All the benefits that swimming gives us

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Engaging in sports and gymnastics has many positives in the functioning of our body. More specifically, swimming is probably considered the best aerobic exercise and of course not unjustly!

Discovering more about this sport you will be impressed by everything. Of course, you do not have to be a swimming athlete, as you can incorporate it as an amateur in your life either by enjoying it at sea or in the pool with lifeguard course near me.

Keep reading and find all the great positives we have gathered for you provided by swimming!

Exercises the body

Swimming besides the part of fun that it offers us is also considered a good aerobic exercise, exercising our whole body. The changes you will see will focus on strength, your endurance. Building muscle mass and will greatly improve your appearance in a healthy context. No age category is excluded, as it is also a low-intensity exercise. So that people with arthritis, musculoskeletal or weight limitations can also deal with it based on medical research.

Asthma treatment

For those of you with asthma, swimming is the ideal solution to improve it, as it increases the capacity of the lungs by activating the body. As water is denser than air, the lungs need to work harder to provide enough oxygen to the blood, giving them good exercise and reducing asthma symptoms with lifeguard course near me.

Maintains good levels of the cardiovascular system

One of the most important muscles of the body is that of the heart, which improves more and more with the integration of swimming in your life.

According to research, swimming strengthens the heart and lungs to such an extent, preventing the risk of death from cardiovascular and respiratory diseases by 50%, while it can also help lower blood pressure and blood sugar with lifeguard course near me.

Treats pain and injuries

As mentioned above, swimming is a sport that has proven to be completely safe for everyone. In particular, in cases of arthritis, serious injuries and disability, the prohibition of swimming is not provided, on the contrary, it is preferred as the most ideal occupation.

In addition, it contributes positively to injuries, gradually healing the pain and ultimately restoring the health of the person. A typical example is the case of osteoarthritis, where people who suffered made a significant difference in reducing pain, showing fewer physical limitations after a few workouts in the pool.

It cures mental health

Mental health can improve while you are swimming. This is because it contributes to psychology, creating a sense of satisfaction, joy and at the same time improves mood in men and women. It is considered a dynamic way of exercising for those who suffer from anxiety, depression, poor psychological state.

Through the therapeutic exercises performed in the water either in the sea or in the pool, the hormones that are responsible for our positive mood increase, as with any aerobic exercise. Therefore, dare a new job, if you are facing a difficult period and you will be relieved soon with lifeguard course near me.

Weight loss

Most people are interested in sports that are effective in reducing weight. One of them, then, is swimming, since an hour of intense exercise can burn up to 500 calories, because all the muscles work intensively at equal rates, without exerting pressure. Even if you include daily swimming in your routine you will not run into any issues or muscle injuries unlike other aerobic exercises.

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