B2B Marketing Trends: The Keys to a Successful Strategy in 2021

Marketing tends in 2021

Marketing is a rapidly changing field. For this reason, every year, it is necessary to learn in detail about the trends to stay in the race. It would help if you didn’t hesitate to question your company’s marketing strategy to remain agile.

In the year 2021, which begins, this advice has never been so relevant. COVID-19 has demonstrated the ever greater importance of the digitalization of businesses. Digital communication and social distancing will be elements, among others, that should not be overlooked when defining an effective marketing strategy for 2021.

Omnichannel, an essential lever Marketing trends

Whether in the B2B or B2C sector, current circumstances force the use of all marketing channels. What was previously only a will in some companies is becoming strategic and essential today.
A Budgetbox and Harris Interactive study shows that 50% of USA people are omnichannel consumers and for a third, omnichannel is a habit. This trend is also making its mark in the B2B field. Therefore, at all times, you must ask yourself where your target is and do not hesitate to multiply the levers of acquisition as long as they remain relevant.
This presence and proximity will also have an impact on the engagement and loyalty of your customers. Your company will be able to deploy specific strategies such as cross-selling more easily.

Image, sound, text: Adapt your communication media

In the context of acquisition strategies, the 2021 trend is towards the diversity of media. To attract the attention of your customers and increase your conversion rate, use all the solutions available. It could be a podcast as well as a video on a social network.
The important thing is to surprise the customer and to maintain dynamism in your marketing and communication strategy at all times. You can boost your presence on social media via community management and diversify your media during your advertising campaigns. Twitter or Linkedin offer video ads that many B2B companies only partially exploit. However, video support combined with storytelling is perfect for beneficially showcasing your product or service.

Develop your social media strategy

In 2021, one of the most important B2B trends is the growing importance of the social network LinkedIn, which is becoming essential to reach your target. 80% of B2B conversion rates from social networks come from LinkedIn.
This network’s strength lies in the ease of targeting decision-makers within the companies that matter to your business. This targeting coupled with impactful advertising campaigns allows you to generate qualified traffic to your website.

Increase efficiency through marketing automation

While marketing automation is not new, automation solutions and AI have gained in performance in recent years. The trend is not about to weaken, and automation is a real asset for a successful marketing strategy. Automation guarantees you a significant return on investment because it reduces the time spent on tasks with low added value.
Also, it concerns elements as diverse as:

  • Digital advertising on social networks and the web;
  • Emailing marketing trends;
  • The dissemination of Content such as white papers.

Well-executed automation is your ally in 2021 to maximize your visibility on the internet by multiplying the means of marketing communication. The data collected on your website or during your acquisition campaigns can be analyzed by machine learning tools. You will be able to improve the personalization of the customer experience to ease the path to conversion.

Personalize the customer experience to stand out

The accelerated digitization of companies in 2020 has enabled the rise of digital marketing in B2B. Companies are more and more solicited on digital channels. The competition will intensify in 2021 with prospects, and the challenge will be to succeed in not losing visibility.
So you need to fine-tune the customer experience to grab the attention of your prospects at every step of the customer journey. This year is the perfect time to update your personas and target your audience more precisely, notably through relevant and qualitative content marketing. Make sure in your marketing practices to adapt the speech according to the social network or the medium.

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Develop virtual events with high added value

In principle, it won’t be easy to organize physical events in 2021. Take the lead and take advantage of the advantages offered by digital technology. This involves developing digital strategies such as advertising, but you can also capitalize on exchanges via virtual events.
The creation of webinars is a very appropriate choice to demonstrate your business expertise while maintaining a particular form of proximity with your prospects and customers, especially since the highlighting of your know-how will significantly impact your notoriety and your brand image.
The webinar is a great time to answer any questions your prospects might have. These meetings prove to be very versatile and should find a place of choice within your web strategy.

2021, the year of opportunities and new Marketing trends

2020 will remain a unique year of its kind. The pandemic has spared no sector, imposing profound changes in how we work, communicate and even consume. The crisis health and its consequences have dramatically changed the relationship between businesses and consumers.

During the lockdown (s), many consumers spent time reviewing their old favorite movies and series. Why? Some studies show that nostalgia provides a sense of meaning and continuity.

Longing also helps ease feelings of anxiety and look to the future with hope. As much to tell you that it is particularly comforting at the moment!

Several marketing trends for 2021 are underlying trends that have been present for several years. However, the COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the transition to digital and disrupted habits like final expense leads industry. The coming year is a year of challenges but also opportunities for companies. While the digital shift can be complex, it has the advantage of leveling out the benefits. So, if you are an SME, investing in internet marketing and creating digital Content will be the keys to boosting your visibility.
Companies that have already completed their digital transformation and have particular expertise in digital marketing will go further. The possibilities opened up by automation will take your business to the next level in terms of profitability.
Whatever the size of your company or its activity sector, Junto can support you in your marketing strategy. We offer you personalized and relevant solutions to develop your strengths.


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