Advanced Carpet Cleaning Method through Steam Cleaning and Dry Cleaning


There is more than one way to get your carpet clean and among these ways are the two popular options, which are steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Many will say that steam cleaning is better while there are those who will attest that dry cleaning will get the job done too. So which one do you choose? Both cleaning methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. To better assess which one comes out on top over the other, let’s take a closer look at each method and see what its pros and cons are.

Steam Cleaning

This method of cleaning, also called hot water extraction, makes use of high pressure and high temperature water through a carpet steam cleaning machine to remove the dust and dirt from your carpet. This method works well to remove stains, dust and dirt particles which are not reached or removed by a surface cleaning or vacuuming your carpet. Another advantage that it has is being effective in removing unpleasant odors from your carpet. Being able to reach deep into the carpet fibers, carpet steam cleaning offers deep cleaning that can remove the nasty smells emanating from your carpet. On the downside, it can be a bit of a hassle and slightly more expensive if you do not have a steam cleaner, since you would need to rent one or hire the services of professionals to do the job. Overall, steam cleaning has a lot of advantages and can effectively clean your carpet without any major problems

Dry Cleaning

There are several methods of dry cleaning but probably the most common of which is the dry foam method of cleaning. In this method, you would need to shampoo your carpet and then allow it to dry up. Then, you vacuum the dried shampoo using a vacuum cleaner. On the plus side, you can do this by yourself if you prefer, but if you want there are also professional cleaners that offer this service. It is simpler than carpet steam cleaning although it does come with a few downsides. This method of dry cleaning your carpet works okay with ordinary dirt and dust but won’t be able to get rid of deep-seated particles, which can be found in your carpet fibers. This method of dry cleaning can also leave behind residue as sometimes not all of the dried shampoo is vacuumed from your carpet. When you compare the two methods, steam cleaning really stands out as the better option. It can give your carpet a thorough cleaning and remove hard to reach dust and dirt but it also has virtually no downside on your carpet.

To Avoid This, Here Are Three Basic Tips.

(1) Start by doing surface cleaning on the carpet by vacuuming and addressing any newly developed carpet stains before carpet steam cleaning. Try first by blotting with water or through carpet cleaning chemical solutions. Sometimes cleaning chemicals are suggested to get rid of stubborn stains, but these chemicals are environmentally friendly and harmless to humans as well.

(2) The effectiveness of this cleaning method depends on how one actually cleans the carpet with the steam cleaner machine. Perhaps, the best method is to start cleaning the carpet slowly within a small radius on the carpeting. If you go too quickly, it is possible that the carpet steam cleaning will not have enough time to attack properly the dirt and stains. Spend about 20 to 30 seconds on each area to make sure the carpet steam cleaning has enough time to do its job.

(3) Lastly is to choose the right carpet cleaning equipment and solution for steam cleaning carpets. Investing on carpet cleaning equipment is not bad as long as it is durable and can address to different carpet problems effectively than purchasing cheap carpet steam cleaning that will not last long. These three tips will serve as a guide on opting carpet steam cleaning, the best way on cleaning and sanitizing carpets.

How to Remove Stain through Steam Cleaning?

Unless you have to deal with cleaning up a major stain or mess on your carpet, it can sometimes be difficult to tell if you really need to have your carpets seen to by a professional carpet steam cleaning service. However, even if everything looks okay on the surface, it may still be in your and your family’s best interest to have the rugs professionally cleaned. Carpets and rugs add a sense of warmth and comfort to any home. In terms of upkeep, vacuuming is usually enough to keep your carpets clean and looking nice on a daily basis. However, even the most thorough or regular vacuuming isn’t enough to truly maintain the cleanliness of your carpets in the long run. If you go more than a year without professional carpet/rug cleaning, you will probably end up with some deeply embedded debris and grime in your carpets that will be harder to remove the longer you leave it there. This could lead to health problems for your family and an appearance of wear and dinginess to your carpets that goes beyond what you can deal with by vacuuming. If you notice either of these symptoms and you can’t remember the last time you had your carpets cleaned, consider calling a carpet pro to get your carpeting back in shape.

Professional Cleaning Instructions

It’s not always pleasant to think about, but there are billions of particles of dust, mold, and pet dander in the average home, no matter how clean it is! Add to that the normal bits of dirt, food debris, and other particulates that get dropped on the floor, and you have a veritable treasure trove of grime that gets collected in your carpet fibers. When you clean and vacuum, you get some of these, especially the larger ones, but others naturally get pushed down deep in your carpet’s pile and are essentially trapped there until your home undergoes professional rug cleaning. While you can’t see these particles, they can nonetheless make themselves known to you and your family through various health-related manifestations. In mild cases, indoor allergies or general nasal or respiratory congestion may be aggravated. In more serious cases, some people may experience asthma attacks or other severe allergic reactions. The good news is, though, that all of these issues can be dealt with by having your carpet steam cleaning professionally cleaned on a regular – usually yearly – basis. That way, the vast majority of these particles are removed before they can cause any problems.


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