All-Weather Hydration with Our Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

Hydration is essential throughout the year, and with the best filtration on the market, we give you just that. Enjoy the chilled beverages you need to get through those hot summer days, all the way to brewing up those hot cocoas for those chilly winters when you have complete temperature control. We give you all-weather hydration with our hot and cold water dispenser.

The built-in touch screen display gives you controls for your water temperature needs based on a slider control to assure the precise temperature you desire without settling for presets.

Revolutionizing Hydration Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

The best hydration solution on the market today gives you access to instant hot, cold, ambient, and even sparkling water at the touch of a button, without the fear of harmful pollutants or toxins present in your pure glass of freshness.

According to the environmental protection agency (EPA), homes across the USA are prone to getting contaminated tap water with more disease-causing pollutants than is acceptable.

Make Purity A Priority with Our Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

We use the best-in-class raw materials to create unmatched filtration potential. With every glass, the pairing of industrial-grade filtration materials and plant-based renewable carbon gives you nothing but pure water.

We give you game-changing filtration. It’s all about clean water, and our countertop water dispenser uses the best filtration technologies to tackle even the most stubborn contaminants.

We remove 80 dangerous contaminants, including chemicals like chloramine and VOCs that can lead to chlorine poisoning if consumed unfiltered. Dangerous medications mixed into tap water are amongst the leading causes of ailments across the USA.

Among the most common drugs found in your water supply are ibuprofen, estrone, and even naproxen, which can lead to dangerous kidney issues and prolonged ailments.

Heavy metals are prone to leak into tap water due to the old infrastructure put in place a long time ago and has deteriorated. Dangerous contamination caused by lead, mercury, and even arsenic can lead to heavy metal poisoning.

Water bodies that are the source of all tap water across the USA are bound to be exposed to various pollutants, ranging from pesticides from nearby farmlands to other contaminants like particles of asbestos, PFOA, and PFOS.

Our ultimate filtration technology is loaded with the capacity to reduce this long list of contaminants, giving you nothing but pure hydration for your entire family.

We use the best of both worlds, bringing together industrial-grade filtration materials paired with plant-based renewable carbons that are a superior ingredient for infiltration.

Each filter begins with coconut shell carbon that is then thermally activated to create a micro-pore structure. The powder is then compressed into a uniform block for maximum retention of dangerous pollutants and gives you pure hydration at the touch of a button.

Surface area is the determining factor in the potential of filters; the ultimate filters contain 350 grams of compressed activated carbon, giving each filter a surface area of 1,050,000 m2, an area equal to that of more than 345 soccer fields.

Better For You and The Planet, The Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

Enjoy endless sparkling water with each of our CO2 canisters, carbonating 60 liters of ice-cold, filtered water. Improve your health and the environment by getting rid of bottled beverages once and for all.

We make any interaction with our hot and cold water dispenser seamless and hassle-free. Each filter lasts one year or up to 350 gallons of pure water, whichever comes first. We also made sure that replacing these filters can be done with a simple twist of the wrist without the need for any special tools or even turning off your water supply.

We make installations a breeze with our simple plug-and-play technology, taking you step-by-step through the setup and initial installation process. The best part is that you can connect our hot and cold water dispenser directly to your existing water outlet, giving you unlimited pure water.

Using our sidekick reservoir, you can also use the entire system in places without a water connection, like a home gym, recreational rooms, and farmhouses. The sidekick reservoir makes the best hot and cold water dispenser on the market wholly standalone and ready to go.

By actively tracking your carbon footprint index, we help you do more for the environment. Now everyone can get involved in eliminating the need for wasteful plastic bottled beverages. The hot and cold water dispenser gives you an endless source of clean refreshment without the worry of dangerous pollutants while being great for you and the planet we all call home.

Ideal for every modern household, our parental controls and lockouts will help keep those little hands safe. The system can be configured to help give parents that added control they need to ensure safety with young kids in the house.

We further help every house reduce its carbon footprint. Our energy-saving sleep mode works around your schedule and, when not in use, goes into a power-saving sleep mode to help you conserve energy and help the planet conserve resources.

Whenever you plan on leaving town for a few days or weeks, our vacation mode is ideal for helping you save energy. It puts the entire system into a dormant energy-saving mode that allows you to conserve resources for the planet while also helping you with those monthly electricity expenses.

We also have the best intelligent reminders built into the system. Our system tracks your water usage and reminds you when to change the ultimate filter at 350 gallons or once a year. They also ensure that you never run out of your favorite beverages and stay safe while staying hydrated.

The hot and cold water dispenser has been programmed in various languages to fit whatever dialect you prefer at home. The system has built-in options for English, Spanish, French, and even Dutch to be the ideal hydration partner for every household.

The future of hydration is here and now. With the hot and cold water dispenser, we present the ideal choice to make the leap of faith towards sustainable hydration for your entire family.


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