Advantages of Glocal Square Mall to the local retailers and shoppers living in Nagpur

Glocal square

Glocal Square Mall, Most small businesses rely on a good location to succeed. It’s not simple to find the proper site. There are several alternatives and factors to consider. A retail mall, on the other hand, is one of the greatest places to start a business.

Shopping malls have a reputation for being fading relics of a bygone age, and at first look, many appear to be filled with gloomy, empty spaces. Department stores have closed, while small businesses have struggled to survive. Therefore, Glocal Square Mall in Sitabuldi, Nagpur has come up with environment of dynamic hubs for small merchants, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

Change is constant

There is an increase in transit mixed-use developments. Glocal square mall by Atul Goel Pune is a viable spot for the people of Nagpur. This mall has everything for someone. It is beneficial to small retailers, shoppers, restaurant owners, etc.

Though online shopping has grown in popularity over the last decade, but consumers still prefer to purchase in physical stores. This is because they want to try on an outfit in person and obtain feedback from their friends. So it stands to reason that having a physical presence in a mall is beneficial to merchants.

Following are the advantages of opening a small business in Glocal Square Mall.

Foot Traffic Is Favorable

People go to shopping malls for their daily requirements. They visit shopping malls because of the diversity of stores. The quantity of foot traffic that retail malls receive on a regular basis might assist your business. The more people who know about your company, the more probable it is that you will produce more clients and sales.


Shopping malls are convenient for both customers and staff. This is due to the fact that shopping malls are frequently positioned in a crucial portion of the town. They are frequently accessible via public transit. Shopping malls also have plenty of parking spaces. Because of the convenience of a retail centre, your business will be more accessible and pleasant to visit.

A Diverse Customer Base

Having your business in a retail centre increases its exposure to a wider range of consumers. People go to shopping malls to buy anything from groceries to furnishings. That implies you can attract the interest of a diverse audience. The more people who notice your business, the more probable it is that your client base will increase.

Experiment with various marketing strategies

Because your company will have a exposure to a wide range of consumers, you may try out numerous marketing strategies. The idea is to capitalise on the quantity of foot traffic that passes by your establishment. Discover marketing ploys that get consumers in the door and eliminate techniques that aren’t working. The options are limitless.

The Best Way to Get to Know Your Neighborhood

Shopping centres, as opposed to malls, are located in a neighbourhood outside of the bustling metropolis. They generally cater to the community to which they belong. Because this is the case, if your business is nearby the community shopping centre, you are instantly will be a member of the community. As a result, customers will take the time to get to know you and your company, resulting in a loyal client base.


Being located in a mall usually entails having a security service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This will entice the buyer and make them feel more secure.

Parking space

Parking is a major consideration when determining where to buy nowadays. Being in a mall would give adequate free parking space, which any store can never have enough of, allowing your customer to have a hassle-free and stress-free shopping experience.

ATM Facilities

Having cash withdrawal facilities available and handy to your business usually encourages customers to spend more, which can only help mall stores.

Food courts/Restaurants

Malls with food courts frequently attract a lot more customers, which benefits other companies since people come in to grab something to eat. Glocal square mall has more than 3000 settings for food court. And the speciality restaurants have wide variety of dishes with a sitting capacity of more than 500 guests.

With this huge number of population, Glocal Square Ganga is the right commercial real estate in Nagpur for your business. This popular retail mall is sure to be the ideal location for your business.

Shoppers prefer shopping malls or shopping centres to individual stores for a variety of reasons. Here is a list of few of the advantages of shopping malls for customers below.

You get some physical exercise

Whether it is the hot summers or the teeth-chattering winters, an appropriate temperature is there within the shopping mall, so you have no need to stay at home. A shopping mall contains a lot of open area where you may walk around while shopping. Instead of utilising escalators, use the stairs to develop your muscular power and preserve the health of your joints.

Glocal Square Mall in Nagpur is likewise spread out, with plenty of indoor area for modest physical exercise. And the greatest thing is that you won’t even notice how many steps you’ve taken while shopping.

Enjoy the entertainment all around you

Shopping malls nowadays do not rely just on shopping. In fact, the emphasis has turned to producing more entertainment and leisure activities, as well as adding high-end culinary activities. Glocal Square Mall in Nagpur introduces the first-ever open atrium inside a mall, where visitors may relax and enjoy live entertainment. Such activities appeal to both the youth and the children, making it a popular site for retaliation. One may also see a movie inside the mall’s opulent cinema house.

Stress relief

To be honest, nothing may be more stress-relieving than meandering through the mall window shopping while listening to some excellent music and seeing some entertainment. It has long been recognised and understood that when individuals are stressed, they tend to go out and shop to relieve their tension.

Going to a shopping mall with a food court, gaming zones, and other amusement features may be a real mood booster. Glocal Square Mall in Nagpur has all the traits that might draw negativity out of your life with its magnificent aura.


The arrangement of the structures is specifically meant to be user-friendly. Every business has a place with the user in mind, so that the distance between each store is as short as feasible. Shopping malls are the most time efficient method to shop if you are in a hurry and have a lengthy list of items to buy.

At Glocal Square Mall, Nagpur has department stores, speciality retail stores, family entertainment centre, world-class shopping enclave. This place hosts an array of renowned Local, National, and international brands which will cater to all your lifestyles.

Getting ahead of the weather

Almost all retail malls have a covered roof, thus inclement weather can almost always be avoided. This means you’ll never have to dash between stores to dodge the weather or return home with damp shopping bags. Most malls have fully air conditioned environments that are great for escaping the heat. It’s never fun to try on clothes when you’re hot and sweaty.

Promotional offers

Malls are so popular that several firms only offer promotions at their mall-based stores. They are aware that they must compete with all of the other stores in the building, so they are delighted to provide clients with large and special discounts.


Glocal Square Mall, Nagpur by Atul Goel Pune is the first mixed-use transit oriented mall which also has all of the amenities that can transport you to a world of fun and relaxation. This place constitutes of retail and commercial office space which has seamless connectivity.


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