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Jammu is part of the Jammu and Kashmir union territory. The region is popular throughout the world for having the holy Durga Maa temple. Pilgrims from all across India and the world come to the region to visit the holy site. There are other amazing places to visit in Jammu as well. Make sure these are included in your Jammu tour package

Jammu may have been eclipsed by Kashmir’s beauty, but it has huge tourist potential, with several holy destinations to seek the almighty’s blessings, quirky mountainous places excellent for trekking and riding adventures, and a rich culture to learn more about the region.

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Here is the list of amazing places to visit in Jammu. So make sure you give a visit to these places. 

1) Vaishno Devi Temple

Millions of visitors visit Vaishno Devi Temple each year, making it one of the most renowned Hindu sites in the world. The temple is devoted to Goddess Durga, and it is said that anything you wish for here would come true. People must trek from a point to the top of the cave-styled temple, which is situated at an elevation of 5200 feet above sea level. To go to Vaishno Devi Temple, one of the top locations to visit in Jammu, you can take a helicopter, a pony ride, or a palanquin trip. Although the most fun way is to trek to the holy site. You will see a lot of pilgrims going along singing the name of Durga mata in sync. 

2) Raghunath Temple 

Raghunath Temple is another attraction on our list of things to do in Jammu. Maharaja Ranjit Singh created the complex at the turn of the nineteenth century. Each temple in the compound has a spire that is similar in appearance but differs in height. The architectural style appears to be a mix of Sikh and Mughal influences. Aside from the temples’ facades and overall appearance, the paintings inside them draw notice since they depict Mahabharat, Bhagavad Geeta, and Ramayana chapters.

3) Peer Kho Cave – The Oldest One 

Peer Kho Cave is a temple that is listed among the top tourist attractions in Jammu and Kashmir. The temple is one of the city’s oldest, dating back to the time of Raja Ajaib Dev in the fifteenth century, according to archaeological data. The temple’s huge courtyard is what draws visitors’ attention, particularly when it is illuminated during Hindu festivities like Diwali.

4) Dogra Art Museum 

The Dogra Art Museum, formerly known as the Dogra Art Gallery, is another site on our list of great things to visit in Jammu. Witness the Dogra culture’s relics, including its heritage, holidays, and eating customs. It’s a haven for art and history buffs, with the famed Pahari miniature paintings from Basohli on display. You can go through a fantastic collection of almost 7,000 antique artefacts.

5) Rajender Park 

Head to Rajender Park, one of Jammu’s main tourist attractions, for a picnic to appreciate the city’s floral beauty. Within the park, there is a canal, as well as various fountains and brightly coloured attractions. It’s a tranquil spot to unwind and enjoy a stroll among the woods. The park is well-kept, and it is a good place to go if you want to hear some natural sounds. In fact, the park is close to some of Jammu’s greatest hotels, making it a must-see destination.

6) Shiv Khori 

Shiv Khori is another must-see site and one of Jammu’s most popular tourist destinations. It is one of the many prominent cave temples in the area, known among the local people and Lord Shiva worshipers for the natural Shivalinga structure, which is around 150 metres long. A 4 foot swayambhu lingam is also present, which is regularly fed with a lime and milky liquid from the roof. Isn’t it a true divine miracle?

7) Balidan Stambh 

The tower, also known as the War Memorial, was built to remember the military personnel who have died in the Indo-Pak wars since independence. The pillar, which is designed like a bayoneted rifle and represents the valiant men of war, is currently a top Jammu sightseeing attraction. This war memorial, like other war memorials, features an eternal flame that symbolises the longevity of the valiant sacrifices made by the Indian Army’s forces.

8) Raghunath Bazaar 

You’ve seen a lot of sights and now want to go shopping and buy some souvenirs to help make this vacation even more memorable. Visit Raghunath Bazaar, one of Jammu’s best shopping and sight-seeing destinations. Dry fruits, apples, gadgets, traditional stitching, exquisite flowers, and so much more are just a few of the items you will find at this particular location. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the lanes or a hot cup of tea from one of the local merchants.

9) Akhnoor Fort 

A magnificent attraction has been erected on the areas where the ruins of Harappan civilization might be found, on the banks of the Chenab River. The massive fortress walls with bastions and a two-story watch tower can be seen. The fort’s palace includes some stunningly designed arches with exquisite mural paintings. If you enjoy history and culture, you should surely pay it a visit.

10) Surinsar Lake 

Surinsar Lake, a popular tourist attraction recognised for its natural beauty and mythological significance, is among the top spots in Jammu that maintains that reputation. It is a popular picnic spot because it is surrounded by high mountain ranges. Surinsar Mansar Wildlife Sanctuary, which has 15 avifauna species, is extremely close to the lake. Apart from the rest, it’s one of Jammu’s best-kept secrets and a great retreat for anyone seeking solitude and tranquillity.

11) Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary 

This natural reserve covers an area of 34 square kilometres and is a peaceful haven for a variety of wildlife species, both endangered and non-endangered. Leopards, pheasants, wild boar, bharal, and grey langur can all be found among the fir and pine trees. It’s a fantastic place to visit for nature and animal lovers looking for a relaxing getaway. The joy pheasant, red junglefowl, Indian mynah, Indian peafowl, and chakor congregate in huge numbers, attracting bird watchers.

12) Bhimgarh Fort 

Bhimgarh Fort is frequently cited when discussing popular Jammu attractions. This hill fort is situated 150 metres above ground and contains a temple, pond, and sumptuous halls, among other features. It was created of clay in the beginning and later renovated with stones by Maharaja Rishipal Rana. A trip to this monument will transport you back in time and leave you speechless.

13) Mahamaya Temple

When it comes to the most-visited shrines in the region, the Mahamaya temple is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Jammu. It is located behind the Bahu Fort, which is one of Jammu’s most prominent forts. The shrine provides fascinating insight into the sufferings of Mahamaya, a revolutionary who died centuries ago while battling for freedom. The quaint and picturesque view of River Tawi is also another factor that becomes one of the top locations to visit in Jammu.

With this we have arrived at the end of the list. Make sure you visit these beautiful places in Jammu.


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