All you need to know about MBA in HR courses

Sage University, Indore campus

All you need to know about MBA in HR courses

The most important and pivotal elements of any organization are not its machines, assets, or capital, but the people who make up the foundation and day-to-day working of a company. The optimization and management of these resources become essential and MBA in HR courses lead the path towards training towards understanding the details of HR.

Every organization has its unique set of values, visions, and language of working systems and an MBA in HR develops the skills to manage the company’s work culture, hire talent as well as nourish and retain them. MBA in HR courses require extensive practical training and perception of human values and work ethics. Sage University, Indore campus, and NMIMS, Mumbai are top colleges that furnish an individual with these skills.

MBA can be a great push for an individual’s career who wants to get into management and carve a career in people skills.

What do MBA in HR courses teach you?

For any MBA in HR course, It is important to understand people and effectively communicate the expectations, estimate deliverables and take up necessary changes to keep the organization’s operations and values in place. MBA in HR courses teaches an individual in these specific skills :

● Individual Behaviour in Organization
● Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics
● Performance Management and Competency Mapping
● Strategic Human Resource and Management
● Economics of Human Resources
● Quantitative Techniques in Human Resource Management

Beyond the basic training, individuals need to assess theprofessional space, and a good college like NIU, Noida, and Sage University, Indore campus provides relevant and to the point hands-on experience beyond the classroom.

What job opportunities do MBA in HR courses entail?

The majority of the students who join a course, eventually land a well-paid and growth-oriented job when it comes to any management-related field like Human Resources. MBA in HR courses provide a push to one’s career and opens up new avenues. Some of the job profiles which one can work in are:

● HR Manager – Talent Acquisition
● HR Manager – Training
● HR Manager – Compliance
● HR teaching professor

The prerequisite to the inception of a fruitful career is a college that provides a professional space for theoretical learning and practical experience. An individual swift through their career, with the help of the knowledge they acquired and the tools they harnessed from the two-year program. Here are the top 3 colleges for MBA in HR courses an aspirant must consider:

1. Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI), Jamshedpur- Established in 1949 and having an intake of 60 students, XLRI is one of the best brand names for management studies in the country. The course curriculum takes an edge over other colleges as it provides quality education with workshops and global outreach programs. With a batch size of only 60 students, it emphasizes the importance of quality over quantity and takes only the best out of the lot, to be nurtured and trained for the dynamic and challenging job of managing human resources.

2. SP Jain Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai- Ranked in the list of top 10 colleges for MBA in HR course,SPJIMS is an institution that provides its students with the best of both worlds. Located in the financial capital of India, it heavily emphasizes on practical and hands-on training apart from bookish knowledge. Placements are a strong point as big MNCs frequently visit the campus, seeking the best talent out of the lot.

3. Sage University, Indore Campus- Located in Indore, the university boasts not just a great infrastructure but also a well-qualified and engaging faculty, who constantly push the limits of students and extract the best from them. Especially when it comes to MBA in HR courses, Sage University, Indore campus makes to the list of top colleges in the country. With a placement percentage of 92%, a college is a great place if you are looking to work in a good company after graduation.


Every course is different and produces a varied set of skills. For students of MBA in HR courses, understanding the human psyche and its subjectivity and its use as a tool to benefit an organization is key. This is not an easy task and shouldn’t be underestimated below other specializations. Proper education from a good college becomes essential to kickstart your career in the right direction!


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