Baby Gates: Safety Solutions for Your Households & Pets

The Best Baby gates

Baby Gates: Safety Solutions for Your Households & Pets

Has your baby ever suffered serious burns at home or fallen from the stair case? Accidents are common at home and happen when we least expect it. I remember a sad occurrence and that memory has never left me. All I remember was the painful baby cry which jolted me from my house chores. Going about my duties I thought my baby was beside me but had tiptoed her way into the kitchen where there was hot tea.

Parenting does not come with a manual and being a young mum and first time parent somethings one learns along the way.

It is much easier nowadays with information online, one gets to learn how to baby proof their home before giving birth and makes their home safe.

From baby shower to nursery preparation a parent can buy baby essentials like pampers, bottles, stroller, monitor, carrier, bassinet beforehand.

Babies are very curious and adventurous when they get to the ages of 6-24 months and want to crawl to every part of the house.

Notably, they always stray to the most dangerous places of the house, for instance, kitchen, staircase, toilet, laundry room and bathroom.

It is good to supervise them when using the stairs as they learn to walk, even after installing a baby gate. A baby gate is essential at home as it bar toddlers from accessing dangerous areas at home.

How to Install Baby Gates Safely

We have two types of baby gates namely:

  • Pressure mounted baby gates
  • Hardware mounted baby gates

Both type of gates are good but it depends on how and where you install them. The main reason of putting baby gates around the house is to restrict the baby from moving to areas that may be dangerous.

Besides that, if the home has small pets or a home office, a baby gate can be used to seal off important area as well as give each pet their own space and baby space for playing. Let look at the different types of baby gates.

  1. Hardware Mounted Baby Gate

If you want a more permanent gate that is safe for top of stairs, I would recommend a hardware mounted baby gate.

This types of gate is stronger and best for top of stair. The baby will not be able to push it and fall down and get injured. Alongside this, it will require drilling and using screws and bolts when installing it, making it strong and sturdy.

Besides that, it can be used for hallways and doorways ensure to measure the spaces for proper fitting.

  1. Pressure Mounted Baby Gate

Without a doubt, if one wants an easy to install baby gate that can be dislodge in seconds a pressure mounted baby gate is a good choice.

This type of gate does not require any tools or drilling and screwing. Unquestionably, pressure mounted baby gate are perfect for doorways, hallways and bottom of the stairs.

Notably, when installing the baby gate ensure the spacebars are not widely spaced out as the baby can try to squeeze through and fall.

Also, avoid installing the gate and leaving a big gap below, babies are adventurous and may try to go below it and get stuck.

Other shapes (v shaped) designs have been frown upon as they can cause strangulation when baby attempts to pass through.

Baby gates can be dangerous especially for children above 2 years who can be able to climb over or open them. Hence, it is advisable when they get to this age remove the baby gate.

Can Baby Gates be used as Pet Gates?

Yes, baby gates can also be used as pet gates. For instance, the freestanding designs are portable and can be moved easier from one place to another. Additionally, they can be used to seal unwanted areas in the house and keep both baby and pet safe.

Freestanding baby gates may not be ideal for strong babies who can push them over. Choose the right gate and still consider your baby security and needs too.

Both gates (baby and pet) are safety gates and have a lot in common as they serve the same purpose.

Moreover, if you have a large dog breed like a red golden retriever at home a small baby gate which is not strong enough may not hold back your pet. Subsequently, even a pet gate may sometimes not serve the purpose of a baby gate. It is important to look at all the factors such as, height, durability, weight, installation method when buying the gate.

Baby Gates Designs

The Best Baby gates come in different materials for instance, metal or wood and also designs.

One can choose from free standing, baby gate with a small pet gate below, a baby gate that opens both ways, etc.

Regardless, both baby gate materials are good but need to meet the safety standards.

Ask yourself, is the baby gate for top or bottom of stairs? Does the gate need installation and drilling? Do you prefer a hardware mounted baby gate or pressure mounted baby gate for your home? Lastly, is the gate for indoor or outdoor use?

The answers to these questions and your baby needs will influence your buying decision. Hope this article has shown you are benefits of having a baby gate at home as well as keep your baby safe.


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