Alternative YouTube applications.


YouTube is the world leader in viewing various video content. Every day hundreds of millions of people watch videos from this service. Most do not imagine other sources of visual information. It is essentially a video streaming monopolist. Many TV channels are even broadcast through this platform, bypassing standard broadcast routes.

You can use various devices to access the YouTube network. These include smartphones and tablets, computers and laptops. And the latest trend is smart TVs. This significantly increases the number of people constantly watching videos. On computers and laptops, you can open YouTube in a regular Internet browser. In the case of smartphones and tablets, it is more convenient to use an application developed for this platform. There is both an official application from Google and various unofficial programs. There are many of them. The most popular ones will be listed below.

Alternative YouTube APP

  • YouTube Vanced: This is a modified version of the official YouTube app with additional features such as ad blocking, background playback and dark theme.
  • NewPipe: This is open source software that allows you to browse YouTube without ads and even download videos for offline viewing. There is also support for background playback.
  • TubeMate: This is an application for downloading YouTube videos to Android devices. It also allows you to choose the formats and quality of the videos you download.
  • YT Studio: The official YouTube mobile app for content creators. It provides the ability to track channel statistics, manage comments and download videos directly from your mobile device.
  • ProTube (iOS): This is a third-party iOS app that offers advanced features for watching YouTube videos, including the ability to download videos, ad blocking, and a dark theme.
  • YouCut: This is a video editing application that can be useful for those who want to edit their videos before uploading them to YouTube. It provides various tools to trim, merge and add effects to videos.

Alternative YouTube APP for AndroidTV

Along with alternative YouTube applications for smartphones and tablets, there are similar solutions for Android TV. Agree: it’s better to watch a fascinating video on the large and colorful screen of a modern TV. But the standard application is not as convenient as we would like. Therefore, many alternatives have been developed by YouTube enthusiasts. With a much more convenient interface and additional features. Popular solutions for large screens will be listed below.

  • Smart Tube TV: This is an unofficial YouTube app for Android TV devices. It offers ad blocking, background playback, and supports multiple screen resolutions.
  • YouTube for Android TV (XDA Edition): This is a modified version of the official YouTube app developed by the XDA Developers community. It may include additional features such as no advertising.
  • Kodi with YouTube Add-on: Kodi is an open source media center and has a YouTube add-on that allows you to watch YouTube on Android TV devices.
  • Puffin TV Browser: Although it is primarily a browser, Puffin TV also provides the ability to easily access YouTube through the Android TV interface.

Try one of these suggestions on your smartphone or TV. I’m sure you’ll love the new features of these add-ons!


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