Android Application vs iOS: Which One Is a Better Choice and Why?

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According to Statista, Android has 71.93% of the market share and iOS has only 27.47%. Others are not worth considering as these two are the market leaders. 

After knowing the market share of both the OS, you must be thinking that Android is a clear winner, and now you must be wondering why there’s even a battle between these two if Android has a bigger market share. 

Well, that’s the whole point! Read on to unravel why there’s a neck-to-neck competition between Android vs iOS!

Both the operating systems have their pros and cons. So, leaving it to you to decide which one is better to use- Android or iOS!

What Is Android App Development?

Android is a programming platform introduced by Google based on the Linux working framework. Android OS is accessible on several mobile devices, including tablets. 

It turned into the most well-known cloud-based working framework in 2010. From that point forward, it is continuously walking on the success path. 

It has an exceptional software development kit (also known as SDK), helping to record unique code to make viable applications for Android clients.

The biggest rivalry of all time – ‘Android’ vs iOS!’

These two have been a hotter topic for more than a decade now, and it is still difficult to tell which one is the best choice.

Android is prevailing in the mobile business by offering various highlights and giving brilliant user experiences. 

Pros of Android Development

  • Reasonable Development

The first advantage of Android development you can look up to is the reasonable investment. The money you will spend on everything, from the development process to launching, maintenance, and everything will be reasonable with Android. Like iOS, it doesn’t drain your pocket unreasonably. 

  • Flexibility

Android is an open-source software making it easy for developers to explore various features or functionalities of the Android device seamlessly. This way, users get a great experience exploring the app and making users re-visit the app again and again. 

  • Security

Everyone likes to depend on devices with phenomenal security maintaining the user’s trust. That said, Android is a Linux-based working framework, ensuring that nothing mediates the device’s protection. Plus, the developers ensure the time and again updates in Android development.

  • Customization

Customization is another upper hand for Android OS. Android incorporates a few outsider applications offering numerous highlights of Android. It permits users to introduce, utilize and change the applications according to their desire.

  • Market Share

Putting resources into Android application development will give you an advantage as it has a 71.93% market share internationally. The developing popularity of Android naturally brings about a higher return of interest (ROI). 

On the off chance that you need to fit in the Android world, leveraging an Android app development company that can take care of all your Android development needs would be the correct choice.

You should go for it!

There is one famous expression, “Every coin has two sides.” Similarly, in the wake of examining the Android application advancement benefits, we should talk about a portion of its cons to have an equilibrium.

Cons of Android Development

  • Fragmentation

Fragmentation is one of the major drawbacks of Android application development. Android mobile devices come in every size, from big screens to small ones. However, making it difficult for developers to modify the applications accordingly.

  • Expensive

Android application development is a bit costly as fragmentation makes Android application development a brief time exerting. The expense of Android application development changes depending on the application’s intricacy and highlights.

What is iOS App Development?

iOS software is written either in the ‘Swift Programming Language’ or in the ‘Objective-C.’ 

iOS app development is a simple procedure of developing applications accessible to any Apple device, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, wearable OS, and macOS. 

Xcode is a graphical interface utilized for composing iOS applications and, Xcode is Apple’s integrated development environment (or IDE) for iOS and Mac applications both.

Pros of iOS Application Development

  • Improved Security

The most significant advantage of iOS app development is the improved security iOS OS offers to its end-users. iOS gives protection against various factors, such as:

  1. Data Encryption
  2. Duplicate Data, and
  3. Data Breach

iOS protects against all kinds of viruses or malware, and it does not affect the user experience in any manner. 

  • Great User Experience

With its impeccable functioning of the software, Apple never disappoints its users. Every single application installed on iOS performs very sleekly.

Giving a better user experience matters the most, and the iPhone never fails to impress the users. That is the reason why most people prefer the iPhone over any Android device. 

  • Enhanced Adaptability

The secret to a successful business is the enhanced adaptability of a product and maintaining customer trust. Custom iPhone applications keep up with the user’s interest which ultimately results in business flourishment.

  • Elevated Return of Interest

Organizations expand their brand awareness through iPhone applications to reach the target audience and elevate the interest rate. iOS application development is a superior method to focus on the users in a considerably more helpful manner.

With these advantages, many business owners are stepping toward the iOS application development path and seeking application development from remarkable iOS app development services to stay ahead of their competitors. 

Let’s have a quick look at the other side of iOS application development.

Benefits of an On-Demand Grocery App Development

Cons of iOS Application Development

  • App Launch

App stores follow strict guidelines during the app development process, creating difficulty to launch the app. So, avoid developing applications with poor performance or useless content, else your app will get rejected.

  • Customization Becomes Challenging

To follow the guidelines while developing an iOS app, developers fail to showcase their creativity, and the app ends up like an ordinary app. 

So, iOS application development lacks flexibility. Thus, making developers least interested in developing the application. 

Wrapping Up

In the wake of seeing the benefits and disservices of the two iOS and Android, making it is too hard to even think about choosing the winner between the two because both are special in their way.

So, leaving it to you guys to decide between the two depending on your app needs and demand, and of course, your users. 

Android or iOS application development?

Which one will you choose and why?


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