A Tienda de Productos de Belleza that’s Changing Online Shopping


Those who shop for makeup and other cosmetic products online will know that some challenges come along with it that are unique to the setting. Cosmetic products like hair, nail, and skincare products, as well as makeup, have to be bought on merits that can be tested or understood, which is hard to do online.

That’s one of the many reasons – there are others – that so many shoppers prefer to patronize outlets in person when they are shopping for cosmetic products. It’s also one of the reasons that a lot of shops will set out designated bottles and trials for sampling products so that their customers can actually see just what kind of effects a given product will produce. Every skin type and skin tone responds differently to each makeup product, just like each person’s hair or skin will respond differently to treatment products. Not all products formulated for cuidado de la piel are created equally.

You can’t do that with a tienda online, which makes the process of shopping for these types of products a bit more challenging. What you can do, however, is take the best service where you can get it and lean on that. So while you can’t actually test out a new product, you can rely on a history of commitment to quality and test out their service for yourself.

When the question becomes one of service from a tienda de productos de belleza that sells online, then you might as well start with those who set the bar in the first place. La Espanola Beauty Supply sets the standard for customer service in online beauty supply, and everything else falls in line behind them.

Offering a high level of customer service is one of the prime ways to cultivate loyalty and trust with your client base, and it’s something to which La Espanola’s team of cosmetologists adheres religiously. For those who shop in their physical locations in Puerto Rico, they offer classes and seminars for the betterment and education of their customers so they can get the most from their products.

You can’t quite do that online, but their customers will know what great service is from the moment they visit their website. As soon as you visit their website, one of their cosmetologists will immediately reach out to you via a live chat to help guide your search for a better shopping experience. It’s kind of like when you visit an actual store, the only difference is they have translated the experience to their online storefront.

Their customers also have the benefit of sending in pictures for a free consultation from their beauticians, whereby they can learn more about their products and get the most value from them. In addition, since service is one of the defining features in an online tienda de productos de belleza, this can help make the difference between taking a chance on a new product and choosing not to pursue it.

Taking a chance is how you find new products and treatments, though, and if you need the insight and experience from La Espanola’s team to determine which products and makeups to try, it’ll be no trouble at all for you to secure it. All you need to do to get started is visit their website and they’ll get in touch with you right away. Naturally, you could also reach out to them by phone to give them a more direct impression of what you would like to find. Whether it’s for your own use or for your professional salon, they’ll help you out right away. Visit LaEspanolaBeautySupply.com or give them a call at 787-884-2363 to get started.

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