An Ultimate Guide to the Best Crypto Trading Bots of 2022


Profits from the volatile cryptocurrency market are all about timing, technical analysis, and having access to sound trading strategies. New crypto traders face steeper learning curves and a greater risk of losing their capital. There are hundreds of assets available and markets that are open 24 hours a day.

Many traders now rely on crypto trading platforms and bots to trade. Software that automates trade execution allows you to trade at any time of day. Many crypto trading bots also have features that allow you to refine and develop your trading strategies. You are likely trading against bots in the volatile crypto market.

This article will explain what crypto trading bot look like, their features, and how they work. It also includes some of the top cryptocurrency trading bots of 2022. Let’s get started!

What are crypto trading bots?

A crypto trading bot is a software that automates your crypto trading strategy. A trading bot executes orders automatically based on your trading strategy at the crypto exchange. This gives you an advantage over manual traders and reduces your risk.

Your crypto trading robot can be customized to execute trade orders for you according to your specifications. These trading bots allow you to trade all altcoins such as Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Litecoin.

How does crypto trading bots work?

Some traders are using trading bots, even though some investors remain unsure whether they should be allowed to trade in the cryptocurrency universe. Each bot requires a different set of hardware and software requirements.

After finding a useful bot, traders typically download the code from the bot developer. Following the instructions, the trader will set up the bot on the exchange that interests them. The crypto trading bot is not an easy way to make quick money. You won’t win all your trades if you have it. To be a successful trader, you still have to be involved.

What to Look For in Crypto Trading Bots

  • Free Trial

The trading bots on this list have all been reviewed well in different crypto trading forums and websites. However, nothing beats the experience of trying the product out for yourself. Most tools and platforms featured on this list offer free trials, but make sure you double-check.

  • Social Trading

You may also want to be able to follow other traders or other strategies that are compatible with your product. Profitable trade strategies can be easily and economically accessed through a good marketplace within your trading tool.

  • Support & Tutorials

Take a look at the educational content available on the site as you decide which trading tools to use. The support provided for those times when things go wrong is something to be considered. You can quickly get updates and bugs resolved via phone or chat. Otherwise, you could waste precious time waiting for an email response.

  • Cloud-based vs. Server-based

Cloud-based crypto bots are becoming more popular. If convenience is important to you, it is worth paying attention to. To ensure you don’t miss trades, a trading tool that isn’t cloud-based will require you to maintain your computer/server running at all times.

Top Cryptocurrency Trading Bots

1. Pionex

Pionex has 12 free trading bots. It is the 1st global exchange. Automate your trading 24/7, without having to check the markets. It aggregates Binance and Huobi Global liquidity and is one of the largest Binance brokers.

2. KuCoin crypto

KuCoin is a safe and easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange. It does not have any built-in trading robots. There are no Grid bots that can be used for spot or futures markets, nor a DCA bot. Kucoin can execute trades better than any third-party bots connecting to your crypto exchange with API keys. Kucoin offers the highest performance trading bots.


3. Bitsgap crypto

Bitsgap is a brand new bot that allows automated trading using pre-built algorithms. These algorithms enable users to profit from fluctuating market movements, and can even be used to make money on every trade. Bitsgap provides signals to users that alert them to coins that have the highest potential for long-term or short-term profit.

4. Cryptohopper

Cryptohopper is a paid cryptocurrency trading bot that trades bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You can try Cryptohopper for free for seven days before you commit to a paid membership. Cryptohopper, however, is more flexible than Grid bots in that you can create your trading strategies and copy others through the Cryptohopper marketplace.

5. CoinRule 

Coinrule is a cloud-based trading bot that was founded in 2017 and is managed by a UK team. It can connect to many cryptocurrency exchanges including Binance and Huobi, Bitfinex, and OKEx. Trading is free. It allows you to create multiple trading rules that are based on the same strategy, which gives you access to over 7,000 strategies. Although it does not support Technical Analysis, users can use TradingView to share tips and strategies. You can trade multiple cryptocurrenciey.




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