Ask these Questions to your Favorite Web Design Agency!

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What makes a good Web Design Agency? The choice is difficult for the layman. I have been fighting them for 20 years, I have been present at the creation of hundreds of websites, I will help you choose!

The website development Dubai profession is getting thinner. As with marketing. A few years ago, when I typed into Google as a marketing consultant, I found a bunch of websites where quality professionals provided services.

Today it is also online marketing call yourself a consultant who takes a free Google Ads course. But the situation is even worse for web design company in Dubai.

Ask these Questions to your Favorite Web Design Agency

Good programmers went outside UAE. Who stayed? Entrepreneurs who call themselves programmers from WordPress templates, call themselves programmers, and of course the rare exception, which for some reason clings to their homeland, has remained and gives quality. Well, we’re looking for them. But how do we find it? How can I get it not to pull off, but also get quality for my money? I’ll show you what questions I would ask if you trusted me to help you choose your web design agency Dubai!

These questions are as follows…

  1. What is the cost of creating a website and the additional costs?

In general, there are two types of contracts – one is accounted for in an hourly wage and the other according to the project. However, the absence of a thick budget.

It’s important for smaller companies to avoid unpleasant surprises from unexpected costs, so if you don’t want to pay for things either, it’s worth looking for a web design company Dubai that is willing to offer a final total cost right from the start.

The price of website maintenance and upgrade is also an issue. Open source systems, both WordPress and Joomla, need to be constantly updated as they are full of viruses.

I don’t think you want your website design Dubai to display offers from an adult website tomorrow either?.

Well, that happens quite often with updated WordPress and Jommla sites. To avoid this, regular website maintenance services is required. How much will this be done for?

  1. How long will the website design and development will take?

It is important to keep in mind that this is influenced by a lot of obstacles and other factors, and all customers have to reckon with possible delays and delays. Of course, the web design agency Dubai is also expected to present a generous implementation schedule that will allow you to keep track of when the project should take place.

  1. Does the price include search engine optimization and content strategy?

Many web design agencies do not offer such services in the base package (or at all). This is not necessarily a problem, but if you do not want to solve them yourself, it is strongly recommended to look for an SEO agency that will work closely with the design team and ensure that the site is filled out properly. We are also happy to help you with this, but many search engine optimization companies can do the basic search engine optimization for you.

  1. Does the price include design and web programming?

Not all agencies undertake to design the functionality of a website – quite a few companies simply create the website design, which then has to be “pulled” onto a working website engine. It also happens that the website development company does not have its own graphics, so it buys templates or, worse, “steals” them, i.e. copies them from the Internet. If you want a sophisticated design, this job is waiting for you. If you don’t want to deal with any of them, choose an agency that undertakes complete website design Dubai.

  1. Website development references

Website design and development is a technological process that is evolving day by day. One would think that young entrants know all the good solutions in the same way as more experienced web designers. Experience is very important there when it comes to giving the right answer to a customer problem. Anyone who has not seen such a problem yet will try and experience for you what is a good solution. This is risky.

  1. Will your site be mobile first?

Google has been slowly favoring sites that display well on mobile devices for a year now. However, the responsive website design Dubai that has been popular for a long time is no longer necessarily enough ( I wrote about this here ) for a website to provide a truly positive user experience – it needs to be optimized for mobile devices from the first step!

  1. Do they outsource or use freelancers in projects?

Outsourcing companies usually charge a brokerage fee. Which you could save by going directly to the contractor who would otherwise be charged for the project. Social media agency Dubai also undertake web development Dubai, but outsource the implementation to a web design company Dubai, which subcontracts the delivery of the websites. There may be a loss of information here, but the general contractor also wants to earn on every project. I’ve seen this free WordPress template sell for 1.5 million.

  1. Is there a relocation plan for website development?

When redesigning a site, it’s important to know in advance how your old content will migrate to the new platform. If the web design agency Dubai doesn’t offer a solution to this (but you definitely stick to it). You’ll have to look for another agency that will take care of the migration.

  1. What CMS is the site based on and how easy will it be to manage it (upload content, edit, etc.)?

There are many popular online CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.) that I do not recommend using. I am sure you will need a self-developed CMS due to the specific needs of your company. It is important that the agency informs you during the first consultation about the CMS that will be created for your site. Far away from those who use open source systems!

  1. Is there training for the CMS?

It doesn’t hurt to be able to use your new website. You’ll often need a short but very important training for you or your team.


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