All You Need to Know About Buying Pre-Qualified Leads

Buy Medicare Leads

Leads are the foremost driving force behind the sales success and ultimate growth of businesses. Buying pre-qualified leads enable you to improve the ROI of direct marketing efforts and bring the best quality leads to your business at a fraction of the cost as compared to other means of selling a product.

Moving forward, let’s talk about your business first, is it thriving? For example, if you are an insurance business, are you getting enough to, Buy medicare leads? If the answer is yes, then you deserve applause.

But for a moment, keep your product aside. Why? Because the product will not matter if you are unable to generate the right leads to sell it.

How can people consider buying your product if they don’t even know that it exists?

It has been a proven fact that businesses with more prospects and leads tend to grow more rapidly and have a competitive advantage over their competitors.

Your business website will not be productive if it fails to generate leads. Failure to generate leads means less revenue, and less revenue means, well, we all know business failure!

The best option in such a situation is to buy quality leads online. Since the key to your business success is sales, and sale comes from leads, so you can’t ignore this option, right?

This guide will help your sales and marketing team understand the lead buying process and increase revenue generation. Keep reading further as we address all questions in your mind regarding the lead buying process.

What are Leads?

Before considering buying them, let’s first discuss what leads really are. In plain words, leads are your potential customers. These are individuals who show interest in your business, its products, or its services.

Leads represent the initial stages of a buyer’s journey to making a purchase. You get access to the potential buyer or individual (lead) when they search for your company or try to contact you through various online sources.

However, you would never want to invest time and effort in convincing anyone who expresses vague interest in your business. For leads to convert, you need to be sure about the fact that they are real and are of high quality.

Benefits of Buying Leads

Lead buying is quick, risk-free, effective, and affordable. Below are some of the many benefits of purchasing quality leads.

High Conversion Rate

Quality leads do not guarantee a sale, but they can increase the chances of conversion significantly. Buying leads means that you have left the lengthy lead creation process behind, and have the dish ready to serve.

A high percentage of leads bought from lead selling companies convert into a sale. It must be mentioned here that it is rarely possible to achieve such a high ROI and conversion rate while creating your own lead list. Buying leads related to medicare or Buy final expense leads means that you are getting great value for money.

Efficient and Cost-effective

Buying leads is inarguably cheaper as compared to creating, maintaining, and converting a pool of potential leads. To build your own lead list, you will need to invest considerable time and money.

In contrast, if you buy leads directly, most of these costs will be offset. Besides this, you will also get a great return on investment.

More Qualified Leads

One of the major benefits of buying leads for your business is that reliable providers maintain a large pool of potential customers.  It means that quality leads are readily available whenever you need them.

What Types of Leads Can You Buy?

Here we have listed some highly rewarding leads that offer the highest ROI.

Sales Leads

These types of leads refer to the individuals and companies who have shown interest in your products or services. For B2C businesses that sell directly to the end customer, buying this type of lead is a great option.

Insurance Leads

The demand for medicare insurance never comes to a stop in the USA as well as in many other countries. This in turn drives the demand for different types of insurance leads. If you are an insurance agency or company striving hard to grow in the market, purchasing medicare or final expense insurance leads can be a very rewarding option.

Business Loan Leads

As a lender, it is essential to monitor the market as well as various different aspects to ensure the successful financing of businesses. Buying business loan leads, make it easy to locate prospective borrowers more quickly.

What Should You Know Before Purchasing a Lead?

You’ve definitely tried, or at least contemplated buying sales leads before, whether you’re a alone salesman wanting to complete some deals for yourself or the manager of a sales team looking to raise numbers. Buying leads is the best idea in the following situations:

  • When your business is in need of quick growth.
  • When you have an empty sales pipeline.
  • When you’re looking to launch a new marketing campaign.

It is equally crucial to consider a few more factors when deciding to purchase leads so that you make the most out of this process. Some of these key factors include:

Assess Competitive Pricing

The pricing structures of lead sellers differ significantly. You need to compare various lead providers and review their lead prices to select the most reliable option.

When we compared the prominent lead providers in the USA, Lead Shaman was found to have the most reasonable price structure.


Exclusivity is amongst the foremost factors that need to be considered while buying leads. Although non-exclusive leads cost you half the price, exclusive leads offer you greater chances of conversion.

Quality and Quantity Comparison

While buying a lead, you need to ensure that the data is of high quality and accurate. The quality of data can vary considerably from provider to provider.

For your own preferences, ask yourself what you want to make out of your leads. Once you are able to answer this, then you can review different providers and select the one that best matches your needs.

The Bottom Line

Your decision to purchase leads instead of generating them can be highly rewarding. It can generate a positive ROI for your business and can lead to growth and excellent results.

Moreover, buying leads from a provider is an investment that saves your sales team’s time and efforts which can be better utilized for researching prospects and collecting, entering, and maintaining data in the database.

If you are looking for an authentic source for purchasing leads at the best prices, Lead Shaman is one of the best and top Leads providers in the market at a very affordable price and can provide you with great value for money. This company has a proven track record of providing verified leads for the business pipeline that can be used to enhance sales conversions.


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