Augmented Reality, now available to the the boating community!


In the ever-evolving world of marine technology, Raymarine stands out as a pioneer with its innovative augmented reality (AR) solutions. Designed to enhance navigation, improve safety, and provide critical information in real-time, Raymarine’s AR technology is transforming the way mariners interact with their environment. This article explores the features, benefits, and applications of Raymarine’s augmented reality, highlighting its impact on modern boating and marine navigation.

What is Raymarine’s Augmented Reality?

Raymarine’s augmented reality system, known as ClearCruise™ AR, integrates seamlessly with the company’s advanced Axiom multifunction displays (MFDs). By overlaying crucial navigational data and environmental information directly onto live video feeds, ClearCruise™ AR provides mariners with a comprehensive and intuitive view of their surroundings. This technology combines real-time video imagery with detailed chart data, helping users make more informed decisions on the water.

Key Features of ClearCruise™ AR

Real-Time Video Overlay: ClearCruise™ AR uses video feeds from Raymarine’s marine cameras to provide a real-time view of the water. This video is enhanced with graphical overlays that include waypoints, navigational aids, AIS targets, and other critical information.

Waypoints and Routes: The system displays waypoints and route information directly on the video feed, allowing mariners to see their planned course in relation to their actual surroundings. This feature helps with precise navigation, especially in complex or congested waterways.

Navigational Aids: ClearCruise™ AR highlights buoys, markers, and other navigational aids, making them easily identifiable even in challenging conditions such as fog, darkness, or rough seas.

AIS Integration: The system integrates with Automatic Identification System (AIS) data, displaying information about nearby vessels. This includes vessel name, course, speed, and collision avoidance data, enhancing situational awareness and safety.

Object Identification: ClearCruise™ AR can identify and label various objects in the environment, such as land masses, bridges, and other landmarks. This feature is particularly useful for recognizing key points of interest and avoiding potential hazards.

Touchscreen Interaction: Users can interact with the AR overlays through Raymarine’s intuitive touchscreen interfaces. This allows for easy adjustment of settings and quick access to detailed information about specific points of interest.

Benefits of Raymarine’s Augmented Reality

Enhanced Situational Awareness: By providing a comprehensive view of the surrounding environment, ClearCruise™ AR helps mariners maintain better situational awareness. The real-time overlays ensure that critical information is always in view, reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall safety.

Simplified Navigation: The ability to see waypoints, routes, and navigational aids overlaid on live video feeds simplifies navigation, particularly in unfamiliar or challenging waters. This reduces the cognitive load on the operator and makes it easier to follow a planned course.

Improved Safety: Integration with AIS data and the ability to identify and highlight potential hazards significantly improve safety. Mariners can quickly assess the presence and movement of other vessels, avoiding collisions and navigating more confidently.

Ease of Use: The touchscreen interface and intuitive design make ClearCruise™ AR easy to use, even for those who are not tech-savvy. The system’s user-friendly nature ensures that critical information is accessible without extensive training or experience.

Versatility: Raymarine’s AR technology is suitable for a wide range of vessels, from small recreational boats to large commercial ships. Its adaptability makes it a valuable tool for various types of mariners, enhancing navigation and safety across different maritime activities.

Practical Applications

Recreational Boating: For recreational boaters, ClearCruise™ AR offers a safer and more enjoyable experience on the water. The ability to easily navigate to waypoints, avoid obstacles, and monitor other vessels enhances the overall boating experience.

Fishing: Anglers can benefit from the system’s ability to mark and navigate to specific fishing spots. The real-time overlays help in identifying and avoiding underwater hazards, making fishing trips more productive and safe.

Sailing: Sailors can use ClearCruise™ AR to maintain a precise course, particularly in coastal and inland waters where navigational aids and waypoints are critical. The system’s real-time data helps in making quick decisions to adjust sails and course.

Commercial Shipping: For commercial vessels, the system’s integration with AIS and ability to highlight navigational aids and hazards is invaluable. It enhances the safety and efficiency of cargo operations, particularly in busy ports and shipping lanes.

Search and Rescue Operations: ClearCruise™ AR can be a vital tool in search and rescue operations, providing rescuers with enhanced visibility and the ability to quickly identify and navigate to targets.


Raymarine’s augmented reality technology represents a significant advancement in marine navigation and safety. ClearCruise™ AR’s ability to overlay critical information onto real-time video feeds enhances situational awareness, simplifies navigation, and improves safety for mariners of all types. By integrating this cutting-edge technology into their marine electronics, Raymarine continues to lead the way in innovation, making the water safer and more navigable for everyone. Whether for recreational boating, fishing, sailing, commercial shipping, or search and rescue, Raymarine’s augmented reality is a valuable tool that enhances the maritime experience.


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