Amazing Fun Food Pattern happen with Nut butter Machine / Extractor


Want to know how to extract peanut butter, almond butter, or any other nut or seed butter from the whole seeds or nuts at home? It’s incredibly easy with Electra Nut Butter Machine or Peanut Butter Grinder Machine but here are tahe details you need to get right. You can also tweak any nut butter recipe to taste exactly as you want it to.

List of Top 5 Tips on extracting Nut butter from Whole Raw nuts for Make Fun Food:

Choose Your Nut (Or Legume, Or Seed) –

No matter what kind of nuts you choose but make sure that you know the grinding time for the particular nuts. However, range of Nut butter Machine / Rhino Nut Butter Grinder works for all kinds of nut & seeds. Check price Now & Order at Free shipping.


  1. Prep Them For Processing – Toasting/Soaking

You also have the option of making raw nut butter, which may have some health benefits, but probably not so much that it makes a huge difference. The bigger factor would be the taste; toasted nut butter will have a deeper, richer flavor. Another option is soaking your nuts in water to remove naturally occurring chemicals that may affect nutrient absorption. However, it all up to your taste preference and convenience. But Cocoa melanger can grind both as well.

  1. Blend well – Use Good Quality Cocoa Melanger / Nut Butter Grinder

The more powerful your blender or food processor, the quicker this is, but it also depends on the type of nut you’re using. Order us for trouble-free and durable Chocolate Melanger machines for your home.

  1. Adjust the Texture

If you’ve been blending for around 15 to 20 minutes and still aren’t seeing the right texture develop, you can add a teaspoon of neutral oil (or nut oil) at a time to help things along.

  1. Season (Or Don’t) to Taste

To finish up, taste your nut butter. If you love it, leave it alone, or else you can go with a pinch of salt and/or sugar, or even a bit of honey, maple syrup, agave, or another sweetener.

Where Do You Buy Best Nut Butter Machine / Melanger  To Extract Nut Butter from the Whole Nuts?


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To Sum up –

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