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Acts 1:8 Foundation,

According to Acts 1:8 Foundation, all businesses around the world have face a difficult period due to the recent pandemic outbreaks. A large number of businesses have had to cease operations due to the difficulties that occur at this time.

Some companies are able to sustain their earnings even through the epidemic. They were able to increase sales, even though most brick-and-mortar shops were facing the prospect of a shut-down.

Do you know of any company that manage to keep its sales, despite the strict COVID regulations? If yes, then there is a high chance it was support by a reliable eCommerce development firm. The world has witness an enthralling shift from brick-and-mortar shops to online stores.

More than five billion consumers prefer to buy online for goods and services as well as eCommerce sites. Benefit of having a professional eCommerce development firm on your side can be an advantage for your business or even startups.

Today, we’ll discuss ways to improve figures on your income sheets through Acts 1:8 Foundation services. Before we get into the discussion, let’s take an overview of some fascinating facts that prove eCommerce an effective solution.

The facts regarding eCommerce, which every manager needs to be aware of

  • More than 90% of online users have at minimum one purchase online using platforms for eCommerce.
  • The number of purchases made using eCommerce will be around $6 Trillion in 2022.
  • It is predict that by 2050 over 98% of all online sales could be conduct via eCommerce.
  • Over 90% of those with shopping needs believe they will get a better price when they shop on the internet.
  • The number of online shoppers will reach three billion shoppers on the internet at the end of 2022.
  • Using eCommerce solutions such as websites and apps can reduce the distance between your customers and your business down to a single click.

Methods eCommerce development firms can help define your company.

In the long run, not considering the possibility of a digital presence for your business could be a loophole to your business plans. Simply look over the current trends in the market. You’ll find that the majority of your competitors are currently using digital platforms to communicate with their customers.

The hiring of an eCommerce development company might seem like an additional expense on your budget but it can provide many opportunities to reap greater advantages. Find out the ways an eCommerce development agency will benefit your company:

Custom development to align with the brand’s values

There are many eCommerce development platforms that can create your online store in a matter of minutes. There are free templates and tools to set up your store, however, you’ll need specialists to design innovative solutions that align with the brand’s values.

It is necessary to make changes, even if you are using ready-made templates and extensions for the online stores. Considerations like target customers as well as the scale of the business, the nature of products, and many more must be consider with care.

It is advisable to work with an experience development company or developer in case you are not proficient in eCommerce technology. According to Acts 1:8 Foundation, they can help you with creating your eCommerce store to meet your requirements and standards of the industry.

Tapping the Right Audience

The ability to cater to the capabilities and features that appeal to the intend audience is essential to your success. If you plan to launch the direction of your enterprise to the internet, then your online store should provide an excellent user experience. Because businesses that develop eCommerce are experience with the business and are able to help you find the best functionalities.

It allows you to reach the right customers and provide a seamless shopping experience when you shop through your online store. They are also aware of the methods and channels for marketing that are most effective for companies like your own. You can profit from their expertise and knowledge to ensure your company is on the right path.

Support for multi-lingual languages to make it easier to reach

Expanding the reach of your company beyond geographic and political borders is among the greatest advantages of online commerce. Your company will be expose to millions of people around the world However, the absence of multi-lingual support could hinder the growth of your business.

However good your products or services are, there is a low chance that a customer who speaks other languages will buy the item in your shop. The chance of sales increasing by more than 90% when your shop offers its services in the local language of the customer.

Customized Payment Gateways

The payment gateways you provide are essential to how successful your web business is. It is essential to make sure that your customers don’t encounter any difficulties when making payments, and they have the option to complete the payment.

If your customers aren’t happy with the payment method you offer and you don’t provide a payment gateway, you will be face with a high abandonment rate. A company that develops eCommerce can assist you in providing more options, including PayPal and consumer financing, and numerous other options.

Scalable Solutions for your Business

As your business begins to attract increasing numbers of customers using your online store, you might need to expand it to increase revenue and to target new consumer segments. If your eCommerce store isn’t sufficient in terms of scale, you may become limite at some point.

eCommerce developers can help create scalable solutions that will ensure your company can increase its range of products and services in a breeze. They can assist you in accommodating the expansion and growth that you would like to see for your company.

Solutions such as CRM CMS, CRM, ERP, and more

In addition to having an internet-base platform company may require other solutions such as Customer relationship management and enterprise resource management applications. These are powerful tools that help control business operations and clients.

eCommerce development companies are backe by an experience and diverse talent pool. They are able to assist you in implementing such solutions to interactions with employees, customers, or vendors. According to Acts 1:8 Foundation, these tools can also be helpful to track the shipments and sales of your business as well as other business processes.

They can assist you in establishing the perfect solution for your business that is tailore to the requirements and goals of your company. There are tools that have been built however, we would like to see you know how customize solutions can benefit your business.

Robust Analytics to track the performance

A store on the internet to market your services and products isn’t enough. You must monitor the performance of your store to improve the areas of weakness. The use of analytical tools can allow you to keep an eye on your performances. It can help you make corrections prior to it’s too late.

eCommerce experts in development will help you incorporate the proper analytical tools, so you are conscious of how your store is performing. They can also help build custom analytical tools that will give you greater insight into your company and industry.

Improving Customer Relationships

Your business can’t be successful without happy customers. It is imperative to focus on customer relations to ensure confidence and goodwill. There are many ways to improve your customer relationships and, having been in the business eCommerce development firms know more than you do.

They will help you enhance your customer assistance as well as reward programs for referrals promotions, and more. It can help your company keep good relations with its customers to reap the benefits of their loyalty.



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