one can find and can easily stay there to have the feels on the beach. 


  1. Nirvana beach

Nirvana beach offers a surreal experience as it is among the famous sunset points and has an enthralling ambience. 


  1. Small Hell beach

It is a must to include this beach for Gokarna as it offers a holistic experience. There is a small hell cliff that gleams the whole beach and hence the clear blue water and golden strand stretch is what makes this beach a marvellous sight. 


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