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ecommerce website design in vancouver

Ecommerce Website Design in Vancouver

Thinking of opening an ecommerce? Do you already have it and don’t know how to optimize your website? Quiet. Surely, e-commerce may sound familiar to many of you. However, what is behind this activity? How is it created? Taking into account that ecommerce is the sale of products or services through the internet and computer networks, having a good online presence is decisive. Suddenly, your website has become your main showcase, but how are you taking care of it? If you are looking for a service of eCommerce website design in Vancouver or looking forward to developing an ecommerce website on your own. This article will help you a lot. 


What is ecommerce? Ecommerce Website Design 

Electronic commerce is the sale of products and services through the internet, which also involves tasks related to marketing, content creation, etc. All of this has led to a revolution in the way companies communicate with consumers and conduct business.

Among the main advantages of ecommerces we find: the expansion of their databases, so that they can expand their businesses; They offer greater availability to customers, since they are present 24 hours a day, every day of the year; improve communication and response times with customers, responding to their requests and questions; the consultation and purchase of products are much more comfortable since users can see the product carefully without having to scroll; costs in personnel, production and administration are also reduced.

Apart from all this, you must bear in mind that the growth of the internet is leading consumers to trust more and more in this type of commerce. Are you interested in eCommerce website desiogn in Vancouver? Do you need a website for your online business in Vancouver?


7 steps for the ecommerce website design in Vancouver  

If you are wondering how to create a perfect ecommerce website design in Vancouver, we have the answer. These are the steps you must follow:

  1. Planning. Sitemap and wireframe creation. Organize your work well to be clear about what you want to develop before jumping into the pool. Websites can have different purposes, and depending on what you want to obtain, one structure or another will be needed. Remember also to be clear about the keywords that are going to be used, the contact forms that are going to be integrated, the videos, the images, the infographics, etc.
  2. Choice of domain and hosting. The domain is the name that is assigned to the web and is responsible for translating the IP address. It is not possible to have a web page without the presence of these two elements, since they constitute the place where the page is hosted and all the contents that make it up. Depending on the size, you will need one type of accommodation or another.
  3. Choice of CMS (Content Management System) for the web page. It is a software developed so that any user can manage the contents in a totally simple way. An example of a CMS is WordPress.
  4. Propose the web structure . It refers to the distribution and organization of the elements of the website. However, when we talk about the structure, we are not only referring to the visual part, as it influences the rest of the results on the page. It is advisable not to go over the number of internal pages and pay attention to usability and user experience.
  5. Design the page . It is time to choose the type of design for your website, a point at which it is advisable to take into account the use of templates, have knowledge of HTML and CSS , try different styles and colors, but keep in tune with the company . Web design is a very important aspect for an online presence. Take care of him! In addition, a well-designed website will attract your potential customer, and its keys are: consistent image, navigation, usability and trust.
  6. Take into account the content (text, images and video). Including the content on your website is not as easy as it seems, but you can rely on keyword research to mark the contents of the different pages, an adapted language, take care of the homepage, use clear and direct phrases, etc. The writing and compilation of the content goes through its creation, definition of calls to action and the search for images.
  7. Test, review and launch. The website is verified and the domain is configured. In addition, the web is registered and it is recommended to publish a launch post based on an on-page SEO audit.


All of these steps make up the development life cycle of a website, from information gathering (goals, potential audience, purpose), to launch. In addition, it is recommended that ecommerces include a blog, since it facilitates the attraction of the target audience and improves SEO positioning.

The positioning of the online store

Beyond the aspect of web development, a different issue is the positioning of the specific online store. Not just any online store is worth it; the real challenge is selling online.

In order to position your e-commerce store, you must take into account:

  1. On-page SEO: the correct choice of keywords and adequate distribution throughout the page and meta-tags, good web structure and good use of internal links.
  2. Off-page SEO: use of link-building methods to improve the reputation and quality of your online store.

In many cases, until an online store that starts from scratch begins to see positive results, it can take several months. Less time if you run a good Adwords campaign, depending on your competition, to get your first customers, where your goal will not be simply for people to buy and leave, but to prepare the ground for those first customers to come and go.

Hence the importance of having a newsletter up and running soon that allows you to collect emails and build a list of subscribers that allows you to make new sales in the future.

Hope this helps you see the complexity of creating an online store. If even after reading all this you still want to create an online store, congratulations. It means that you do not give up in the face of difficulties and are willing to invest and pamper your project until it goes ahead. We want you to get the best results in your busines


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