Be A Proud Restaurant Marketplace App Owner By Launching The Ubereats Clone


Hey! This 10-minutes read will be revolving around the restaurant marketplace app development. If you are reading this, then probably you are looking to supersize your business by launching an app. Alright! Let us bump into the actual context of this blog.

Restaurant Marketplace App – Green signal for your business

Are you still following the obsolete method of order taking through phone calls? Are you finding it super hectic to manage your restaurant’s operations? Are you owning multiple restaurants? Firstly, answer all the above questions to yourself. If the answer to all the above questions is yes, then, this blog is for you.

Get better brand recognition

Are you aware that people are high on ordering through platform-to-consumer delivery platforms? So, if you launch an online ordering platform that hosts several restaurants, then it will be a win-win for your business. The more the number of restaurants, the more will be the number of customers. On the whole, launching an app can guarantee recognition for your brand.

Better cash inflow

Is your business not fetching enough cash inflow? You can revamp your business by collaborating with restaurants that will pay you commissions for orders they get through your app. So, commission fees will add to the major source of your business revenue.

Simplify the ordering process

While ordering online in itself is a simple task for users, making it much simpler by integrating chatbots. Much popular food ordering app like UberEats, let customers place orders through chatbots. Within a few conversations, users can place their orders. While developing the app, insist your developer integrate a chatbot that can handle order placing.

Streamline your revenue reports

If you think that having an app will just look after the ordering and delivery processes, then you are wrong. You can even manage your revenue through the app. But how? The app will monitor the revenue from different sources like orders, ads, commission fees, etc., and generate a report. Based on this report, you will get an idea of your overall revenue.

All your data is safe!

When it comes to business, the privacy of data needs careful consideration. With an app, you can access the cloud server, and store all your app-related data over there. This way, you can totally eliminate data stealing. Also, you can access the data whenever you want. Happy?

Stock management

If stocking up essentials for your restaurants is hectic, then managing those stocks is even more hectic. Agree? You will be surprised to know that the restaurant management software has the provision to manage your stocks. Simply, you will have to load the details of the stocks like quantity, expiry date, etc. You can monitor the stocks and restock them if needed.

The food ordering app almost covers all the pain points of your business, right? So, why do you still have to wait? Buckle up to know the features of the app in the next section.

Feed your restaurant app with these crucial features

Social media registration

The usability of your app is the index of your business. The more simple your app is, the more will be the user engagement. So, you must keep the user interface simple, understandable, yet, captivating. Here, the need for social media registration gains importance. Users must be able to sign up to your app just by synching any of their social media accounts. 

Table booking

Agreeing to the fact that dining in a restaurant is restricted as of now, you can let customers book tables once the condition bounces back. Though online ordering and doorstep delivery throws a tad of convenience, there are still masses who prefer dining in. Customers love visiting restaurants, hanging out with their friends, along enjoying the companionship of their favourite food. Hence, you must definitely consider the table booking feature.

Menu optimization

Your app will let restaurants edit the menu and optimize them according to availability. This will greatly benefit your customers as they can know what is currently available and what is not. Also, restaurants can easily update their menu based on the availability of the food. Isn’t this a great feature? Definitely, it is.


Payments made via the app can be easily tracked and verified. Therefore, you will never miss out on any payment details. In your restaurant app, you must let customers do the transactions through different payment methods. The more the number of payment options, the less will be the cart abandonment rate. Cheers! 


Don’t you want to increase the transparency of your business among users? Yes, right? So, here is the tracking feature that helps you in achieving transparency. The tracking feature will be available in the user app, and also in your admin dashboard. Users can track to know whether their orders are arriving or not. Similarly, you can track the orders to ensure whether the orders reach the users on time or not. On the whole, the tracking feature is a win-win situation for all.

Push notifications

The push notifications offer benefits in different ways to your business. One is, your customers will know the information related to their food orders promptly via push notifications. The other one is, you can send out promotions or any discounts regarding your services to users. Oftentimes, people fail to check up their emails and SMS. So, to keep them informed about your offers, you can use push notifications.

Reviews and ratings

You can get to know the reach of your business among customers only via feedback. Isn’t it? Throughout the ordering and delivery process, customers can face different challenges. So, the review section is a must, from where you can know their problems and help them in solving out. 


Uh? How come games in a food ordering app? If you feel that this is weird, then you must know a few things. Well, business persons like you often bother about user engagement. One of the simplest ways to increase the user experience is integrating games. Let’s see how the gaming feature will work out. 

Add games, let users play and complete the challenges. Upon completion of the game, offer some reward points based on their scores obtained in the game. The obtained points can be redeemed in their further orders on your app. It sounds super cool, right?


Businesspersons like you will be concerned about your target audiences, right? So, here is the shortcut to find your users’ activities. Analytics is a key feature in identifying the activities carried by users on your app. You can segment your users based on their preferences and target them using different strategies accordingly. On the whole, you can absolutely benefit from developing an app.

Wrapping up

I hope that all your doubts regarding the food ordering app development have been addressed in the write-up. For your food delivery business, UberEats clone will be the best app as it is ready-made and easy to launch. Also, you can personalize the app with the features or UI you want so that it attracts users. So, to create an UberEats like app, you can contact the reputed clone app developer who provides white-label to your app. Make the food delivery marketplace yours, by launching your food delivery app.


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