ARMD Treatment- 7 Tips on How to Prevent ARMD

armd treatment
armd treatment

An eye condition called macular degeneration (MD) can cause complete blindness. Among all the conditions that lead to blindness, it comes in second place, with cataracts taking the top spot. Since this disease is chronic, there is currently no practical or proven course of treatment. MD sufferers are often in their prime working years, unlike cataracts, which hits in old age. Therefore, MD is more harmful than cataracts and can significantly lower a patient’s quality of life.

Therefore preventing ARMD in the ayurvedic process can be beneficial in preventing the risk of blindness at an early age. Read this article to learn the preventive measures through the ayurvedic ARMD Treatment process.

Symptoms of ARMD

Knowing the symptoms of ARMD is the first step in determining when it initially shows. Here is a list of macular degeneration signs and symptoms.

Visional Haziness

This is frequently the condition’s initial sign. Bright light is highly conducive to this. Before the onset of other visual problems, most patients typically dismiss this symptom.

Visual Field with a Dark Circle

The second stage can be identified by a dark spot in the visual field that is frequently circular. Patients usually report feeling this black spot where their vision is focused. People in this stage might not be able to recognize a person’s face because of this black area. During this phase, patients could also be incapable of reading.

Vision Distortion

This is another critical ARMD symptom. It implies that patients see a warped shape when they focus on an object. Shapes that are distorted may appear squashed or slanted. Sometimes, straight lines appear wavy or zigzag.

Missing Portions of the Visual Field

The following significant symptom is to look out for missing spots in your visual field. There could be missing letters or words when reading. The items can occasionally appear small in size. These symptoms worsen with the disease’s progression and ultimately result in blindness.

Causes of Age Related Macular Degeneration

The exact cause of the disease is not known, but some factors associated with it are as follows:
Aging: This disease increases with the age of the person.
Genetics: Macular degeneration is based on hereditary factors and can occur over many generations.
Smoking: It is the most common external cause of the disease.
Obesity: Overweight people are at high risk of vision loss.
Diet: People with a high intake of fast food in their diet are at higher risk of developing macular degeneration.

Types of Age Related Macular Degeneration

There are 2 types of macular degeneration.

Dry Macular Degeneration

Dry macular degeneration affects between 85 and 90 percent of those affected. It occurs due to small yellow deposits called drusen that develop under the macula. In Ayurveda, this is treated as a predominantly Vata eye disease.

Wet Macular Degeneration

Wet macular degeneration affects the remaining 10 to 15 percent of the population. It happens when abnormal blood vessels grow beneath the macula and retina. In Ayurveda, this state is Pitta dominant. The age related macular degeneration treatment aims to normalize Pitta functions.

Ayurvedic ARMD Treatment

Always choose preventative treatments over curative ones, especially for degenerative disorders. People who rely on their eyes for most of their work must take precautions. This aids in preventing or at least delaying macular degeneration’s start. In this area, Ayurveda has a lot of potential solutions. The primary pathophysiology of macular degeneration is Pitta functioning. Therefore, the fundamental idea behind preventing macular degeneration is to avoid Pitta vitiation. Simple lifestyle adjustments like those listed below can be pretty beneficial.

  • Use a herbal solution to clean your eyes.
  • Utilize particular Ayurvedic eye drops.
  • Add fruit to your diet.
  • Try not to strain your eyes.
  • Utilize an Ayurvedic brain tonic.
  • Receive therapeutic head massages.
  • Get help right away.

Ayurvedic Preventive Measures Tips

Preventive strategies are the best treatment for macular degeneration. By taking these steps, you can, at the very least, delay the disease’s beginning or prevent it altogether. If you use your eyes for most of your work, you must take the following precautions.
The choice of food is crucial. Include fresh vegetables in your regular diet. This guarantees a sufficient quantity of antioxidants and vitamins. Good examples include bananas and black grapes.

  1. Drink enough fresh water or only certain juices.
  2. Eat less hot and deep-fried meals.
  3. Make sure to get 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep each day. Your eye will receive relaxation and have less work to do as a result.
  4. Avoid performing any eye-related tasks in direct sunlight or at night.
  5. Reduce eye strain caused by glowing screens on computers, TVs, and other devices
    Spray water on your eyes frequently, or if necessary, cleanse your eyes with medicinal water as prescribed by a doctor.

Along with these preventive measures, also some tips that help to prevent the illness such as,

  1. Before taking a bath, choose and use the appropriate oil for a head massage.
  2. Regular eye checkups will help to prevent ARMD.
  3. Using fish oil supplements or eating fish can help to maintain healthy eyesight
    controlling one’s blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  4. Use Sunglasses when outside. Prolonged UV radiation exposure might cause eye damage.
The Value of Eye Care Preventive Measures

In Ayurveda, ARMD treatment starts with primary eye care. Vision is one of the body’s most essential functions in general. Nearly 80percent of the knowledge we acquire comes from our eyes alone. Therefore, our vision is vital to our intellectual and social growth. In addition, preserving eye health is essential for brain health. A good connection between the brain and the eyes, which are connected via the optic nerves, is essential. Therefore, if we maintain good eye health, we may also maintain good brain health.

Why is Ayurveda Better for ARMD Treatment?

The traditional medical system of ancient India is called Ayurveda. Specific Ayurvedic literature created over decades of treatment, research, and study serves as its guidelines. Ayurvedic therapies stand out for their holistic orientation to general health and way of life. For individuals who want to heal permanently without experiencing any adverse effects, it is a commonly acknowledged form of treatment.

The bottom Line

Ayurveda, in conclusion, provides a solution for practically every medical issue. One thing to keep in mind is that no Ayurvedic practitioner would tell you to expect a quick fix from Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda involves treatment with herbs and natural sources, which improves health and speeds up the recovery process.

Ayurveda strives to address health issues at their root. Although benefits could not be seen immediately, they could nonetheless have long-lasting, all-encompassing, rejuvenating effects. If you are considering visiting the best ayurvedic hospital for your ARMD Treatment, visit Prakash Nethralaya in Jaipur to get the best treatments in ayurvedic medicines.

Age related macular degeneration treatment for the eyes with Ayurveda is very dependable and secure. Since they have no adverse side effects. Any eye condition responds best to Ayurvedic treatment. In addition to treating your illness, it also shields them from other diseases. You get the most precise vision with ayurvedic treatment. An Ayurvedic hospital in India called Prakash Nethralaya treats various eye and general diseases.

Ayurvedic ARMD treatment needs a great deal of patience on the part of the patient before they may begin to show their advantages.


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