A Simple Guide to Installing a Mobile Phone Signal Booster


Do you see a lot of delayed texts, dropped calls, and poor voice quality at your office building and home? 

If the answer is yes, installing a mobile phone booster is the need. Rural area residents, offices in the urban areas, and houses can benefit from improved network coverage, thanks to cell phone signal boosters. You can simply browse the internet anywhere without any connectivity interruptions. 

Now, the question is how to get it installed. Will you need an expert technician to do it for you? Or can you do it on your own?

In this write-up, we will discuss the stepwise simple, and quick installation process. After all, the improved coverage area offered depends on the proper signal booster installation. 

Let’s begin!!

Steps for Mobile Phone Signal Booster Installation for Home and Office

The challenging thing is to install the outside antenna. It requires climbing the roof and mounting the antenna. Furthermore, installing the complex wires and weatherproofing cables is also difficult. Also, you will need essentials like ladders, screw drives, etc. But the best thing is you will experience improved cellular signals. 

So, let’s start exploring the installation steps in detail. 

Determine the Strongest Outdoor Signal

The main functionality of signal boosters for mobile phones is to boost the weak radio frequency signals of office or home space. After all, the strength of receiving signals of the outdoor antenna contributes to the indoor network coverage efficacy. 

There are ways to find the signal strength received from an outdoor antenna. 

  • Mobile device to test signal bars: The home surroundings with the most signal bars are the spot where the antenna installation would be ideal. However, remember that one or two signal bars of a reputable network carrier are more effective in delivering the quality signal strength as compared to the 4 or 5 bars of other carriers. 
  • Determine dB measurements: These measurements give the most precise indications of signal intensity. The typical signal range is between -50 and -120 dB. Full bars are shown at -50 dBm, and there is no signal at all at -120 dBm. So, execute the measurement on all the home sides and see where the antenna setting would work best. 

Such displays are convenient to find the best signal with the strongest strength possible. Simply attach the external antenna to the booster’s outdoor connector. Coaxial wires should be used to connect the booster antenna. Just turn on the booster at this point, then change the direction of the external antenna so that it faces the top of the building or a window.

Remember the outdoor antenna faces the tower for strong signal strength and uninterrupted internet connectivity. The output power of the booster will then be displayed on the booster LCD. You can test the signal quality accordingly and further adjust the booster setup. 

Connect Signal Amplifier to Outdoor Antenna

When you are done mounting the outside antenna, take a coaxial cable and connect it to the outside antenna. Further, take the cable inside the home or office where the amplifier is placed. Pick whatever wire fits your attic, be it the window entry wires or running cables. But make sure the amplifier is installed in a well-ventilated spot.  

The process involves the use of drills and ladders. Here, you can get professional assistance if you are not an expert in climbing or using such devices. But don’t think you can not have signal boosters installed because you don’t know how to drill holes. You can implement the drilling alternative like a window-entry cable. It is a form of an extension cable that can be used to connect the amplifier and outdoor antenna. 

Install Inside Antenna

The next step is to assess the home or office area where you need to improve the signal strength the most. Also, figure out where to install the indoor antenna. For example, think if you want to place it on the wall or the area’s ceiling. 

Ensure that there is quite a distance of 50 feet horizontally and 20 feet vertically between the internal and external antennas. It will help prevent oscillation that interrupts the efficacy of signal boosters. 

In addition, do follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer when installing an indoor antenna installation. After all, it is not that difficult to get the antenna mounted inside the office or home space. Additionally, you have the option of indoor antennas to choose from. For example, the dome antenna installed on the ceiling ensures signal distribution at a 360-degree angle. You can also choose the panel antenna installed on the walls. If there is no other choice, it can be mounted on the ceiling as well. It broadcasts the signals at an angle of 45 or 70 degrees. Consequently, if the device is as close as feasible, the strong signal strength is guaranteed. 

Turn on the Mobile Phone Signal Booster

You are done installing the indoor and outdoor antenna and setting up the signal booster. Now, power it on by plugging in the supply to the amplifier. It will sync up and if it lights up in green color, you are successful. Now, check to see if your device is catching better signals or not. 

If there is any room for adjustment left, don’t worry. Simply unplug the amplifier from the power supply, make the modifications, and then replug it. It will reboot the overall booster system and enhance the signal strength.

Steps to Install Signal Booster in Vehicles

The booster for vehicles requires the same components as home or office boosters to improve network connectivity. However, the way of installation steps may differ. 

Outdoor Antenna Setup

Get the magnetic antenna mounted on the car exteriors. Specialists recommend placing it about 8 inches to the vehicle’s rear. In case you own a larger vehicle, place it on its rear roof. 

Install Internal Antenna

The proposed location is at 3/4 the height of the windshield. If your vehicle is larger, it is recommended to install it in the place where the signal is weakest.

The suggested location for installing the interior antenna is the windshield and at its 3/4th of height. If the vehicle is big, place it in the spot with poor signal quality. 

Set Up Signal Booster

-Put it in the car’s corner, close to the power source.

-Connect the booster connector to the outdoor antenna cable, then use a wrench to tighten the cabling.

-Now, plug in the internal antenna cable to the booster connector.

Besides the mobile signal boosters, you can employ DAS antenna cabling to optimize the radio frequency signals and improve the signal bandwidth. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor establishments.  

Final Thoughts

Woohoo!! You are done installing the cell phone signal booster. The entire purpose of boosters in homes or offices is to experience quality wireless experience and uninterrupted internet connectivity. Also, you might be aware that proper installation of the cellular booster is essential to receive quality signals. So, if you don’t know how to install signal repeaters nor want to hire the experts, these steps shared above are for you. However, besides the proper installation, do ensure choosing the reputable network carrier so your booster performs at its best. 

Hope you find this guide to signal booster installation helpful.

Thanks for Reading!!


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