Aha Software – Introduction to The Features

Aha Software - Introduction to The Features

AHA software offers advanced features that can be used to assist businesses in managing their project management tasks. These features can be very useful for both novice and experienced business owners. What are the main features of AHA? Let’s take a look at its most advanced features.

Aha Features: The Importance

One definition of a feature in project management software is a unit of work. A feature is everything you need in order to realize your strategic vision. Software offers innovative features that allow you to link directly to your strategic goals, initiatives, or other data for your workspace.

Aha software demonstrated that features are important because they support the strategy. AHA features allow you to assign roles and share these with your team members. You can do this easily using the software’s integrations or the roadmap.

Features to other teams through a two-way Integration Tool if you choose this option. You can eventually get the status, progress and data updated.

How to use AHA Roadmap Software Feature Cards?

The feature cards can be used in many different ways with AHA roadmap software. It can be included in the release, roadmap or imported from development tools.

Add Features

Let’s first discuss the most popular ways to create features.

  • Click on the + icon

The icon will be located in the upper right corner on any page. You can click Features to continue the Create Feature process.

  • Click the Add Features button on the Features tab

This button will be located at the top of each page, or in the bottom of each column. The same feature creation will appear this way. You can now add the details.

  • To create a feature, you can promote it using ideas from the Ideas Portal

It can be crucial to include stakeholder suggestions directly into functionality. AHA software makes it easy to do this by simply clicking a button. You will see a green box with hyperlinks when you create a new feature.

Click to open the feature details panel. You can then customize the feature details or add more. The role can be further configured by adding additional information. You can also open the role details and click the ‘More options’ button.

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How do you manage the features in AHA?

AHA! The Features tab in the navigation will allow you to manage epics and features. These might be disabled depending on the workspace type.

These pages are available for you to find:

  • Board – Here you can see all features and epics
  • Details – This is a detailed look at the epics and features of a specific release
  • Lists – Pre-made lists of epics and features
  • User Story Map – This will let you see how your work impacts your journey
  • Roadmap – AHA software review’s feature roadmap is one of the best ways to see the progress of epics and features.
  • Workflow – This is basically a Kanban-style view on initiatives, epics and features.

If you need to switch views, the navigation bar can be used. You can also use the Change View Type drop down menu to apply filters to focus your view. You can switch between different generic views by using this menu.

How to use views for managing Epics and Features?

Two views are most common for managing epics and features: the feature board view and the feature detail.

  • The Board Page – Features

This will display all features and related releases. The features will be displayed in order of priority. Drag them to the desired place.

AHA software also offers two search options for finding a specific feature. To filter the board, you can use the page-inset search bar. The board will show only certain features.

  • The Features & Details page

This will only show one feature at a given time. You can then see all details in one glance. On the left side, you will see a collapsible listing of additional features for the same version.

Notice: The AHA demo has just introduced the [Features]-[Details] page.
  • Roadmap account

You can customize the menu navigation to allow the account to be enabled. This feature is very useful to use tasks and comments as well as requirements. It will also subdivide any work done on the function.

You can also sync the workflow status between a feature and a requirement. This will ensure that the feature syncs with the correct status category whenever the status of the requirement changes.

What are the AHA pricing plans?

Once you have a good understanding of the key features of AHA software, it’s time to talk about AHA pricing plans.

The software comes with a free 1 month trial. To verify your eligibility for the Startup package, you will have to complete a form.

The Premium plan is available if you want to go up. This plan costs $59 per month. Premium plans include all of the key features that you require from AHA Roadmap software.

The Enterprise plan is next. This plan is $99 per month. This plan allows you to view unlimited ratings and views on projects and products that you are interested in.

The Enterprise+ plan, which is AHA software’s most popular, is last but not least. This plan includes:

  • Antivirus scanning
  • Tables custom
  • Export and backup
  • Control of IP address access
  • Advanced License Management
  • Concierge services

Wrapping up

What do you think of the advanced features available in Aha software? It’s worth a try. It’s always worth a try.



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