An applicant tracking system and CRM will make your recruitment process more successful

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Return on investment of ATS and CRM? As a result of technological changes and other factors disrupting every industry, the recruitment process has also changed. It is because these industries have evolved along with these changes that they have prospered. In bringing in tools and technologies, they have created a platform from which they can take the next steps toward success.

To improve their recruitment processes, firms and companies have implemented an applicant tracking system and CRM. In contrast, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management System. In order to validate the investment in these tools and calculate the return on investment (ROI), let’s take a look at whether these initiatives (ATS and CRM) have delivered the expected benefits.


Automated job posting distribution

Both of these tools will let your company automatically post job postings on a variety of job sites or job boards, and you will be able to track these postings wherever you are.

Candidate experience rich in social/mobile

You can share any of the recruitment processes on social media or via your mobile platform, allowing you to stay up to date with the activities of your top talent and their preferences.

Cost reductions for external recruitment

With the use of an applicant tracking system and CRM, one can make sense of recruitment data and learn how it can be used to optimize the process, which eliminates guesswork, attracts the desired candidates directly, and taps talent pools for company recruitment needs.

Increasing the number and quality of candidates

You get a lot of benefits from the applicant tracking system and CRM implementation, one of which is that you are able to develop a far larger pool of candidates, which helps you to find more candidates as well as to find better candidates that fit your desired skill set. By doing this, you will be able to shortlist candidates who will be more dedicated to the company’s goals and objectives, which will lead to an overall increase in retention.

Reduce hiring time with ATS and CRM

Automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks can be achieved through the implementation of an ATS and CRM. This can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to perform these tasks. Moreover, it can make the communication process between different candidates far more pleasant and efficient.

Improve internal efficiency

Additionally to improving the candidate experience and smoothing the communication process, implementing these tools allows your hiring team to spend less time on administrative tasks such as scheduling interviews.

Therefore, after reviewing some of the benefits that make these tools a no-brainer, we need to determine whether we will also see a significant increase in return on investment with the use of these tools. Here are some metrics that have been used to determine the extent to which the implementation of ATS and CRM has improved ROI:

  • Candidate cost
  • Applicant cost
  • Hire cost

Candidate Costs

By combining the ATS and CRM, recruiters will have access to a much larger talent pool, which will grow as candidates apply through the Domo ATS. Sync the record of these candidates with The CRM system can then sync these candidates’ records.CandidatesThis will increase the number of candidates in the talent pool over tiWith the increase in candidates, the cost of adding a candidate to your database or talent pool will decrease.S and CRM, you will witness a significant rough implementation of ATS and CRM, you can expect to see

Applicant Cost

By increasing your sourcing through your ATS and CRM, you are likely to attract more applicants without increasing your costs. Applications that result from inviting candidates to apply are basically free, decreasing the cost per applicant.

Hire Cost

Considering talent acquisition is the most significant cost in the entire hiring process, the cost per hire is an extremely important indicator that can shed some light on whether the implementation of an ATS and CRM is truly bringing about greater ROI or not. With these tools, you gain insight into your potential hires, allowing you to reduce your cost per hire.

The Potential Areas of Savings

Savings are possible in the following areas:

  • As you only pay once to acquire a candidate, there is a possibility of lowering acquisition costs per candidate, since they can be nurtured and re-marketed to potential jobs that match their skills and talents.
  • This will enable the system to identify the sources that result in the most hires, allowing more budgets to be allocated for candidate acquisition to achieve higher efficiency.
  • The use of an applicant tracking system and CRM will help recruiters reduce time spent on finding and vetting candidates, allowing for lower-cost access to candidates. By segmenting your candidates’ databases, you can achieve this.
  • A source first strategy can be implemented as the greater database allows you to increase hiring through your database, reducing the dependency on external programs or agencies.
  • As a result of the proactive sourcing that the system enables, you can increase the quality of hires by adding quality candidates to your database. 

Considerations for maximizing your CRM and ATS ROI

Choosing the RIGHT ATS and CRM for your organization is essential. Here are some key tips for getting the best talent for your organization:

Getting to know your business

Despite the obviousness of this statement, it remains true. It is impossible to plan ahead if you do not know what your business needs. Additionally, you won’t be able to determine what is best for the company. The decision can be based on the financial decision or the selection of the best recruitment system. To make the best decision, you must understand your business well. Otherwise, you would be making a decision that would be detrimental to your business.

Acknowledging the vendor that provides your recruitment system or software

Furthermore, it is equally important that you are aware of all the advantages a vendor offers. Research their past work experience with different companies. It will only complicate matters if you don’t know what you’re getting into. Taking a step back is essential, so don’t be too late. In some cases, you may have already invested your budget in a system that won’t meet your organizational goals.

Establish new operations and processes for recruiting

Buying recruitment software that maximizes your ROI begins with understanding your business. Recruitment operations and processes should be tailored to the needs of your organization and system. You will not be able to benefit fully from your new recruiting solution if you are unable to do so. Furthermore, it will make it difficult to realize the maximum return on investment from your recruiting solution.


In order to ensure data migration to the new system, you must take all the necessary precautions. Additionally, make sure it is free from redundancies and discrepancies. The new analytics system can therefore help you understand your recruiting needs better. needs. Being unable to you cannot do so, your efforts to maximize return on investment with the new system will be significantly hampered.


As part of the new system, make sure your staff receives all the training modules. This will make sure the transition is as smooth as possible. This will also help to maximize your return on investment.

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Once the new software has been installed. Having the ability to fully evaluate your staff’s competence is crucial. The new system will accommodate any needs and requirements the old system may not be able to meet. Additionally, the support team and your team have built a very good working relationship. As a result, everything runs smoothly. Support staff should, however, be willing to provide full attention to resolve any issues you may encounter. Lastly, be sure to maintain your relationship with the vendor. Continual support is essential. Additionally, the system might need to be tweaked in the future to fit your evolving needs.



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