Are Polished Concrete Floors Better Than Other Floors?

polished concrete

With so many flooring materials, like, cork, vinyl, brick, hardwood, granite, laminate, and polished concrete available, choosing the one is confusing. Undeniably, the popularity of polished concrete Melbourne among business owners and homeowners has made it the picked-up choice. The reasons are its underlying benefits that cannot match with others, basically when it is about sustainability, performance and durability. Also, it beats the ceramic, wood and vinyl tiles when it is about the affordable choice. 

What are Polished Concrete Floors?

These are the floors that involve the process of leveling, grinding and polishing the concrete floors mechanically. Additionally, chemical sealers are used for protecting concrete from dust. The result is a smooth reflective texture similar to natural stone floors such as marble, granite and slate.

Why Should One Opt for Polished Concrete Floors?


While picking an ideal floor for your home, or office, we prioritize durability first. The floor needs to be tough and strong to bear the load.

There are many who go with the natural stones, because of their strong nature. Limestone, marble, and granite also last for many years. But, they are not easy to get available as different flooring materials. Hence, they are the non-economical option. However, the slabs of natural stone are heavy and also very complicated to maintain. 

The options like ceramic, linoleum and vinyl can also be chosen. These give durability to some extent, the same as the natural stone. However, they fail to manage a high level of foot traffic. They might face wear and tear, particularly, they are used for much time. 

At the same time, wood laminate has the power to carry the heavy load as compared to ceramic, linoleum and vinyl tiles. Also, they perform better when they get exposed to stains and moisture.  In addition, the seepage even harms the wood floors.

From all the above-mentioned options, the polished concrete floors came out to be the best.  When the poured concrete has dried and solidified, it is similarly durable and strong as marble and granite. Moreover, it does not get a chip, crack and scratch easily when in much use. It is more affordable and workable as compared to natural stone.  That is, while using it as a floor you do not need to worry about injuring your bank or back.

Less Maintenance 

Several flooring types demand daily cleaning- vacuuming, or sweeping dust or different particles from the floor. Mopping spills, moisture are also included in it. Certainly, it is evident for the ceramic, linoleum and vinyl tiles. 

Various products have a protecting layer to prevent them from being damaged. Yet, certain materials might require chemicals and machinery to be appropriately maintained and cleaned. 

As polished concrete is a strong material, the floor cannot get easily damaged. So, you do not need to handle maintenance activities for years even get the installation done. The polished concrete has the tendency to resist a load of heavyweight vehicles, such as loaded trucks.  Usually, this is the reason that you have seen them in some commercial buildings or warehouses. 

Easy to Clean

When looking for an option that is easy to clean, go for concrete floors. With routine sweeping and mopping, you can maintain neatness and cleanliness. There is no need to put in extra effort for preserving grace. 

When something like oil or chemical is spilt on the floor, use only the environment-friendly cleaning substance to get rid of it.  Those who have busy schedules, and cannot clean the floors on a daily basis, should choose concrete floors. 


When it is about an eco-friendly and sustainable option, concrete floors win. Many concrete mixes are of limestone, which is an abundant mineral on the earth.  Few mixes also used recycled waste byproducts like slag cement and fly ash as raw material.  After all, mining marble, granite, or slate does not need the use of some dangerous toxins or chemicals. In order to create slabs from concrete material, manufacturers use different stones and rocks from the earth.

When it is about wood floors, the same philosophy is followed. For creating sufficient wood planks for building something, the manufacturers gather much of the softwood or hardwood trees. However, you can go for wood laminate, you cannot experience the same durability and look the same as the solid hardwood.

Also, synthetic material is a composition of vinyl tiles and sheets. Many products on the market are of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride).

Adaptable to moisture damage, humidity, and allergen buildup

For moisture and humidity damage resistance, the polished concrete floors came out to be the best.  The manufacturer compresses the concrete tightly in the installation phase and prevents water seepage. Additionally, the resultant non-porous surface controls the material from soaking tumbles. 

Although the unpolished concrete does allow weathering, the polished version does not. It is not even supportive of mold growth. Several medical facilities and laboratories use polished concrete floors. Also, they do not build up the moisture as compared to the other floors. Because of this slip-resistance feature, the risk of workplace accidents reduces greatly. 

Floor design versatility

One searches for various designs while choosing the floors. It includes different colors and shapes and its usage is in various construction designs. The polished concrete floors win in this case. Because it has a fluid mixture and can be molded in the desired shape. Indeed, these types of floors can be used for making the floor’s complex designs. Many manufactures like concrete grinding Melbourne also included recycled products like crushed glass for a different look for shiny concrete floors. 

Summarizing polished concrete and different flooring materials

Here, we are comparing the polished concrete with other flooring types. Check out below:

Factors Ceramic tiles  Natural Stone Linoleum/Vinyl Wood/Wood laminate Polished Concrete
Maintenance Good Good Good Good Excellent
Durability Good Good Good Good Excellent
Susceptibility to allergies build-up (dust mites, mildews and molds) No No No Yes No
Sustainability as flooring availability Yes Yes Depend (if natural material is in use) Depend (if natural material is in use) Yes
Vulnerability (to moisture and humid damage) No No No Yes No
Availability in different design choices Yes No Yes Yes Limitless
Lifetime maintenance cost Low Low Moderate Moderate Very low



When it is about strong flooring, polished concrete is the one to choose. Its features, like, durability and strength make it an adaptable choice. You can hire skilled and proficient contractors for polished concrete in Melbourne to have top-notch concrete solutions.

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