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Sports-related to baseball are softball and rounders. All these games are based on team competition, and the inventory includes a ball and a bat. Due to the frequent accidents on the playing field during matches, sports insurance for baseball, sandals, or softball is a must. Today this sport is professionally practiced in 120 countries of the world, and Russia is no exception.

What Baseball Insurance Covers

Insurance for baseball, softball, or bast shoes covers any insured events received during competition, training camps during the period covered by the insurance.

In our service, you can take out insurance with “Whole World” insurance coverage of any age group, young athletes are provided with a package of insurance services with coverage 24/7.

Let’s take a closer look at what baseball insurance covers:

  • Any injuries with NA (accident);
  • Temporary or complete disability due to NS or illness;
  • Disability due to NA;
  • Transportation to the clinic in case of illness or insured event;
  • Surgery for NA or disease;
  • The onset of a serious illness;
  • Burns as a consequence of NA;
  • The death of the insured person as a result of an accident or illness.

All these insurance risks imply reimbursement of insurance compensation. The amount of material payment is calculated according to the table published here.

Baseball Insurance Types

Sports insurance for baseball can be purchased on the Sport. insure website for both novice athletes and professionals.

For baseball players, we offer four types of insurance, namely:

  • Insurance for a specific competition;
  • Annual insurance policy;
  • Children with round-the-clock insurance coverage;
  • For traveling abroad.

Every type of insurance with insurance coverage around the world.

When taking out insurance for a child, you can choose a package of insurance services with coverage 24/7, the policy covers not only HC received in training or competitions, but also injuries in everyday life.

When playing baseball only during training, competitions, you can get a standard sports insurance from the National Assembly, or a TCD policy with coverage for outdoor activities, issued with an indication of the host country.

Baseball Injuries and Their Causes

Doing professional sports is often a high risk of injury. Systematic classes and competitions lead to huge loads on the human body, as a result of which any careless movement can lead to professional injury.

While playing baseball (including softball, rounders), athletes are most often faced with:

  • Sprains;
  • Tears of muscles and ligaments;
  • Dislocation of the joints;
  • Ruptured meniscus;
  • Hip joint;
  • Fractures;
  • Contusions of soft tissues;
  • Traumatic brain injury.

Frequent circumstances of the injury, doctors consider a violation of the training regime, as well as a violation of safety and discipline rules. But even compliance with the regime and safety rules does not give a full guarantee to an athlete that there will be no occupational diseases and injuries, sometimes even the slightest awkward movement is enough, for example, bad weather or training in an uncomfortable form.

In this regard, coaches and sports mentors recommend buying insurance for baseball, the policy makes it possible to receive financial compensation commensurate with the severity of the injury, this will pay for recovery procedures and get assistance during the period of disability.

To be done in the event of an accident

In the event of an insured event, the insured or the person in charge is obliged to urgently seek medical help. After being discharged from the medical institution, it is necessary to obtain a certificate-extract of the sample established by the insurance company, prepare the remaining documents confirming the event of an accident and contact the insurance company for material compensation.

The list of required documents, as well as the entire algorithm of steps, is published on the Insured event page.

How to get the insurance payment

Baseball insurance payouts are calculated each time based on the severity of the injury, treatment, and coverage. Upon receipt of disability, a state of complete permanent incapacity, as well as the death of the insured person, the material compensation will be one hundred percent of the amount insured.

Also, a child who has a disability of any group will receive the full amount of insurance. Upon receipt of temporary disability or hospitalization at risk, the payment is made for each day of treatment and is calculated as a percentage of the amount insured.

For other insured risks, the amount of compensation is determined by the insurer in accordance with the risk payment table.

Electronic insurance

In accordance with the law of the Russian Federation, baseball insurance, incl. softball, sandals in electronic form is an official and completely legal document that entitles the insured person to reimbursement of insurance compensation under the contract.

To receive compensation for treatment, rehabilitation after an accident, it is enough to issue a policy issued by an insurance company.

What to do in case of an accident

In the event of an accident, you should immediately seek qualified medical help. After undergoing treatment and discharge from the medical institution, it is necessary to obtain from the attending physician a statement with the indicated diagnosis and the course of rehabilitation of the athlete, as well as the wet seal of the clinic and the attending physician.

All documents required to obtain insurance compensation must be (if the NA occurred abroad) translated into Russian and notarized. A package of documents with an application for material compensation must be brought or sent to the regional office of the insurance company within a month from the date of injury.

You will find out the address and other contact details of the insurance company in the contacts section. Here you can ask any question you are interested into our specialists through the feedback form.

How to get the insurance payment

Water skiing insurance benefits are calculated according to the severity of the diagnosis and the amount of coverage.

Insurance payments are transferred to the current account of the insured within two weeks after the submission to the insurance company of the application for payment and documents confirming the fact of the insured event.

Electronic insurance policy

Electronic Water Ski Insurance is an insurance policy for athletes, issued under the laws and regulations of accident insurance. Such a policy has full legal force, just like a policy on a letterhead.

The main advantage of online insurance is the preliminary calculation of the policy price, taking into account different conditions. Anyone can independently find out the final cost of their policy in a special calculator of our service, having previously indicated the age, insurance period, and the amount of insurance liability.

After selecting all the required parameters, the system will automatically calculate the cost of insurance.


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