Attendance Management Solution of Field Force Management Software

Attendance Management Solution of Field Force Management Software

Imagine being responsible for attendance management for 50 people physically. Sounds tough, right? Now imagine doing this when the team is not in sight, but instead out on field tasks. This is exactly what you will require a field force management software for.

Managers in-charge of such tasks often find themselves troubled in the absence of technology. They do not know whether to call employees in for physical attendance or to trust their word.

This ever-widening gap in communication is very difficult to fill without using automated organisational field force management software is a one-stop destination for all your attendance-related problems.

So, what exactly is the attendance management solution and how can it help you? Let us have a look.

What is Attendance Management Solution?

For businesses that operate through their on-field employees, attendance management can be a very difficult task. It is very strenuous to prove whether employees marking their attendance are actually working or using work hours for their leisure.

This process can not only exhaust managers but can also reduce hardworking employees’ loyalty toward their managers. In order to avoid such issues, businesses can invest in field force management software. This software includes several solutions, using which, you can optimize your workforce.

One of them is attendance management. It allows employees to mark themselves present directly in the application. They do not have to travel all the way to offices just to prove their presence. They also do not have to worry about human errors that could lead to employees’ dissatisfaction.

Why Invest in Attendance Management Solution

You might think that the current methods used by your business are efficient enough. Why try to add technology to simple things like mere attendance of employees?

But consider this, employee A is assigned three tasks for a day. Early in the morning, he comes to the office and collects these tasks. After punching in his attendance, he goes out under the pretence of task completion to instead go visit a friend. If this employee gets paid on a daily basis regardless of his tasks, he can easily get away with such ill practices very easily. 

In old forms of field force management, there is also a risk of employees forgetting to punch their attendance. It might sound odd but such instances are actually very common. This can lead to the employees losing out on pay for days they actually completed tasks.

Favouritism is a very common practice in all businesses that have a hierarchical structure of management. This means that there might be instances when managers might let a couple of leaves slide for employees they like. 

What Does Attendance Management Include? 

Now you have understood the broader concept of attendance management solution, it is important to understand its elements. Let us look into the individual aspects that are a part of it:

Automatic Attendance

With field force management software, employees do not have to worry about coming to the office and getting their attendance marked. The system automatically does it for them when they reach near task sites for the day.

This feature makes employees’ jobs a lot simpler. It also reduces the chances of inaccurate attendance marking. People cannot punch in their attendance without travelling to assigned task locations. 

Employees can also use visual verification such as images to inform managers of their attendance status. The picture could be taken during travel or some known place near a task location.

Leave Management 

All kinds of businesses provide official leaves to people who are working for them. But manually tracking how many leaves each employee has remaining requires a lot of time. It can also be inaccurate in many instances, causing discrepancies.

The leave management feature of the solution can help managers preserve reports and records of their employees. It highlights each employee and their remaining off-days for easier monitoring. This eliminates any mismanagement from happening.

Benefits of Attendance Management Solution

Attendance management solution has many optimising capabilities. While individually they might seem small, together they make a huge difference for businesses. Some of its benefits are:

Reduce Costs

Attendance management solution cuts down a lot of travel time for employees. They were earlier forced to visit their offices to punch-in attendance but can now do so digitally. This means they also save money on this commute which ultimately leads to fewer reimbursements required.

The automated attendance marking process also reduces the use of physical resources like paper. This affects businesses’ overall operational costs positively.

Better Productivity

When there are more employees working hard in the field, then the productivity of business goes up too. Attendance management solution makes sure that all employees reach their task locations. This means more tasks are completed within the same time as before. Productivity can then help businesses gain monetary profits as well.

Insightful Reports 

Field force management software not only optimises the workforce but also generates useful reports. These reports can be studied to make sure that no aspect of their business is lacking. They are not just indicators of an employee’s absent time, but can also track their productivity.

These reports also act like a leave tracker for employees. By studying them, managers can know which employees are working hard for their tasks. This information is then used to incentivise employees that constantly put in efforts in their job.

Time Efficiency

As we saw earlier, attendance management solutions reduce the executives’ travel time. They can just use an online app for attendance instead of wasting hours commuting from the office to the task site. 

Even uploading/punching in attendance consumes time that could have been diverted to task completion. Attendance management allows automated attendance marking, saving employees all this hassle. 

Better Organisation

Task allotment happens way before the daily tasks are due. This means there might be days when people will take leaves, and their work will go incomplete. Such issues can be resolved by attendance management software.  

Managers having records about who is present and who is absent can assign tasks accordingly. The software also has to leave records for their employees. This means that tasks will not be assigned to employees for days they are not present. This saves a lot of time for managers.

More Transparency 

With the use of this software, the chances of unfair treatment get eliminated completely. Traditionally it is difficult to detect acts of favouritism toward a few employees by managers. This is a disadvantage for others and can cause a loss of loyalty.

The software automates businesses’ leave records production process. Managers have no involvement in it. Thus, everybody gets an equal chance to perform well. This means better motivated employees are on field working hard.

In the End 

Field force management systems can be very useful for both your employees and managers. Automated functions will have a positive impact on the business working. It will reduce workload and help employees focus on their tasks better, helping them to be better assets for the business.

TrackoField is a multidimensional field force management software that has several solutions to aid owners in optimising their deskless workforce. Not all businesses have the same functions and needs. Let us customise the best solutions for you and help you organise your workforce.


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