Are the results of hair transplant permanent?


Yes. Most people are struck with baldness, with some attempting to live with this, while others attempt to locate ways to prevent it. They would like to take care of their awkward outcome. The frequent solution which everybody adapts to is hair loss drugs as they’re affordable. Many people today attempt to pay up their hair loss with caps, wigs, or perform comb-overs. However, a competitive and permanent approach for your hair thinning problem is a Hair Transplant. Click here to know more about hair transplant procedures and costs.

Hair Transplant: A Powerful Means to Tackle Hair Loss

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure that could restore decent hair care on the balding site by implanting hair grafts. These hair grafts are obtained from a donor site in the rear of your mind. The hair transplant procedure can need greater than 1 session to complete. On the other hand, the amount of sessions needed depends upon the degree of hair loss that you’re having.
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Kinds of Hair Transplant:

Hair transplant includes two approaches including the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).
FUT is an invasive kind of operation that requires the removal of a bit of the scalp in the back of the mind including the donor hair grafts.
FUE is a less invasive kind of operation as it merely uses a unique instrument to get rid of hair grafts and one by one implanted into the recipient area.

Who will have a hair transplant:

These would be the Perfect candidates that will select for hair transplant operation:

  • Women and men experiencing male pattern baldness.
  • Individuals searching for a shift in their hairline form.
  • Patients undergoing hair loss after any surgical therapy.
  • Persons requiring depth in their eyebrows and lashes.
  • Men Searching for mustache beard or hair hair

The truth about hair transplant:

The transplanted hair acts like normal hair and sheds within 4 months after the operation. Then, the follicles sprout hair obviously and persist for a very long time.
It’s a painless procedure as a result of anesthesia is granted and the individual can leave on precisely the same day to the dwelling.
It differs from nonsurgical hair recovery and doesn’t signify you will have a lavish crop of hair.
The outcomes might differ from person to person and marginally depends upon the individual’s natural hair caliber.
Hair transplantation Might Not Be a perfect solution in each case and is determined by the event the case
The price of a Hair transplant Depends upon the number of grafts

Advantages of the Best Hair Transplants

someone would understand if he’s experienced the top one if he fully enjoys the benefits of this procedure. There are not many noteworthy benefits whereby you may know that you’re receiving the maximum result in the hair transplant procedure.

Here is a Few of the benefits of Hair Transplant Surgery:

  • The individual after the procedure looks better with additional confidence.
  • The individual would certainly regain the donor hairs used from the transplant procedure.
  • This shift is irreversible
  • This does not need to be carried out double
  • Transplanted hair might grow like normal hairs
  • The individual who has the procedure may endure life as generally as some other folks do
  • They do not interfere with the individual’s lifestyle and he could possess haircuts and hairstyling since most people do
  • Hair transplants are the only long-lasting remedy for hair loss.


Are the results permanent?

Results are permanent if you don’t choose to have the operation where the grafts are eliminated. Speak about your long-range hair aims with the doctor during the first consultation itself. Before considering remediation, notice that baldness is a progressive illness. But, a hair transplant could be a Perfect Selection for hair development, since it provides you with:

Permanent Hair Growth Option

Transplanting is a permanent solution because the wholesome follicles continue to develop strong and wholesome strands at the new site. On the other hand, the long-term price of transplantation might be more economical in comparison to high monthly care fees for different kinds of medication or treatment.

Improved Appearance Faster

The very obvious advantage of a Hair transplant operation is that will look younger in months. Possessing a much better look can improve your confidence and have a positive effect on your daily life as a whole. Besides the improved look, most people after the operation feel much better about themselves and be more assured.

What Do I Anticipate?

The second or next week after the operation, the transplanted hair will drop out. This phase is called shock reduction’ and it’s normal and you will experience baldness from regions that weren’t touched during the operation.

Right after the 6th or 8th week, it is possible to detect approximately 85% to 95 percent of hair growth together with all the hair thickening after each cycle of expansion. The length of the expansion cycle is about 6 months and mostly relies on the individual’s health state. From the 12th month, you may see the complete final effect of your hair transplant therapy.

The outcomes might differ from patient to patient, normally tiny scabs may form on each of the transplanted grafts within a day. That is normal and typically shed for ten days after the operation. Following this interval, the grafts will start to grow at the standard growth rate of 1 cm every month.

It’s a long-term procedure requiring a few grafting sessions within a span of one or two years before arriving at the desired result. Contemporary hair transplantation may produce consistently natural-looking outcomes. This is why most people choose hair transplants as a permanent hair loss remedy.


Many have achieved successful outcomes with hair transplantation surgery at the Artius & ALCS clinic. And you’re able to be one of these successful patients. The only issue is to ensure you adhere to the directions provided by our hair transplant specialist attentively. Attend many sessions if necessary to attain desirable results that continue long.

Hair Transplant Outcomes are best attained only when the procedure is performed with a hair transplant specialist with the mandatory training and expertise required. Hair Sure has hands-on experienced and committed specialists who will attain the aims of the customers, in the safest and the best way.



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