Amazing Facts you Should Know about Beautiful Pearls

south sea pearls

Pearls are one of the most popular gemstones. They are the perfect complement to any other jewel or stone due to their serene beauty, soft colors, and smooth, bright luster. Their simplicity and charm have beautified many men’s and women’s looks for ages. Pearls have been prized by people worldwide for thousands of years. The “Queen of Jewels” has a timeless charm that has captivated people since its discovery.

The best thing about these amazing gemstones is they are available in various sizes, colors, and brightness. You can buy akoya south sea pearls, Australian south sea pearls, freshwater pearls, black Tahitian pearls, and many more available varieties. Their different sizes and types fit almost every budget, so everyone can think of purchasing these miraculous stones.

Some fascinating facts about pearls- 

Pearls are organic 

Pearls are the unique stones you can have as these stones are created by living organisms thriving under the sea. Unlike other jewels mined from the earth, pearls are found in deep oceans. They are the only gemstones that have come from a living creature. The oysters may live on after the pearl has been retrieved in some situations, making them capable of producing more pearls further. So it’s no surprise that they’re frequently seen as a gift from the sea.

The oldest gemstones

Pearls are the oldest gemstones discovered in the United Arab Emirates and date back over 7500 years. Royals and kings cherished these gemstones at that time. During that era, pearls only belonged to royals and riches due to their uniqueness and popularity. Kings and empires used to wear these gemstones as a symbol of royalty, and these stones were one of the most expensive gifts.

Symbol of love 

Pearls are the symbol of love, simplicity, and elegance. They are the favorite gemstones of lovers. In history, kings and royals used to express their feelings of love by gifting pearls to their loved ones. Even in today’s era, pearl jewelry is the most significant gift lovers use to express their feelings. Their smooth and simple texture symbolizes purity and innocence.

First cultured pearl 

The Akoya pearl was the first pearl cultured in Japan. Previously, diving into deep and dangerous waters to gather pearls from oysters was the norm. Cultured pearls have reduced their dangers. They are also original and natural, and produced in different circumstances to make them easier to produce and collect. These pearls have also reduced the price of pearls, making them affordable for almost everyone. It’s because farming of culture pearls doesn’t contain any harm, and farmers get more pearls with less effort.

Different sizes

Pearls can range in size from 1.0mm to 20.0mm. Larger pearls are more expensive and rarer to find. Australian South Sea pearls produce the greatest pearl sizes. They’re the most expensive and rarest of all the nacreous pearl varieties. They only flourish under specified conditions, limiting their production. They are also available in cultured pearls, but an Australian South Sea pearl’s farm cannot be started in just any sea. It has to be in the South Pacific region.

Unique colors and shapes 

A perfectly round white lustrous stone is what mostly comes to our minds when we think about pearls. But pearls aren’t only limited to pure white colors and round shapes. Similar to their unique sizes, pearls come in different colors and shapes, making each jewel different from another. You can find them in rose, lavender, silver, golden, pink, or even in black color. If we talk about their shapes, they come in round, oval, teardrop, and baroque shapes, perfect for making different jewelry types. Some people love perfectly round pearls, and others like raw baroque, making every pearl worth its price.

Reasons Why Pearl Jewelry is the best to Own!

Have you heard the expression “jewelry is a girl’s best friend?” If yes, you’re probably know that girls adore wearing fashionable pearl jewelry. From distinctive and attractive designs to their ability to bring elegance to any look, pearl jewelry proves that anyone can wear them. Of course, the best thing is that you can buy the beautiful pearl pendant necklace in the USA at any jewelry store.

Pearl jewelry is perfect jewelry that is just as popular today as they were during the disco era of the 1980s and 1990s. It’s not only women who love pearl jewelry, but men have also been known to wear it. In addition, several celebrities also love wearing popular pearl jewelry such as necklaces, rings, and chains these days.

Why Should You Buy Pearl Jewelry?

If you also love pearl jewelry and want to learn more, here are some reasons why you should buy pearl jewelry.


Jewelry is extremely essential to women, and it holds a significant place in their lives. Pearl jewelry will make you look beautiful at all times, even if you wear different outfits every day.

Its popularity continues to grow as new styles and designs are introduced on the market. You’ll have a different look if you wear pear jewelry on special occasions. Wear bright pearl earrings and bracelets if you want to go for a more whimsical look. On the other hand, if you want a sleek official style, go with a pearl pendant or plain earrings. Pearl jewelry will not only make you look amazing at work, but it will also push you to do new things.


Pearl jewelry can make a dull outfit look exciting. It has the ability to brighten one’s moods, and if worn to an event, almost everyone will notice you. Combining a sparkling pearl necklace with a wonderful dress or stunning earrings with a fantastic sweater dress is a winning combination for a party occasion. You’ll look fantastic.

The majority of women wear gorgeous pearl jewelry on special occasions such as weddings, thanksgiving, award ceremonies, birthday parties, and anniversary meals. If they didn’t have some pearl jewelry to adorn themselves with, they’d feel dull and underdressed.

Improve your appearance:

Pearl jewelry can be dressed at any occasion, making it suitable for a celebration or just going out for coffee. Wear an elegant pearl necklace if you have a lot of all-black clothing in your collection. It will lighten up your appearance by giving it a gloomy touch. No matter what you choose to wear for any occasion, pearl jewelry will always enhance and improve your appearance.

Wearing the most elegant pearl jewelry will always make you the center of attention on any occasion. Visit Pacific Pearls International to buy south sea pearl jewelry in the USA.



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