A Ready-To-Use Extension to Launch the Prestashop Mobile App

Prestashop Mobile App

The PrestaShop Mobile App converts an eCommerce site into a mobile application without any technical or coding requirements. It is a ready-made module that runs on no-code frameworks and gives a competitive advantage to the online business. The eCommerce merchant can launch PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App on Google Play and the Apple App Store, bringing additional customers and sales.

The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder by Knowband allows the store admin to convert their eCommerce website into a shopping app in a few simple steps. It also includes several amazing features that increase the store’s productivity.

Highlights of the PrestaShop Mobile App Maker

The PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App has enticing features that will undoubtedly draw customers’ attention. Some of them are:

White Label Software

The PrestaShop Android App Builder By Knowband allows the eCommerce merchant to launch the app under the store’s brand name. They can also add the logo, splash screen, name, and app icon to the Android and iOS applications through the admin interface.

Home Page Customization

The PrestaShop iOS App Maker allows the store admin to make any modifications without the need for technical expertise. The shop administrator can alter the appearance of the shopping app by selecting colors and fonts of his choice. The store owner can easily construct the layout with drag and drop functionality.

Device Adaptive

The PrestaShop Android App Builder is platform and device compatible. It works seamlessly with all smartphones, including Android, iOS, tablets, iPhones, and iPads. Additionally, the mobile app is designed to be adapted according to all screen sizes and operating systems.

Real-time Synchronization

The Mobile App for PrestaShop is perfectly linked with the eCommerce website. So, all modifications made to eCommerce websites will be updated and reflected in real-time on the eCommerce mobile app.

Push Notifications

The PrestaShop Mobile App has a push notification feature that informs users about current discounts, deals, and Android app upgrades. The eCommerce merchant can send both manual and automated alerts to the users. Moreover, customers can get cart and order status updates through notification.

Easy Login

If the login and registration options are unsatisfactory, the users can easily abandon the eCommerce apps. The Knowband PrestaShop iOS App Maker consists of simple social login options, including Facebook and Google. For even more safety and security, the store admin can add the fingerprint login and OTP options to the mobile app.

The Single-page Checkout

The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker by Knowband facilitates transactions with ease and prevents customers from entering unnecessary information during checkout. Moreover, the users just have to provide all that on one page in the mobile app.


Every eCommerce organization needs to have a Mobile App to generate more revenue and sales. Moreover, Knowband offers you all the important functionalities that make the integration process simple and smooth. So, you can contact us at [email protected], 24*7 regarding any queries about the mobile app.

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