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portable water filter bottle

Over thousands of times, the mountain top girding the powder keg had eroded and tumbled down, forming a massive pitch of unstable gemstone. Teetering on the point of the loose scree crest, clean water was the farthest thing from my mind. A portable water filter bottle helps you to do so.

portable water filter bottle

Experience of my portable water filter bottle use

We had hiked two days to get to Black Tusk. Along the way, we took the occasion to drink water and fill our bottles from the aqueducts we passed, and while the aqueducts looked clean, we always filtered our water rather than threat getting sick. After all, you noway know what’s upstream of you.

My water sludge this trip was an award-winning device called portable water filter bottle, which was designed in Switzerland by Vestergaard Frandsen for philanthropic systems in the harsh conditions of Africa. It’s an ingeniously simple water sludge which anyone can use. Simply stink water through it and the sludge removes99.99999 of waterborne bacteria(> LOG 7 reduction), and99.9 of waterborne protozoan spongers(> LOG 3 reduction) down to0.2 microns in size. The EPA standard for removing the usual suspects, Giardia,E. Coli and Cryptosporidium, is1.0 microns. At0.2 microns, the straw provides five times further filtration than the EPA standard, which is considered ‘ rigorous ’. It filter pollutants over 264 gallons(,000 liters), which you know you ’ve reached when water can no longer be smelled through it.


 portable water filter bottle

My hiking mates were using traditional pump- style water pollutants, and while they were assiduously pumping down, I was formerly drinking the cold sluice water with no trouble at all. I tend to drink water every hour or so, so I kept the portable water filter bottle in my fund as I hiked, and when thirsty I ’d pull my water bottle out of my pack, fit the straw, and belt directly from the bottle, as it is thin enough to fit through the bottle opening.

Work process of it

The portable water filter bottle is easy to carry as it’s only 9 elevation long by 1 inch in periphery, and weighs lower than 2 ounces. Comparatively, the water pollutants my musketeers were using counted around 1 pound. On a long hike every bit of weight savings counts, and as educated trampers know, it’s the small particulars that add up to make your pack heavy.

Lower down the mountain, where natural water sources were more generous, there was no need to fill my water bottle. I could simply get on my knees and put the portable water filter bottle directly into a sluice for a cool drink of clean water. While I do like to take big glugs of filtered water right from the water bottle. I ’ve set up that the straw does deliver quite a large volume as it has a veritably high inflow rate. It seems to deliver much further water than a typical drinking straw.

So I felt satisfied with the quantum of water I could get through the straw. While cooking oatmeal for breakfast or pasta for regale, I used undressed lake water. And just boiled it for a nanosecond to kill any bacteria or spongers. Granted, the water I was using for cooking with was n’t muddy, else I would have wanted to clean it with a traditional sludge.

Cost of it

There are water pollutants in the$ 80-$ 100 range which can be gutted andre-used for times. But I figure if I ’m drinking 3- 4 quarts( 3- 4 liters) of water per day while hiking. The survival straw will last me for 250- 330 days before it reaches its expiry of 264 gallons(,000 filtered liters). Since I hike about 15 days per time, this is further than acceptable for my requirements.

Still, it ’d be nice to have one of these portable water filter bottles near at hand, If I was in anemergency. However, or if there was a pustule- water premonitory combined with a power outage. Having access to clean water would be critical. If my auto broke down in a remote area and I had to walk all day. For those concerned about exigency preparedness. It’s a great idea to keep a many of them in your preparedness tackle, and one in the glovebox of your auto. They ’re light and cheap enough to have a many around.

Tips of portable water filter bottle

Then are some important tips, grounded on my own experience using the portable water filter bottle

When the straw is fully empty, it takes a many sucks to get the water through it. After that, it’s veritably easy to stink water through.

still, blow back into it( from the prophet) and that will clear the sludge and make it easy to stink up water again. If the straw stops stinking up water. I had to do this several times per day. With muddy water, you would have to blow back into it more frequently.

When you ’re finished drinking, blow a breath of air into it again to clear out the water in the sludge. I also shake the portable water filter bottle a bit. To help clear out any drips so they don’t end up in mybackpack. However, it might expand and damage the sludge. So I recommend shaking it dry, If there’s water left in the sludge during nipping temperatures. When I got home, I irrigated it under the valve and let it completely dry with the caps off.

Drink water directly with a portable water filter bottle

With the portable water filter bottle, you can drink directly from a water source( similar as a sluice, slush billabong, or lake), but keep in mind the ground might be soppy. I only drink from the water body if the ground is rocky. Else I ’ll end up getting damp from lying on the wet ground beside the creek. A more practical way of taking a drink is of course filling your water bottle over in the creek. And also putting the straw into the bottle and drinking that way. To know the principle of water purifier water bottle, click to know.

Although the survival straw has been tested up to 422 gallons( 1600 liters), you ’re supposed to stop using it after 1000 liters. You ’ll know when it’s near the end of its lifetime when you can’t stink water through it presently.

While the emergency water filter filters down to0.2 microns, removing nearly all bacteria and protozoa. It should be noted that it’ll not filter out heavy essence, and won’t desalinate water. It does n’t sludge out contagions either, although water- borne contagions are rare in the North American bush.


Leaning into the wind at the peak of Black Tusk, a sense of admiration took hold as the trouble of the rise subsided. I could see the alpine meadows and glacial lakes we had hiked along, and in the distance, the ocean. The pounding in my heart subsided, and I realized my internal dialogue had changed. The usual pattern of internal chatter gave way to a sense of quiet calm. And the feeling of oneness with nature was uplifting and restorative. I felt the portable water filter bottle in my fund. And it passed to me that this little device is going to help me enjoy the outside indeed more.




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