Advantages of Dash Cam

Dash Cam

Why Buy A Dash Cam?

Not sure what a dash cam is? Read here first. Dash cams, or dash cams, are small, effective video cameras that more and more British motorists are installing in their cars to protect themselves in the event of an accident.

They give safe and alert drivers the peace of mind. If they are involved in an accident on the road. They will have a detailed record of exactly what happened – just like a black box recorder for your car.

This information can prove invaluable when it comes to insurance claims. As it provides indisputable proof of which party is at fault. Although this is the most popular reason for installing a dash cam, it offers many benefits. Many of these can save you money, which means dash cams are often a worthwhile investment.

Protect Your Bonus And Premiums Without Claims

Many insurance claims prove nearly impossible to settle fairly. Because each party denies liability and police forensics only tell one side of the story. This can lead to either party being equally liable, or worse, the innocent party being blamed entirely.

With clear video evidence, which in the case of many dash cams also includes date, time, speed and location, insurers can fully understand the circumstances leading up to the insured event.

This Proof Allows You To Protect Your No Claims

Bonus and ensure that your premiums do not increase. Faster processing of insurance claims When an insurance claim is litigated. It is inevitable that each side will explain their case, make statements. Provide diagrams, often embellishing the details in their favor.

However, with high-quality video and supporting details about the location, time and speed of each incident. The facts speak for themselves and dispel any doubts or doubts that may have remained.

Calm In The Garages

One of the advantages of custom dash cams over other types of digital video equipment is that they often include G-shock technology. Which allows them to detect sudden and violent movements in your car, such as are common in accidents.

This feature also allows them to detect incidents when the car is parked and empty, meaning you can get a record of incidents even when you’re not in the car. Again, this gives you peace of mind that if your car breaks down while you’re in the parking lot, you can take the culprit to court and not have to pay for the repairs yourself or make an insurance claim.

Report Dangerous And Uncooperative Drivers

It is a sad fact that not all drivers value safety as much as we hope. Drivers speeding, tailgating, taking and using mobile phones, among many other problems, mean the roads are more dangerous than ever.

One way to combat this disturbing behavior is to report reckless and dangerous drivers to the authorities by capturing them on video. In many cases, these drivers are charged based on dash cam evidence alone.

As the number of in-car cameras increases and the threat of being caught becomes more and more likely, we can do our part to make our highways safer.

Capture And Report Road Rage Incidents

According to a recent survey by insurer Admiral, road rage is becoming more common in the Singapore. With more than half of people surveyed admitting to being angry at other motorists.

Most incidents culminated in just a few choice words and an insulting hand gesture. More worryingly, almost 10% of those surveyed said they had been threatened with physical violence.

Dash cams can be used to keep a detailed record of such events and can also be used to diffuse situations as many attackers retreat when they realize they are being filmed.


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