A wide range of Trelleborg Tyres

Trelleborg Tyres

Tyres are important for the proper and efficient functioning of the car as they are the only parts that come in contact with the road. They carry the entire load of the vehicle and are primarily responsible for the safety of the people on board as well. Hence, their maintenance becomes an important parameter for the owner in order to enjoy a smooth ride.

Tyres bath have been customised by incorporating the tyre feature newly introduced by Trelleborg’s. A German company named Blunk was seen on this tyre. Trelleborg is an Italian company that is one of the most sought-after companies manufacturing tractor tyres. Their subsidiary named the Mitas is a company situated in the Czech Republic being the primary supplier of car tyres to John Deere, AGCO and Case New Holland with 2 new factories opened in the United States. They consider themselves to be leaders in producing polymer solutions that are engineered to damp, seal and protect certain applications in challenging environments.

The company operated in various areas apart from manufacturing car tyres.  With almost 17 factory units that manufacture wheels and tyres across 3 continents, the brand has done a lot of work in the market as compared to its direct competitors. There are factories in South Carolina and Iowa also. A new set of pneumatic tyres named PneuTrac or track on wheels is an innovative solution that blends the radial tyres with the track technology making it a hybrid. Tractors that have PneuTrac tyres are lighter than traditional tracks by almost 20 per cent causing less strain on the soil. The Cupwheel features in the sidewalls also are worth mentioning. The sidewall has an omega sort of design to enable the tyres to carry the load along with ensuring flexibility and a footprint that is wide enough to cause reduced compaction on soil, even at less pressure.

The traditional track lugs close to the rear are more efficient, whereas the PneuTrac offers the efficiency of the lug across its complete length. The terraces that were inter-lug added to the performance of self-cleaning. These tyres have the ability to provide lateral stability, same as the solution of tracks. These set of new tyres were designed for vineyards, orchards and other places that have a terrain that is steep in common, vines and roots can be gentle and rows are less wide.

When the pressure of the tyre is low, there is less compaction of the soil. Depending on the humidity, soil, operation, temperature and the configuration of the tyre, the slippage, compromise in efficiency and the performance of the tyre is determined. The company works towards enabling farmers to reduce the pressure of the tyre using sensors termed as Smart Connect. Every wheel has a pair of sensors that help in transmitting information on r, slippage and speed through a Bluetooth. The cab receives a signal when the slippage is more between the rim and the tyre. The farmers are able to alter the speed or depth of the operation of ploughing undertaken. The speed could be reduced if the tyres start slipping. However, many increase the pressure of the tyre instead. Tyres that are smart are rated at a different performance level targeted to a separate segment of customers at varied points of pricing. Sensors have inbuilt GPS systems that provide protection against theft.

Tyres hold an emotional quotient for farmers and hence the innovation around the basics. Trelleborg has a range of brands for their segments of the market, different from each other. Given that they have so much variety at one place becomes their USP. In this way, the company can reach the customers with niche requirements and higher budgets can also be reached along with catering to buyers that have a budget constraint. These tyres deliver high performance in comparison to conventional tyres. Performance and innovation are the two most important factors to be considered for Trelleborg.


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