Australian Custom Builders

Australian custom builders


Are you in search of the most reliable Australian custom Builders that can build custom homes? By combining the latest innovations of top architects with the passion of highly skilled construction professionals, Global Prefabricated Kit Homes are the ideal choice to build your dream home.

“We listen to your needs and then design it to your Specifications , and then build it to the specifications of your Dreams!”

It’s time to build your Dream Custom Home


Global Prefabricated Kit Homes can help you build that dream residence. We at Custom Global Construction, we offer you the most current house designs of different types. We help you plan your way from a rental apartment to a fully furnished airy and ventilated spacious and well-designed house.

As the most reputable Australian Custom Builders and Custom Builders. We focus on a broad variety of homes that include New residential construction that is brand new luxurious homes, semi-custom or fully-custom homes, medium and high density homes, unique log homes as well as hybrid homes, and of course kit home kits. The saying goes”Where the Heart is “Home is where your soul is”. This is why you should cherish the process of creation of your dream living space with us.


As part of our construction program, we provide you with a variety of options and services that are like:

  • Timeliness and trust We are punctual and trustworthy in the event of deadlines.
  • We finish our projects in the time frame we promise or even sooner.
  • We offer economical construction. With us, you do not have to be concerned about the budget.
  • We’re very concerned about the requirements of our clients and make sure to do our very best within the project budget.
  • Innovative thinking – We stay up to date with the latest trends in design and interiors.
  • In addition, we incorporate our own ideas and our clients’ ideas to make their home more inviting and comfortable.
  • The Financial Condition of our Company – As an internationally recognized Global brand.
  • we enjoy an extremely powerful influence on the marketplace and enjoy all the advantages that could favor our clients.
  • Planning Our work is always properly planned and outlined with a specific plan.
  • We begin our projects by utilizing plans created by our employees which provide clarity on budgets and plans to our clients.
  • Even if there’s any minor error in the plans , we make sure to keep our clients informed about the error to ensure that we are transparent with each other.
  • Experiential Employees – We at Global are aware of the feeling of being privileged having your own home.

Therefore, in order to create the perfect home, we employ a team of highly skilled workers with plenty of experience and necessary knowledge in their respective areas of expertise.

Talk less, do more – We believe that “Action is more powerful over words”. Therefore, we concentrate more on the efficiency of our work and let our projects speak more than merely talking about our brand.


It’s not difficult for clients to be asking concerns in their heads, such as why only Global? Or why not other Australian custom builders? We’re more than happy to address these questions. We at Global Custom Homes, the customers are our first priority and we treat them to be part of our family. Global Prefabricated Kit Homes fully understand the feelings of building their dream home, no matter if it’s an initial build or not. We take care of each and every client with the right guidance and personal attention. This sets us apart from other builders and contractors on the market.


Ours is a professional team that includes experts from all areas that work in unison throughout the months to make your journey to the dream home you’ve always wanted. The people we employ are the foundation for our success. It is because of their incredible talent, expertise and commitment. To excellence that we have been deemed as one of the most reputable Australian Custom Building companies. The highly effective team includes:


The majority of people are happy when they are at home. This is why we safeguard the needs of our customers by designing homes that are specifically suited to their preferences and ideas. Each decision made in connection to these homes is made exclusively after our clients’ approval.

We , as the famous Australian Custom Builders initially, require every detail about everything that is required in the perfect home. The details you provide can be found in any form like the general construction of a home. A photo of a sketch and a few other elements, rooms plans, or a random image to you. We appreciate every detail you provide us. We will try to implement your wishes to make your house. look exactly like the one you imagine in your dreams.

This way you can rely on us to make it happen of your dream project, and give us the chance to take part in your unforgettable trip.


Global, we are concerned about our individual growth. Global We’re concerned about our own growth, and also about the cumulative additions of our representatives and clients too. In the course of developing our work, we try to build out a strong bond. With our customers and also share a similar passion have a strong relationship with us. The construction of homes isn’t only a method of earning money but also for deeper motives.

We are the distinctive Australian Custom Builders. It’s an honor to fulfill the dreams of thousands of people. To stay at the forefront of their minds when it comes to the process of building their dream homes. It takes an enormous amount of creativity and hard work to construct an entire home. But the satisfaction of the client will make all the effort and work worthwhile. In the end, the joy of our clients following the conclusion of their dream project is the real reason that drives our current reality.


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