Add a large map to your maps collection today!

large map of world poster

t is human nature to commit to things. Most of us commit to our jobs, the people we love, or even our pets. But some of us like to take it one step further by starting a collection. Granted, it is usually the people who either have a lot of free time or have a plausible source of income. But it is not usually the case. People tend to collect things out of passion and love for specific things. They can either be cheap or expensive. For instance, some people like to collect mugs, old coins, currencies from around the world and whatnot! 

Keeping in mind that although collecting is a personality trait and the item a person collects varies from person to person, there can be a wave that later on dies down. One such example is the collecting of stamps. Or a more relevant pop culture reference would be a collection of Pokémon cards. There was a wild craze of collecting these cards, but with time, people lost interest. Even though some cards are worth an insane amount of money, most people either lost their collection or just dropped them purely out of lack of interest.

A new collector’s item: maps!

We will talk about a new wave among the collectors, maps. Maps are now considered a vintage items, now that not many people need them. Internet and GPS have made our lives so much easier, but it has rendered paperback almost obsolete in their midst. Nowadays, carrying a hard copy of a large map on you is pointless when you can easily download or see the map online. A large map of world poster now fits in the palm of your hand, so why would anyone buy it and carry it physically? 

However, it is unfair to disregard maps and throw them out of the equation. There are still many fields of science and engineering where physical maps are a preference over digital ones. They are considered more accurate and a great source of information for new students. Especially in fields like architecture, the students and workers must have an on-site map of their workplace to assist them in intricate details. 

As a collector’s item

Our young generation might think of maps as a drag, as they are now accustomed to having everything way more effortlessly through the internet. But, our older generation finds a sense of ownership in these maps. The world has drastically changed around them. However, maps remind them of simpler times. It is mainly the older age group that is more inclined towards collecting maps. There is now a vast market for maps where you can find all types of maps. Even vintage ones that date back centuries. Although they are not accurate as of the new updated ones, they are great memorabilia and are a perfect piece for hanging in your living room or TV lounge. 

What can be done with a large map?

Maps of all sizes can be collectible. However, not everyone is interesteing in collecting maps. Some might just want to own one as memorabilia or send their loved one as a housewarming gift. 

If you know someone from a different place or region than the one, they currently reside in, gifting them a map of their hometown/city can be a very thoughtful gift. It can be a perfect reminder for them and will look amazing if they decide to use it as a decoration piece in the house. 

Use a frame

Using a frame for the map can be your best option for showcasing in your house. It is optional to either have a glass cover on it or not, but it is best not to have it covered as it will affect the quality and overall look of the map. Make sure you use good quality wood to complement the map for the frame. 

Magnetic adhesive strips

Many companies that sell maps have numerous options for hanging their maps from a wall. If you do not want to drive a nail through the wall, try asking them for sticking options. These strips have mild adhesion to the wall and keep the map in place. Beware that the adhesive is good quality and does not stain the wall upon its removal. 


If you have a plain wall that is butchering the look of your room, you might want to consider putting wallpaper on it. But, of course, having regular wallpaper might be boring. So, it won’t be such a bad idea to have a large map of your favorite place or hometown printed on wallpaper. 

Hanging rails

Try using a hanging rail if you think frames are too much. Although, you will have to drill the wall for the upper wooden part. You must attach something so the map does not move with air and is held down firmly. 


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