An enterprise recruiting software should have the following features


Organizations have different recruitment milestones based on their business-specific requirements. There are several factors that play a role in the B2B talent acquisition process. Recruitment factors such as high volume hiring, faster time-to-hire, DEI inclusivity, and data protection must be taken into account. The needs of various companies are met by enterprise recruiting software that is well-designed. An enterprise recruiting software is a powerful applicant tracking system with much more features than an applicant tracking system. Enterprise recruiting software improves the entire recruitment process throughout the life cycle, whereas applicant tracking software improves initial screening. By attracting candidates and onboarding them, recruiters can optimize their talent acquisition KPIs.

An enterprise recruiting software should have the following features

When it comes to enterprise recruiting software, there are a number of features and questions to look for. To get started with enterprise recruiting software, we have compiled a list of questions and features. In the following text, you will be able to evaluate the competency of enterprise recruiting software.

Is your enterprise recruiting software able to provide a high-quality candidate experience at scale?

Talent pools are sufficiently large when it comes to B2B recruitment. Consequently, fulfilling candidate expectations becomes challenging. An incomplete candidate experience leads to a poor company’s image if even one candidate is lost. Each candidate receives tailored and personalized communication from the talent acquisition teams. Although AI integrations and recruitment chatbots have improved the candidate experience significantly, human interaction remains unparalleled. These issues should be addressed by enterprise recruiting software.

Customer relationship management CRMs are usually integrated with enterprise recruiting software. Candidates can be contacted quickly and efficiently. CRMs are capable of sending bulk SMS and emails to candidates, tracking contact attributions, and deploying recruitment chatbots. A unified communication channel can also be used to schedule appointments and interviews.

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion are incorporated into DEI

Work-from-home culture and globalization have forced companies to actively source candidates from around the world. They must ensure that their enterprise recruitment software facilitates diversity, equality, and inclusion in order to achieve this. By supporting talent acquisition, DEI expands the pool of potential employees to choose from. Before acquiring enterprise recruitment software, make sure DEI is included in talent acquisition algorithms.

It is possible to incorporate diversity, equality, and inclusion into recruitment software in a number of ways. In order to check if a recruitment chatbot is supported in multiple languages, you can look at whether it does or does not support these features. A demographic filter can also be found in the software. Using resume redaction techniques and AI-powered screening, talent acquisition processes can be made more diverse and equitable. In the same way, standardizing candidate assessment techniques facilitates equality and inclusivity in recruitment.

What steps do you take to ensure GDPR compliance and privacy regulations are followed?

The General Data Protection Regulation is also known as GDPR. As of 2016, the GDPR regulations have been enforced by the European parliament. Organizations are bound to use the personal information of users/applicants/candidates fairly and in a restricted manner. Your organizational data will be handled correctly and in accordance with the law when you use enterprise recruiting software.

A data breach in 2021 cost the most on average in the past 17 years, according to IBM. There are a number of reasons for this data breach, including remote work due to COVID-19, compromised credentials, etc. You must therefore inquire about the vendor’s practices when it comes to preventing data breaches. You can ask them about the security protocols they follow, the encryption of data, and the digital identity protection techniques they use. An enterprise recruiting software’s data protection is guaranteed by several certifications. The security protocols and certifications integrated with a competitive enterprise recruiting software will be presented by the vendor. Instilling a sense of trust and confidence in its users ensures the privacy of their information.

Software Updates and Customer Support

Once you have acquired the best enterprise recruitment software, the next step is to implement it. As a result of the implementation, users have questions and queries. Ensure that the vendor supports user queries actively. In an applicant tracking system, for example, users are able to optimize their functions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Recruiting KPIs are constantly evolving to meet the unique needs of candidates. Overnight, the entire recruitment landscape shifted to new practices and trends. It has become the rage to “recruit like a marketer.” It is likely that the current needs for B2B recruitment will change over time.

 Be sure that the features and algorithms of your enterprise recruitment software are perpetually updated. By doing this, your organization keeps pace with the inevitable progression of evolution. You get the best talent pool on the market when your talent acquisition software adapts to technological advances. So ensure when and how updates, features, and integrations will be rolled out by the developers.

There are just a few basic questions you need to be sure about. Depending on the unique needs of enterprises, software performance expectations may differ. In summary, every software should be able to:

  • Enhance candidate engagement and experience
  • Make sure its processes are inclusive, diverse, and equal.
  • Ensure compliance with GDPR and privacy protection regulations
  • Provide fast and efficient service to users
  • Updates and innovative features should be supported on a regular basis

Getting the software for your organization is justified if it supports these aforementioned features.



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