A Simple Way to Earn With a Gaming Youtube Channel

How to earn with a gaming youtube channel

Hello there, Day by day gaming craze increasing in youth and kids. Where everyone not wasting their time but they also earns money by just playing game. Yes, It is true because you can see many youtubers do live stream on their YouTube channel and earns a lot.

Today’s our topic on PostingTree is How to earn with a gaming YouTube channel. If you are enthusiast about playing new games then definitely this article will help you a lot. Just read it fully to grab the knowledge about YouTube channel.

YouTube Criteria to Monetization

YouTube have to some special criteria about monetization of any channel. Monetization means after your channel will monetize YouTube will place and ad between your video and give you the rest of revenue to your account.

Conditions to Monetization

  • At Least 1000 Subscriber
  • 4000 Hours Watch Time

Now the time you have to fulfill above condition to get monetize. YouTube frequently change their rules and regulation to avoid spams.

Other Ways to Earn With a Gaming Channel

Let’s pretend you’ve created a sizable YouTube channel with a loyal following who is willing to invest in your material. They recognize that this investment will allow you to make more films or purchase better equipment to increase the overall quality of your videos.

You’ve been accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, which means you may now show advertisements alongside your videos – yay! While that revenue is significant, it is unlikely to be sufficient to achieve your YouTube channel’s more immediate objectives. If you are finding any game cheat codes then we have something for you ourworld gem codes.

1. Channel Membership

YouTube will give you to gain access to open a paid program for you. Its like a subscription to your channel.

In general, you’ll need around 30,000 subscribers to unlock this feature – unless you’re a gaming channel, in which case you only need a thousand! More information is available here.

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2. Super Chat

If you are a gamer then you definitely heard about the word super chat. Almost every gamer on YouTube earns through the super chat. Yes you can pay to your favorite YouTube in super chat.

Creators can monetize their live streams by using Super Chats. Fans can contribute financially to their favorite channels, capturing the attention of a creator in ways that a comment or other form of engagement cannot.

Affiliate Marketing of Gaming Gadgets

They are also do the affiliate marketing about new gadgets in the gaming industry. The promoters give them commission of purchasing using their affiliate link. Basically they add affiliate link in the video’s description.

If financial institutions aren’t your thing, you can always include an affiliate link in the description of your films. Affiliate programmes are used by a variety of businesses to advertise their products or services.


If you are also a gamer and want to start gaming channel then go for it because there is a huge potential in the gaming channel. You need some gaming gadgets like gaming PC, remote, a high speed internet and a comfortable chair.

You have to provide your best content to the viewers so that they share your channel and recommend others to watch you.

Thank You.


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