Alternative Whiteboard Products For Writable Walls

Alternative Whiteboard Products For Writable Walls

So, you’re thinking of adding whiteboard functionality to your surfaces. We think that’s a great idea.

Whiteboard surfaces are an amazing tool that can help you plan, organize and visualize all of your projects without limiting yourself to the small confinements of a traditional whiteboard.

The best part is that, unlike with traditional boards, you can actually have a colored whiteboard surface.

Simply apply this one-coat transparent writable paint onto a variety of colored or designed surfaces including wallpapers, digital prints or just regular painted walls.

Sound interesting? Then check out some of the ways you can create a colored whiteboard below.

Create Energetic Blue Colored Whiteboard Walls

Colored whiteboard walls can help with idea generation and customer feedback reviews. This has worked particularly well for Soundwave, the music discovery app company.

They used Smart Whiteboard Paint White and Clear in their office, applying the transparent coat to their blue walls. The company took full advantage of the dry erase functionality by writing customer comments and project ideas on their whiteboard walls.

Everything could be seen clearly on the colored whiteboard wall. This made the product a fantastic tool for looking at what people thought of the company’s services. It also helped them brainstorm ideas for their future projects.

If you have a blank wall that you want to use, turn it into a feedback wall and write up customer comments. You could also use it for idea generation during meetings in your office.

Opt For Upbeat Yellow Tones In Your Space

Colored whiteboard walls also make it easier to be more creative when brainstorming in meetings.

See how Bopgun, a marketing and design agency, achieved this by coating their yellow walls with transparent whiteboard paint.

They wanted a space to brainstorm ideas for projects with one-another and with clients. At first, they considered whiteboards, but felt they were outdated, so they went with Smart Whiteboard Paint Clear.

The dry erase functionality provided a space for them to be creative and doodle on their whiteboard walls. As a result, they were able to expand on their ideas and work as visual thinkers. All with a colored whiteboard wall.

Go Green In Your Office

Want to get even more use of your workspace?

Turn your green walls, doors, chairs or other furnishings into colored whiteboard walls and use them for a wide variety of different purposes.

Smart Wall Paint Austria used green writable chairs in their entry to a competition hosted by the Johannes Kepler University Linz in Austria. The contest involved suggesting a new way for the university to create an “Idea Lab”. This was a place where students could use their creativity, generate ideas and work together. Entries were to be unique and use all of the 24 sq.m area of the room.

Smart Wall Paint Austria’s entry, entitled “Minimal White” covered the room in Smart Wall Paint White and Clear. This included the walls and even the furniture, check out the green writable chairs below.

All of these colored whiteboard walls allowed multiple groups to use the room at the same time as it could be divided into sections that different teams could use.

We have also used the Dry Erase paint and green combination on our meeting room door. It provides extra space for jotting down notes during meetings, and acts as an excellent message board on which important pieces of information could be written.

Add more to your office by using the green spaces in your workplace, either for minute taking or to write up notices for the whole office.

Colored Whiteboard Walls On A Digital Print

Did you know that you can even topcoat digital prints? Try Smart Whiteboard Paint in Clear or Smart Self Adhesive Whiteboard Film? Well you can, and it’s a great way of enhancing your personalized surfaces with functionality.

You can add clear Whiteboard Paint on top of any digital print for magnetic and whiteboard functionality.

There are plenty of ways you can create colored writable walls for your office or classroom. Check out more about creating a writable surface in any color here.

Alternative Whiteboard Products: Whiteboard Paint (White)

Why have a chunky whiteboard when you can just paint one straight onto your wall instead?

With whiteboard paint in white, you never need to worry about your whiteboard surface being too small or having a chunky frame, your whole wall will be writable!

This is a one coat solution which means once you apply the primer, it can be painted straight onto your wall. You won’t need to worry about screwing whiteboards into your wall as whiteboard paint is painted on just like any regular paint.  

One thing to note is that whiteboard paint takes 7 days to cure, so make sure to note the application date so that you wait until the surface is ready before use. But how can you use it?

Reinvent entire offices, meeting rooms, classrooms and any other collaborative spaces with this product. Your size, your shape, your choice.

This product is a great addition to any business or school and can even be applied while people are still working in the room. That’s because it is both low VOC and low odour.

Whiteboard walls are great for meetings, presentations and project planning whether you are alone or in a group.

It doesn’t need to be the case of one person writing on the whiteboard while everyone else stands around listening, with whiteboard paint the whole team can get involved. Get everyone up at the wall with whiteboard paint.

But did you know that whiteboard surfaces don’t need to be white?

Alternative Whiteboard Products: Whiteboard Paint (Transparent)

As we’ve already detailed, there are plenty of reasons to choose whiteboard paint in white and all those reasons apply to the transparent version too. There is really only one major difference.

With Whiteboard Paint in Transparent you can create a writable wall in any color you choose except white.

Have you got a green wall? A yellow wall? A blue wall? These are just a few examples of coloured writable walls you can have in your space.

Whiteboard Paint in Transparent can also be applied to digital prints too. Check out the one we have in our office below. It’s writable, functional and helps us work.

You don’t have to choose just these options. Have you a wall with your logo in your office? If it’s colored, add transparent paint on top and it can be a writable surface too!

Whiteboard Paint in Transparent isn’t just for walls though. It’s great for any surface you can think of. Transform desks in your office or classroom into writable surfaces and help reduce the amount of paper you use.

Students will be able to work out problems on their desk, which not only means they are learning, but also that they are having fun too.  

Meanwhile in offices, you can choose writable desks in order to keep track of your schedule, write down important notes or keep a to-do list.

So if you want to replace your whiteboards with a whiteboard surface in any color possible, then choose Whiteboard Paint in Transparent.

Alternative Whiteboard Products: Whiteboard Wallpaper

But maybe paint isn’t for you. What about functional wallpapers instead?

We have two options currently for replacing your whiteboards with writable wallpapers and the first is our Whiteboard Wallpaper

This is the perfect product for anyone looking to replace their whiteboards with a new writable surface rapidly, without having to wait a week to use it.

This is because Whiteboard Wallpaper has a quick and easy application, though it should be installed by a professional. It can be used in just 24 hours.

You even have the choice of how you put it up; horizontally, vertically, even curved walls.

Put it up one day, use it the next.

Not only that but this product is guaranteed non-ghosting which means you don’t need to worry about yellowing, or marks remaining on your surface after you try and wipe them off.

This can often be an issue with regular whiteboards.

One thing to consider is what color you want your whiteboard surface to be, as this product is only available in white. If you wanted a coloured surface, the best choice is Whiteboard Paint in Transparent.


Alternative Whiteboard Products: Whiteboard Wallpaper Low Sheen 

Another writable wallpaper you can consider is Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper – Low Sheen.

It has not one but two functionalities. This means that by switching out your whiteboards for this product you get a surface that performs just like a whiteboard and projector screen, with no size limitations.

You’ll get the benefits of our whiteboard wallpaper, but additionally your surface will have a low sheen white finish and reduced hot spotting, while retaining a high quality whiteboard finish.

This product is best suitable for people who are looking both functionalities or who find themselves carrying out numerous presentations.

Are you looking to get people more involved in meetings and presentations? Trying to find a new way to keep everyone updated with the latest company news?

This could be your answer. It will be ready to use in just 24 hours and will encourage group activity in your office or classroom.

How you may ask?

It will get people out of their chairs and writing directly on the wall. Your presentations or lessons won’t need to be one sided now as everyone will be able to get involved.

These functionalities work seamlessly together and help you make the most of your surface.

Who needs regular whiteboards, right?  

There are plenty of alternative whiteboard products to choose from so you’ll definitely find one to help you replace your old whiteboards.


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