Aha Pricing vs Trello Pricing – The Task Management Companions


The Aha software was created in 2013. The goal behind its functionality is to improve the way that ideas and feedback are used to strategize product launches. Trello initially came out in 2011 and it offers a robust set of features to streamline tasks. For example, it can be used for task automation, visual management of information, and collaborating with your team.

A comparison between Aha pricing vs Trello pricing will illuminate which of the two could be a helpful project management option for your business.

Aha Pricing


There are four unique Aha software pricing plans under the roadmaps option. Businesses who satisfy the website’s minimal minimum requirements are eligible for the option for startups. The next choice is premium, which costs $74 more. The premium can be employed to establish strategy, develop roadmaps, make plans, and record thoughts.

In addition to 30+ tool integration, it can be used to start whiteboard concepts and prioritize tasks. The enterprise plan, which costs $124, is next. This plan is unique in that it is designed for workspace owners and contributors, so you do not have to pay for all users. It can be used to invite an infinite number of visitors and critics for group projects.

Only supported on an annual basis, the corporate option allows workspace owners more control over their workspaces through automation rules, custom tables, task requests, and product concierge.


The development supports users with two plans. The $12 essential pricing plan can be used to personalize everything. Additionally, it is possible to define user stories and even design a prioritized background. Users can also schedule their sprints in advance to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Users now have the option to manage projects with visual tools thanks to the Kanban integration. In fact, wiki data interchange and whiteboard notions are both feasible.

On the other hand, a single-sign-on system, automation possibilities, and analytics are all included in the advanced payment plan. This plan costs $24 per month.


You can select either the Essentials or Advanced payment option if your objective is to organize ideas for your business. The name of the plan implies that it offers the most fundamental instruments needed for concept management. Users can control portal access, match the brand, and add an unlimited number of portal users, for instance.

It can also be used to rank ideas according to their significance or viability. Similar to how you may prioritize requests, your users will be able to complete the most crucial tasks first.

On the other hand, in addition to including the necessities, the advanced plan has a number of unique instruments. For instance, there are consumer segments, concept forms, empathy sessions, and portal translations available. The first option has a monthly cost of $49 while the second option has a monthly cost of $74.

You can schedule a live Aha demo to see how it can be utilized to crowdsource ideas as well as strategize feedback.

Trello Pricing


This version incorporates basic features like limitless cards and ten boards per workstation. The essential components for personal task management are curated in the free price plan.

  • It expands your management possibilities by allowing you to select from a variety of power-ups and app integrations.
  • You will have access to limitless storage space, allowing you to import all the data and papers you will need to operate efficiently.
  • Users can also execute up to 250 workspace commands monthly. In fact, the possibilities for personalized backdrops and stickers that help you design a personalized workstation allow you to get creative.
  • You can keep track of every task with the help of the infinite activity log. You can delegate tasks to other users and set due dates while working.


The usual Trello pricing is sufficient for extra benefits. In addition to the capabilities offered by the free plan, it costs $5.

  • Users can make as many Trello boards and sophisticated checklists as they want, for example, to complete tasks.
  • You may be confident that all the details are appropriately covered thanks to the availability of custom fields.
  • Additionally, you can import files up to 250MB in size.
  • Moreover, users will be able to run up to 1,000 workspace commands each month.
  • The single guest board functionality helps improve teamwork.
  • Lastly, users may look for the files they are working on by using saved searches to access them within seconds.


Users who want the full Trello experience should purchase the $10 premium version of the project management app Trello.

  • The premium subscription option includes visual management tools like a dashboard, timeline, workspace, map, and calendar.
  • You may effortlessly manage your project from any viewpoint with the help of these solutions.
  • Additionally, you can run an infinite number of workspace commands. This is the reason why large-scale businesses can use the premium price plan.
  • Users will also have access to admin and security capabilities so they can control their team and how each function is used. Similar to how the workspace-level templates will help you do jobs quickly.
  • Additional advantages of this choice include the capacity to invite observers for enhanced collaboration with your clients and collaborators.


Trello enterprise requires a minimum of 25 users in order to be accessible. The enterprise version is anticipated to cost roughly $17.50.

  • Users who want to create an infinite number of workspaces, use organization-wide rights, and also create boards that are visible to everyone should definitely consider this option.
  • Additionally, public board administration will enable you to control access, safeguard data from errors, and more.
  • Free SSO user provisioning, multi-board guests, and attachment permissions are some further advantages of this feature.

The Trello demo is available on the website to help new users get started with the system.


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