An introduction about Huge Titan

Huge Titan

Rod Reiss Titan

An Introduction About Huge Titan

“Attack on Titan” is a very famous series in which “huge titan” was a character that is also known as “colossal titan”. There were nine titans in the series and huge titan was one of them. He was actually a villain in the first three seasons of Attack of Titan”. It had total control over the steam emission and is pretty known for its giant body.

The huge titan was raised in the year 845. It releases steam and also has the ability to control the blast while transforming. The colossal titan has many qualities and abilities. Read the whole article to get acknowledged about them.

But actually huge is a different thing to describe a “colossal titan”. Huge titans are the most important and vital type of titans. But the Rod Reiss was unique and had a 120-meter titan. This titan was huge and is the most powerful among all the titans. The titans are also said to be in the strongest titanic form.

The huge titan was way too different from other titans and can’t be resembled that it is a titan. Its skin tone is dark and had long limbs. Its neck bones were sticking to his shoulders in this way that its fans think that it is its abnormality and called it “Eldian” titan.

Dreadful transformation:

All of the nine titans have large amounts of steam and energy however, the huge titan is more powerful and produces more energy in the duration of transformation which causes numerous effects. In this way, let us take an example of Berthold, when Berthold titan attacked Trost, its transformation caused a wind blast which blew some plebes over the wall. Berthold’s energy was found related to a small nuclear device in the war at Shiganshina. Its blast blew out half of the district and many scout officers were killed after the blast. This transformation also created the side effects of dust, rubble, and mushroom. It causes many more effects like energy waves which were big damage.

Releases Steam:

It is also mentioned before that the huge titan can emit steam and has complete control over the quantities of steam. The other titans generate their energy again with their wounds. When there is a blow their bodies start vaporizing and forms steam. The colossal titan generates a huge amount of steam to make people fear him. The huge titan can release its steam in various ways.

Huge Titan and Rod Reiss Titan:

Huge titan has some things similar to other titans but it had many other qualities and characteristics that made it look different. One of these qualities was its long limbs and no other titan had them. But then it seemed that the Rod Reiss Titan had such long limbs and a dark skin tone. Then there was shocking news for the viewers that Rod Reiss Titan is an output of the genes of Historia’s Beast Titan. The latest chapter of the attack on titans revealed that Historia got all the powers of Beast titan from her mother, some fans also informed her that she got them from inheritance. So that Rod Reiss titan also got the Beast titan genes. That is why Historia was the only person to have powers inherited from her parents.

The huge titan was formed when Grisha Yeager became a titan and his aim was to kill all the Eldian residents living in Paradis Island. The year was 845 (50 years before the attack on titans). The huge titan is 60 meters tall. It is 300ft or 100 meters taller than the regular titans. This was the question of many people but no one answered it. The reason for its size was never explained in the series but it was revealed that titan was the size of adult elephants.

The appearance of the huge titan was also never explained in Anime or Manga. Its body size, eyes, and shape were not even discussed but also they didn’t draw attention to them. It had facial expressions and his skin color is fully black. Therefore his facial expressions do not seem yet. Since its body is full black it looks like a shadow even when it moves.

It only follows its own decisions and its shadow form goes straight without caring about anyone. It goes straight and follows its own orders especially in dangerous situations e.g. building collapses. A titan doesn’t eat, drink, sleep, or breathe. It is just an emotionless thing and only concentrates on its mission and following the orders of the founding titans.

In Manga, there was a conversation between Hange and Zeke that Titans are actually made of material chalk or concrete. So, this was a hint that titans’ bodies are of concrete material. Titans can also repair their bodies by themselves. That is why they mostly eat humans for different kinds of nutrients.

There was the only one situation in history that Red Reiss titan was formed when it itself ate its son. All the physical features became the same so that this method was correct. In this way, the titan consumes human and build a huge form from the material which was absorbed during the transformation of the titan. The Rod Reiss titan shows his mother who actually stole him when he was too small. Huge titan is way too different which was never seen before is very popular because of its uniqueness.


The Rod Reiss titan actually swallowed a liquid that enlarged its body. However, the regular titans had a titan serum. That’s why they have an average height. Well, shortly, when you have a regular titan serum, you will have many qualities and abilities. The Rod Reiss was a distinct breed that is why it is more popular than the huge titan. It always wanted to complete and concentrate on its missions and expanded that much to complete them. Reiss consumed an extremely powerful serum which made him so much big and more powerful.

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