Avoid These 7 Common Signage Mistakes



The custom-designed signs Toronto businesses put up are usually the first source of communication for prospective customers. No matter if you’re a brand-new company just beginning to establish itself or have been in operation for a long time, your business signage reflects a lot about your business. It should identify your name, explain what you do, and also provide your contact details quickly and clearly, as well as stand apart from other signs that are posted on the streets.

So, creating signs for your business could be quite a hassle. We’ve listed seven typical sign-making mistakes to avoid and help you design the perfect signage for your business.

  1. There is no longer “scalable”

The term “scalability” is in line with the requirements of the current start-ups. It is a term used to describe the ability to accommodate the demands of a growing business. When you speak in sign language, you may think this could indicate that your signs are capable of growing but what we are saying is that your custom signs could require a change in details in your company’s business.

For instance, the restaurant could decide to deliver food, while hair salons might provide customers who come in. You may want to add some additional services to your list or add additional social media channels or even a website. It is possible to take a different direction and cut down on services to increase the margins of profit.

A sign design that lets you easily update and inexpensively will ensure that your signage always conveys the right message to your customers. Any future changes to your business can be easily accommodated whether you’re expanding or reducing your size. Although not every business require changes but if your business strategy suggests that change is possible and you are unsure, talk to your sign maker to suggest ways to be adapted to change.

  1. Not incorporating a design plan

Your design for your sign must be designed in a way to make the most of the space you have for your sign. It is among the first impressions that people get of your company which is why you need it to remain a long-lasting positive impression. Making a business sign that is designed to reflect your brand’s image as well as communicate the services you have to offer, and also provide information that you believe is relevant to your clients is the key to having a successful sign.

If you do not have an in-house designer ensure that you utilize those services offered by your sign business to ensure you can create the kind of signs that Toronto is looking for from a professional and polished firm.

  1. Missing mistakes

It’s not a great idea that you have it necessary to “proofread” a sign before it’s made, but as with any other marketing collateral, mistakes could occur. If it’s a misspelling of an word, changing the numbers to match your number, or forgetting your logo or selecting the wrong color or a mistake that’s not corrected on your signage could prove detrimental to your business.

Signage services

Check the sign attentively and get two more sets of eyes take an inspection. This will ensure that everything is correct and that you do not have an obvious error or, even more important, inaccurate details on your sign. Errors can cost businesses. If you do not approve the sign, you will have to pay for any corrections. Fortunately, you could save yourself lots of cash by proofreading your sign with care.

  1. Mismeasurement

There are two kinds of measurement errors:

  1. Simply measuring the wrong way
  2. Inflating the size of the sign that you require

The first is simpler to overcome since you have to follow the old saying Measure twice, cut twice. If you’re not sure of the measurements you have taken, request your sign company to visit the location of installation to ensure the right size is made. It’s also a good idea to ask them to recommend the right size for your sign to meet your requirements.

Things like making sure that the words are large enough to be read, that the sign is proportional to the size of the building and that the logo and words are in a balanced manner, are all a part of measuring your sign, and making sure that it does not appear excessively large or small.

  1. The material is not being considered

Because signs are made of different materials, it is important to know the pros and cons of every sign design. The material’s effects don’t just impact the look the sign will have, it affects it also affects the longevity of your sign. You need the right sign for the brand you’re trying to promote, while resistant to GTA weather conditions if your sign is placed outdoors. Another consideration is how much sunlight exposure your sign receives throughout the day since it can cause fade. Signs are cost-effective if you think about the long-term and the amount of time they will last. The location of where the sign will be put is equally important. As certain walls are not able to accommodate the weight of a sign constructed from metallic materials and wood.

While it may appear that it’s cheaper alternatives in the beginning. You have be aware of the importance for the signs and the crucial role it plays in marketing your company. Discuss the layout, design and budget with the signage company to ensure that you get the highest ROI and choose the best quality sign that you can afford.

  1. Signage that are not priced correctly

If your company is situated in a busy area, it is logical to set a price for the lighting of your signs. This will allow for exposure throughout the day and will allow your company to be noticed by other businesses that are on the street. It is possible to make your business more memorable by having a well-lit sign that makes your business stand out all day and at night.

  1. Improper signage installation

The location and the method of installing your sign is equally crucial as the sign itself. The sign should be put in a prominent location which makes it stand out. It should be placed at the correct position on the building to ensure that people know. Where you’re in the building, especially if it is huge, houses multiple businesses or is in a confusing layout arrangement.

Next, the sign needs to be properly installed. Different materials require different methods for installation.It is not a good idea for your sign to move and blow off. Or be up on its corners or worse. To fall off completely due to poor craftsmanship. Be sure that the signage company provides skilled installers to finish the final stage of your sign.

There’s more to signage installation than you believe. By avoiding these mistakes, you can make sure your sign is working for you and will attract new customers.


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