AngularJS Vs NodeJS Vs ReactJS: Which Is The Most Preferred Framework?

nodejs vs reactjs vs angularjs

The success of the app depends on the framework which you choose to develop your app. Your budget also depends on it. NodeJS development services offered by app development companies give you the leverage to decide the custom needs of your business, and they give you the expected results within the time frame. The same applies to both React JS development services and Angular JS development services. These three of them have different functionalities, features and separate knowledge is needed to learn their usage. These are the top three app development frameworks that enhance the online presence of the business. It also plays a vital role in increasing its brand image.

What is NodeJS?

NodeJS is different from both AngularJS and ReactJS. It is operated by Google Chrome V8 JS engine and it is more of a server rather than a framework. The biggest benefit of using NodeJS is that it simplifies the development process at a large scale, and easily eliminates the complexities that occur in the development process.

Top reasons to choose NodeJS

NodeJS ensures uninterrupted and continuous connections without blocking.No other app development framework provides such facility at this ease.

  • It makes the data collection process easy compared to others.
  • The node package manager is really helpful as it includes a wide library of components.
  • It comes along with the best tools of development such as Code editors, Libraries, GUI tools, CLI tools, etc.
  • It’s a runtime environment, so it does not render DOM.

Drawbacks of NodeJS

  • Multiple tasks cannot be performed with NodeJS because it uses only one CPU.
  • Programming language is quite tough, so it takes time to gather knowledge to work on NodeJS. Only the developers with complete knowledge can work on it.
  • It encourages tasks that are based on web servers.

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is one of the most popular JavaScript bases open-source frameworks trusted by many developers. It’s an open-source javascript library that helps in building effective feature-rich apps. It is one of the best options for rendering high-performing apps. App owners mostly go for ReactJS development services for app development as they found it more fruitful than others.

Top reasons to choose ReactJS

  • It’s easy to reuse the code components.
  • It is one of the top-notch and popular javascript frameworks among React JS developers.
  • Easy to create UI test cases with React JS.
  • It is very SEO-friendly.
  • React JS is quite flexible to run on servers, and it also renders the virtual DOM simple.
  • Another huge benefit is the user-defined component, as it lets you integrate your own element, which can be reused or linked to the core content.
  • Provide support for both the backend and frontend.
  • It covers both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Significantly improves debugging speed, which helps developers in developing the app early.

Drawbacks of ReactJS

  • React JS is quite similar to AngularJS, so it will only make a slight difference.
  • Globally, most developers keep it the second choice because they don’t find it easier to use.
  • As I have mentioned above, React JS is a library that has a lot of reusable components. It is not a framework.
  • Third-party integration is needed at the time of integrating React into an MVC framework.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a Google product that was introduced in 2009 as an open-source framework. Most developers feel comfortable working on AngularJS because of its developer-friendly codings. It is best for single-page application development. When it comes to integrating several features like data binding, routing, dependency injection, directives, deep linking, and app security, no one can beat AngularJS. This is the only reason that most app development companies prefer AngularJS to develop effective applications. Some of the famous examples are Google, Amazon, Snapchat, Lyft, etc.

Top reasons to choose AngularJS

User interface: AngularJS ensures a top-notch user interface by using HTML as it is a declarative language that brings ease to the coding process. It has several attributes which are responsible for app functioning.

Convenient usage: Easy filtering system and effective directives of AngularJS simplify the web app development process at a large scale. The filter ensures data transformation that’s why you avoid the usage of HTML codes with the help of these filters. On the other hand, Directive plays a significant role in providing HTML functionality instead of deploying DOM (Document object module).

Testing: AngularJS allows wide testing which ensures an injection subsystem with an inbuilt dependency, that helps in dealing with controllers. It measures overall output based on app performance.

Knowledge base: It provides a large Angular library with a robust template for building solutions. Easily developers can develop the app by referring to that template.

Advantages of AngularJS

There are various benefits of using AngularJS for app development. Listed here are a few of them.

  • Ensures flexible framework testing that helps in faster app development.
  • Offers simple routing system
  • Simplifies the Angular data binding process
  • Unbeatable, when it comes to creating insightful and eye-catchy user interface design.
  • Its directives help in building an extraordinary app through reusable components

Drawbacks of AngularJS

If something has pros then it has cons as well. Similarly, AngularJS also has a few drawbacks which should be considered before making any decision. Below mentioned are some drawbacks of AngularJS.

  • Performance issues can arise at some point, especially with DOM elements.
  • Secondly, routing is limited up to a significant number.
  • Third-party integration is quite challenging or I would say difficult.
  • If the pages have interactive elements, there are chances that Angular will become slow after a certain period.


All of them have their specialty and drawback, so you can choose any of them. Node JS is based on javascript runtime, which is fast and effective. Fast and scalable applications can be made through NodeJS. AngularJS is a featured framework, and ReactJS is a library. You can approach an app development company to know more about these frameworks, but I hope You got a rough idea about these three of them. Choose wisely as per your project requirements.


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